Comment of the Day

Reid writes (heh)

You know the sad things are:

1) Some people will still vote for [Len Brown]
2) He won’t think he’s done wrong, he’ll think he’s been wronged
3) He’ll almost certainly lose his current wife
4) He’ll never understand that he could have avoided all that is about to happen to him by playing a straight bat from day one last Tuesday week
5) He’ll allow dark thoughts of hatred and revenge to dominate his life from now on, wrecking his peace of mind forever
6) Those thoughts will prevent him from ever seeing the real author of his misfortune. The man in the mirror.


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  • matt headley

    Hey Ms Chuang, is that your name or what you do?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Welsh name meaning honest lady, I think

  • Col

    Goodbye Lenny have a nice weekend with the family, and wave goodbye to them when you take the walk, you need to become reborn.

  • Chancey

    1) I would hope that he wouldn’t try to stand again, however, he has reinvigorated local politics

  • captainnotsosensible

    Len is a narcissistic prick who deserves everything coming to him. I hope it all hits him hard enough for at least a little to stick and sink in.

  • P1LL

    I don’t like the man ,but I hope he does not flick the off switch