I have a confession to make


I am Whaleoil’s Mistress and have been for the past year. I got sick of being his wife and so decided to take a walk on the wild side. Unfortunately there is not much in it for me. He doesn’t have any money and he can’t give me a reference for a job. He has bought me very sexy Lingerie but I have recently been informed that  anything from Bras ‘N’ Things is considered cheap.

I must be low maintenance cause I love what he buys me there but I digress.

As I was saying I have been his Mistress for the past year and I quite enjoy the position or more pointedly the positions I find myself in on a regular basis.

For some strange reason when you are the mistress you get taken out to nice places for dinner and get cool gifts like 18 carat gold belly chains and iPad Minis.

But enough about that. I have decided to make shameless use of the fact that I am his Mistress and demand a guest post on his blog to promote something important to me.

I work with students in Alternative Education. Last week thanks to a wonderful organisation we were given the opportunity to work with Inside Out New Zealand.

Inside Out New Zealand brings together filmmakers from around the world and New Zealand and community groups to work alongside young kiwi’s, offering them the chance to experience the film industry. Over the course of one week, the students write, edit and produce a short film and then show it on the big screen to their family and friends.  

My students split into two production teams. I was part of Graphite Films that made the short film Life in the Balance.

My fellow tutor was with Winnie Bluez who made the short film Changes.

We also at the start of the week made an advertisement each to show what our Production team was all about. Spanishbride can be seen in pink in one of the ads.

I humbly request the support of the Whale army to click on the link and to view the films. You will be amazed at the quality and what teenagers over an intense period of 50 hours filming can do.

They also mande two short adverts. Advert 1, Advert 2

My students get judged a lot because they are no longer in Mainstream education. It would be a huge boost for them to see their films get lots of likes and more importantly views.

They drew on their personal life experiences for the subjects of their films and worked together in teams to make them a reality. There were many challenges and they found it really hard but they made the deadline and I am very proud of them. ( they even created some of the music )




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  • Agent BallSack

    Its a dirty job but I guess some one has to do it. Will view them when home Spanish Bride.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Great work! Just had a quick looksee…
    An 18 carat gold belly chain has got to be much better than a traditional necklace gift though…

    • 4077th

      +1 “Traditional necklace gift”

    • I LOVE it. I never got anything good when I was his wife. My last good gift was when I was his girlfriend more than 20 years ago.

      • Ok I have a confession to make as well. I once received a free paper from cam during a secret meeting at Hamills in Manukau last March or April.

  • richard.b

    Some questions the MSM need to ask:
    Did you get promoted from wife to mistress based on your relationship with Mr Whale?
    What was supplied to Mr Whale as a result of this promotion?
    Does the Whale household call its dinning room the Ngati Farti room, and what happens on the table there?

  • conwaycaptain

    Congratulations on the promotion and love the films.

  • Dave

    Fantastic SB, will retweet them, be great to see others spreading the good word. Oh, good luck converting him from master to husband. Your man has some great skills :)

  • peterwn

    Small technical issue – ‘Bras and Things’ link needs a ‘h’ right at the front ie ‘http:// ….’ – can delete this msg when fixed. Duh! now everyone knows I followed the link.

  • andie3007

    Great clips..NZ has such a wealth of talent. Thanks for sharing!

  • Whafe

    Great great work, awesome in fact

  • It’s a sign of great direction and production when the depth of thought is reflected in the final product.

    This depth of thought, is very apparent in these films/ads.

    Bloody well done, great work 8-)

  • Andy

    The videos I watched were very high quality
    Excellent work!

    • Andrew

      I’m watching from the middle of Mexico where it’s just a joy to see the power and strength of local families who have very, very little material wealth; and even less chance of anything changing soon. I’ve certainly learnt that poverty and ‘family upsets’ do not need to be correlated.
      Congratulations to both film crews – a kind of ‘haunting reality’.

  • Thanks for sharing this – as I said on the night, as someone from the Church and trust that supported the event, the journey with you and these young people has been great. It was a privilege to see their stories shared in the way they were, especially knowing some of the struggles that went on during the week. I come from a single parent family and had an alcoholic dad who walked out on me and my mother when I was very young. I related to the letter written from one of the guys to his dad. That video got me.

    Spanishbride, you’re doing a great thing. Those young people need you and more people like you. It’s our privilege as a church community to be able to share in that journey with you and support your work in the small way we do. Thank you.

  • GregM

    Really good. Just goes to show everyone has some talent inside them somewhere, it only needs the right person to help them to bring it out. Well done SB.

  • Arran Hunt

    “…or more pointedly the positions I find myself in on a regular basis.” – haha Cam you dog you :)

  • Col

    The short films very well done, you all should hold your heads high. Hang in and keep working towards your goals.

  • Boris

    Brilliant. Great work. Well done you & all thew crew :-)

  • fozzie2

    Awesome – a fantastic organisation that my granddaughter has been involved in – love the work they and you do …. these kids are soooo talented and they have a very important story to tell us !!