Creepers and Excusers

I saw this pop up in my RSS feed and it rings true in many, many ways…especially the description of “excusers”, but more importantly the behaviour of Len Brown as a “creeper”.

Emma Hart at Public Address wrote two Missing Stair posts: The Necessary Bastard andThe Creeper and the Excuser. Go read them if you want, I liked ideas put forward.

Mayor Len 

Auckland’s Mayor Len Brown is a highly successful creeper. He has a excusers all over the place. Len Brown will get away with it, probably he has got away with it before. People like him almost always get a free pass.

What is a Creeper? 

Creepers are on the lookout for someone vulnerable. They can use a number of approaches, but what they want is someone who will not say no.  Ideally they want someone who can be pressured into saying yes, repeatedly.

The description of a creeper Emma provides details a promiscuous form of creeper, the mass mail out approach where as high as number as possible are randomly approached.

What about somewhere short of that? What about the Creepers? The ones who have a habit of touching people who don’t want to be touched? The hand on the leg, the accidental brushes, the sexual remarks that make people really uncomfortable? Would you do something about that?

That is the route of the lazy, unintelligent creeper and is not the best approach. Creepers are just one person so mass marketing is hard to carry off.  Creepers are  better served to find someone they know is vulnerable and exploit that vulnerability.  Doing a bit of research beforehand and then repeatedly targeting the same individual can induce impetus. 

I believe from the weight of evidence currently sitting in my tipline that Len Brown is a creeper but what of his enablers and excusers…let’s look at their behaviour.

What is an Excuser?
Emma provides descriptions of societal perceptions that play into the hands of creepers, implying that society is passively biases towards the creeper.

One of the reasons women tend not to talk about this stuff is the tendency for people to minimise it. It was a joke. You misread the situation. You’re over-reacting.

I think Emma is incorrect here.  I think that society deserves more credit and is basically non-biased on the subject.

An Excuser is someone who actively aids the creeper and will exploit vulnerabilities in the target to minimise the accusations.  Excusers will do so out of a feeling of obligation to the well being creeper or for personal gain.

The NZ Herald, in particular Brian Rudman, David Fisher and John Drinnan, not to mention Russell Brown, Keith Ng and many more on the left have clearly actively behaved as excusers, sometime with the approval of their editor but often and openly via Twitter.

How does this all work though?

How to pattern yourself as a highly successful creeper?

Be powerful, useful to as many people as possible.  Excusers will be ready at a moments notice.

Find a vulnerable person who you would like to utilise for your pleasure.  Approach them obliquely in a complimentary manner.  Demonstrate your power, that you can be useful to them or that you can break them.  Isolate your target away from potential support networks.  Obtain consent.  Utilise for your pleasure.  When they break your control or you get bored with them, leave them. After leaving, remind them of your power and caution them of the need to remain quiet.

Look at this case…the pursuit, the jobs, the positions, the sex, the texts…then when facing the possibility of outing…the threats, then when outed the excusers all came out of the wood-work.

I’m not sure I could sleep at night knowing that I was an excuser of a creeper like Len Brown. For my part I don;t care much for the NZ Herald, I am sure somewhere in there there are some ethical and honest journalists…its just we haven;t seen them yet. As for Russell Brown, he sanctimoniously continually claims a higher moral standard than everyone else…and then his hit piece the other day just made him one of Len Brown’s excusers. He lost my respect that day, I’m not sure he can get it back.

If the media personalities want to be excusers of the creeper then that is good, at least we know what their incredibly low standards are now beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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  • Drhill

    Reminds me of The Creep song:

    • Phar Lap

      On the button.Well spotted.

  • Toryboy

    Oh whaleoil surely you jest? don’t you know that urban liberal clever dick/smarty pants people are in a special category where rules don’t apply?

    Anyone mentioning morals is just an old fashioned fuddy duddy living in the Victorian age which the swinging 60s did away with.

    If they were to hold people to account it would mean…*shock*…*horror*…they stopped getting invited to parties with other urban liberal smarty pants folk.

    Even dogs, rabbits and kids is just ‘experimentation’ don’tyaknow? even that is ok because people heard it from a guru and are trying to ‘find themselves’.

    You should stop all this moralising and realise what important people Rudman, Fisher and Drinnan are.

  • Bloody well said Cameron and Emma Hart.

  • philbest

    Oh boy, oh boy, am I hoping this whole thing is turning out to be a classic Breitbart play. Our MSM richly deserves it.

    • P1LL

      I hope not . Mr Breitbarts death looked very suspicious .

      • philbest

        Uh-oh, hope I am not being misunderstood. I hope Cam lives to pull off many more “Breitbart plays” than Mr Breitbart himself did. I won’t elaborate, and Cam will know why. We don’t want any MSM operatives to guess how their demise can be hastened. Mind you, it would be a desirable outcome if they did learn and changed their ways…….

  • nudgy

    Have an awful feeling that ” Creeper” Lenny is going to get away with all of this. At worst he is going to get the “wet bus ticket” from Council who I understand can only censure him for breaking its rules. More evidence is needed to eradicate this Missing Stair. Lay it on him Whale!

  • BJ

    Then Len Brown did not just have a penchant for an Asian Affair – he must have targeted her seeing a vulnerability, a naivety, that he could use to gain what? – maybe insight into a community he wanted to gain the confidence of, to be his informant on opponents or to get her to do his bidding in any number of ways. He must have manipulated her firstly as a father figure to gain trust before the relationship developed into a sexual one.
    We do not need operators like him in positions of power in public office ever.

  • Acid

    You can’t really call dirty Len a true creeper, as you cannot really asess Chuang as vulnerable due to her calculated handling of the expose and the courting of the media. Hes more of a buffoon than a creeper.

  • Jimmie

    heh – maybe the answer is that all male politicians have be emasculated before taking office. Would reduce the number of willing troughers and would eliminate possible sexual abuse from the position – any takers anyone?

  • Jman

    Im surprised Russel Brown ever had your respect in the first place

  • Micheleh

    Emma is absolutely correct on the minimising and dismissal.

    A quick look at The Everyday Sexism Project should prove to be an eye-opener.