Convicted tax cheat, fraudster, bankrupt ratbag fails to front at court

Graham McCready failed to turn up to court today, blaming cancelled flights out of Wellington.

When are the courts going to stop entertaining these self represented ratbags who waste endless hours of court time?

John Banks will return to Auckland District Court tomorrow to face a private prosecution over a charge of filing a false election return.

The matter was adjourned today after the man taking the prosecution, Graham McCready, was stranded in Wellington airport after his flight was cancelled due to bad weather. 

Banks’ lawyer David Jones, QC, told the court the no-show was “hopeless and unacceptable”.

He said flights had been able to leave Wellington this morning, but Mr McCready had chosen to rebook on a flight tonight.

Graham McCready should be classified as a vexatious litigant. Laws need to be tightened up on self represented ratbags like McCready.


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  • redeye

    Especially when their own history is as dodgy as.

    I’m surprised the blackmailer was allowed to travel at all.

  • anonymouse

    They can’t get McCready as vexatious under the current law because being ruled vexatious only stops you bringing civil proceedings.

    His actions are private criminal prosecutions, not covered by the current laws around vexatious actions.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Have sat in the back of the Court for a few of these types of cases.

    Have to say it is well worth the effort, they have to be some of the best free entertainment you can get.

    In one case the clown tried to have me excluded, he thought I was part of the prosecution and he didn’t like the look of me, the Judge ruled against him when he established I was a member of the public.

    At the end of a 2 day hearing I went up to him to shake his hand and gave him 9 out of 10 for entertainment value, he was not very happy about that and pulled his hand back very quickly.