Councillors flip flop

Richard Northey, who is a weak as Aussie beer and Cathy Casey, both of whom voted to axe berm mowing, and both of whom have been very vocal in support of the axing have all of a sudden performed a flip flop.

They certainly don’t have the courage of their convictions and should be run out of town on  rail.

Auckland councillors Richard Northey and Cathy Casey have done a u-turn on their previous support for not cutting city grass berms and want an immediate fix until after the local body elections.

Mr Northey and Ms Casey are facing strong challengers in wards with scruffy roadsides, and are blaming poor council communication for people not knowing about the new policy.

Mr Northey, who told the Herald on Tuesday that he supported the no-mowing decision and had received feedback in favour of the move, yesterday said people had not been told of the decision or the reasons for it.

He said the berms should be mowed this month and the incoming councillors and local board members should decide whether to resume berm mowing permanently and, if so, how to pay for it. 

Gutless…he should stick to pinching documents from MPs drawers.

The Herald was inundated yesterday with emails from residents, many upset at how shabby and overgrown many Auckland street verges had become.

Many were angry with the council for stopping mowing the berms; others were puzzled as to why some residents did not want to maintain their property frontages.

Ms Casey said the council should en- sure that Auckland Transport continued mowing the berms to give the new local boards the opportunity to consult their communities over whether they wanted to pay for the service with a targeted rate.

Mr Northey and Ms Casey were the only ward councillors from the old Auckland City area to vote in June to stop mowing berms in the old Auckland City isthmus area at a saving of $3 million. The other Auckland City ward councillors, Cameron Brewer, Chris Fletcher and Mike Lee, voted to mow the berms.

People in their wards should toss these veteran troughers out.


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  • LesleyNZ

    Mayor Len Brown and his team have been so busy promoting their agendas the weeds and grass have grown up around them – out of control. Everywhere, but worse in South Auckland. The contractor gets blamed. A lot of the weedy overgrown grass areas in the streets roads and reserves were not included in the maintenance contracts. Should the contractor do work for nothing? I don’t think so. The new incoming council needs to shift its focus back to the community and core issues and STOP banging on about public transport and Len’s loopy rail link and spend OUR money wisely. The public transport season is over. We ratepayers are taking control from now on. We have had enough of all this grandstanding by local body politicians who push their own agenda wheelbarrow. Start by getting rid of all those unnecessary Ad-Hok CEO’s on $800,000 salaries.

    • $800k for a town clerk is an absolute bloody disgrace. How on earth do the ratepayers put up with it. We have a similar situation in Hamilton. I guess every coucil does. But it has got way out of hand and needs to be stopped.

      • AnonWgtn

        Remember most of these Local Government changes, and with it the so called increases in responsibility and corresponding huge and many huge salaries were set up under the socialist regime of Helen Clark.

  • Patrick

    Of course they want the verges mown – they want this issue off the radar until they can secure their council seats. Then the current situation will be put back in place. Anyone who thinks these two have had a change of heart has rocks in their head, they just see their cushy council job being threatened & will say & do whatever it takes to ensure they get re-elected. After all that is what politicians do.

    • Of course Richard Northey’s flip-flop would have nothing to do with the picture below, would it. If my memory serves me correctly, this is the bloke who was caught reading papers on Sam Lotu-Iiga’s desk at the opening of Sam’s electorate office, having been invited as an Auckland City Council colleague of the MP. Bad form Mr Northey…

    • Mr_Blobby

      “Mr Northey, who told the Herald on Tuesday that he supported the
      no-mowing decision and had received feedback in favour of the move,
      yesterday said people had not been told of the decision or the reasons
      for it.”

      Hey shit for brains who owns the berm. Stop spending money on shit that is not an essential service, keep rates below inflation, the feedback you are getting is your hand on your dick.

      Oh and for good measure get a real job,

  • Phar Lap

    Ms Casey from Scotland.Nuff said what a pest.

    • Bunswalla

      Easy on the proud Scottish race there, Neddy. She’s a pest right enough, and a miserable prune-faced trout with it, but you can’t blame it on the land of her birth. Some of my best friends are jocks – see you pal.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Are we allowed to know who is paying for Lefty Lens’ Tv advertising? I hope it is not me, but he doesn’t seem the type to pay his own way.

    • Team ENZ

      really? do you expect lying len to pay for his own advertisements? Maybe he is hoping to win lotto to pay for it?

  • jcpry

    All the flip flopping isn’t going to help. The councillors from the other areas will carry the day and tell the central city whingers to get the scissors out.

  • Macca

    That Casey woman must have put the W in whinger and the T in trougher! Every time I have ever seen her on TV, she is just full of negative poison! Best she just goes back to the rock she crawled out from under!

  • nudgy

    Getting worse for Len by the day. The Horrid in an article today advises that residents who hurt themselves while mowing a berm owned by the Auckland Council can sue the council and claim under the Council’s insurance policy. A local government lawyer also said residents could take a case against the council for not mowing the berms outside their properties. Oh dear oh dear is this all worth saving $3 million a year?

    • jcpry

      It isn’t going to be $3m because if one areas gets it all will,have to. It will be $13m plus. I like the idea of not having to mow outside my fence. Perhaps we can get them to spray for weeds as well.

  • SJ00

    If she wants a targeted rate increase to do something that was already being paid for, then if people don’t want it, she she also be advocating for a targeted rate reduction. Fat chance!

  • GazzW

    Northey is clutching at straws. The labour sinecure in Maungakiekie-Tamaki is finished – Denise Krum is going to whip his arse.

  • Team ENZ

    Old campaigner’s trick..flip flop till after the election, and once re-elected they will go back to their old ways i.e axe berm moving.. you cannot trust those numpties esp. the leftie labia/ green taliban ones

  • Jayar

    Northey in Maungakiekie is under threat from Denise Krum. I had a circular in my mailbox immediately from her, promising to reinstate berm mowing. A new broom ;;;;let’s vote her in!

  • Bunswalla

    The section my wife and I bought to build on 20 years ago was overgrown with long grass and weeds. The minute the title changed hands we got a letter from the Council saying the length of the grass was a safety and fire hazard and gave me 14 days to clear or mow it.

    Given these berms and verges are Council land they should also be required to mow them if they become a hazard due to the length of grass. The photo above shows an area that could harbour pests and vermin, and in summer when it dries out it will definitely be a hazard. Only takes one person to throw their fag out the window and whoosh-ka!

    • Mr_Blobby

      That is because there are two rules one for you and one for Council.

      The sad old safety and fire hazard argument,bullshit and more bullshit.

      Only when it suits them.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Council rates should be limited to inflation by law. We are staring down a 2.5% +++ increase when official inflation is 0.7%.

    Len brown you are a thieving lying piece of shit.

    • Steve (North Shore)


  • Casey needs to be tied up in a sack and tossed off a bridge like any whining old cat.