Cracking down on Welfare cheats

The government new measures to crackdown on welfare cheats take effect tomorrow.

New measures to crack down on beneficiaries who have previously cheated the system will begin tomorrow.

The ‘low trust client’ rules are aimed at preventing those with a history of benefit fraud from repeating the abuse.

It will apply to people who have been convicted of welfare fraud in the past or had overpayments established following a fraud investigation. 

The new law will apply to an estimated 1500 per year, the Government says.

“These people have proven, through their own actions, that they are willing to be dishonest with the welfare system and take money they are not entitled to,” said associate social development minister Chester Borrows.

“With these new measures we will have sensible steps to prevent them repeating this behaviour, such as requiring them to deal face-to-face with a single case manager.”

The changes are part of a series of changes announced by the Government earlier this year in a bid to “better prevent, detect and punish welfare fraud”.

There are billions siphoned off into the hands of cheating bludgers…I hop thy start smacking them hard.


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  • Mr_V4

    Wouldn’t a far simpler system be if you cheat the welfare system, you lose access to it completely?

    Or maybe for a period of 10years for the bleeding heart brigade.

    • baw

      A charity can always fire a client.

      Can WINZ do that?

      We need to end the statutory right to welfare. Sometimes the best help you can give is no help.

    • Tom

      Yup fuck em.

  • Rimutaka

    Billions?? Maybe Millions, great to see them crack down on welfare cheats, I just wish they went after tax cheats with the same vigour, there’s far more lost from tax evasion than from beneficiary cheats. .

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yes, that is why Curryleaf is increasing the tax rates on rich pricks to get more….

      • Mr_V4

        Next time you are performing cunnliffinglingus on Curryleaf, can you ask him for his definition of rich prick and how high he wants tax rates.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Mr_V4 – Rich prick’s definition and the new tax rates are as follows:

          1. Anybody who works to earn a living AND
          2. Earns more than 60,000 per annum

          Rich prick tax under Curryleaf will be implemented in two slabs.

          (a) From 60,000 to 149,999 they will pay a small levy of 6 cents a dollar extra from the current 33% to 39%
          (b) From 150,000 onwards they will pay a minor levy of 9 cents a dollar extra from the current 33% to 42%

  • GazzW

    Can’t wait for QT on Tuesday. Sue Moroney v Paula!

    If labour is wise (and we all know that dogma always overrides commonsense) they will support this initiative if they want to secure the support of the middle ground voter. They won’t though and Moroney will be on her feet “Does the Minister stand by her………?”. Paula will of course stand by her comments and proceed to slaughter Moroney. Trev will be seated so far away in the backbenches that he won’t have a chance of hearing his inevitable point of order being heard. Game on.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Sue Moron will ask the standard question – “How many jobs this initiative will be creating?”

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    This initiative will be cancelled as soon as Currleaf and the smelling hippie take over power in November 2014…so this will be short lived…

    • GazzW

      Of course the initiative would be cancelled SCS. Labour and the greens would cancel everything purely on dogma grounds and that is where they are going to fuck up big time with the centre-lefters. Cunliffe has planted himself publicly on the far left & allied himself with Kelly. Once it comes to ticking the boxes it’s game over comrade because it’s no contest with a choice of a far left/extreme left coalition and a centrist party. What a bonus – vote for Cunliffe & get Noddy Norman free!

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I hope so GazzW, the country cannot afford to have the communist/ socialist government when NZ is just limping back to surplus…