Corrupt Aussie ratbag facing three more probes

Eddie Obeid, the ALP fixer and crooked ratbag is now facing 3 more investigations and his own party is throwing him under the bus.

DISGRACED former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid faces more scrutiny from the corruption watchdog, after it was revealed yesterday he is the subject of three new inquiries.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption will hold public hearings into Mr Obeid’s alleged influence over the granting of lucrative Circular Quay retail leases, the granting of water licences and health contracts.

It is alleged that between 2000-2011, while he was a member of Parliament, Mr Obeid influenced public officials to improperly grant retail leases in Circular Quay without revealing that the decision would enrich his family. 

The ICAC will also investigate allegations that between 2005-2008, Mr Obeid lobbied for health contracts to be granted to Direct Health Solutions, without disclosing that he and his family had an interest in the company.

It has previously been reported that Mr Obeid unsuccessfully lobbied the then NSW Treasurer Michael Costa to award contracts to this family business.

However, despite Mr Costa’s refusal, Direct Health Solutions was able to make more than $200,000 from the state government.

Mr Obeid will also be grilled on the granting of water licenses over his family’s Cherrydale Park property.

It is alleged that between 2007 and 2008, Mr Obeid influenced public officials to grant water licenses at Cherrydale Park without telling them that he had an interest in the decision.

Is there anything this ratbag didn’t have his mitts in?

No wonder his party has chucked him under the bus.

NSW Labor leader John Robertson, who ousted Mr Obeid from the party, said Mr Obeid’s behaviour was “appalling.”

“No stone should be left unturned when it comes to investigating this individual’s appalling abuse of public office in this State,” Mr Robertson said.

“He has already been found corrupt. The book should be thrown at him.”


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  • Patrick

    Labor Australia wide has a stench of corruption about it. The inquiry into Gillard’s dodgy union past has gone quiet. Long may the sun shine on the corrupt activities of Labor & their dodgy union bedfellows.

  • James Growley

    “Mr Obeid will also be grilled on the granting of water licenses”. I thought the Aussie’s were into barbecuing?

  • GazzW

    This will go nowhere. Anyone with a basic knowledge of NSW politics will tell you that. There will be huge outcries, the MSM will go feral and the Libs will vow to see justice served. We might even get a much protracted enquiry or two. We might even see Obeid in the dock and he might even be found guilty in which even he will get a suspended sentence and a fine. Whatever, Eddie Obeid won’t be losing too much sleep.

    • Dave

      I disagree GazzW The Libs never liked Obeid, and for good reason, he and his Terrigal power faction mates are all as corrupt as. I believe they will keep the pressure on the Attorney General to pursue Obeid. Yes there will be a lot of inquiries, and with any luck, he will suddenly retire to his native land of master corruption, Lebanon.

      • GazzW

        I think we are in agreement Dave. He won’t ever see the inside of a cell.