Cunliffe, Cunliffe, wherefore art thou Cunliffe?

Michael Parkin was having a cry on Q+A yesterday morning about Stephen Joyce giving David Cunliffe a bit of a rough time.

It makes me wonder about Cunliffe.

He makes a big splash with the bewildered Labour and Union core promising them nirvana but is a bit less bullish with the assembled breathless EPMU journos afterwards, no surprise as a narcissist he needs the adulation and will say whatever he thinks will work.

Swap Cunliffe for Shearer but it’s just a more articulate clusterf*ck.

First he wants to set interest rates so a 23 year old can spend half a million on an investment property, he goes to Taranaki and tells them their region is declining and ruined the day before the Census comes out which says the complete opposite

Now the big push is on the regional development, note there is nothing specific just we will have a chat with some locals and see if there are some taxpayer largesse we can promise because no sane person has voted for us in the regions for two elections now and we need a result like the student loan bribe gave us. Let’s appoint a Minister that will do the trick. It is nothing more than a collection of bumper sticker sayings.

Does the fool not realise pandering to the unions for the scrapping of 90 day trials and bringing in national awards while having a cry about the provinces is pretty stupid.

Having the Greens as your support partner is handicap enough surely.

I think if Shearer came up with the same rubbish Cunliffe has come up with in the last month the media would be calling for him to stand down.

It’s been a woeful performance covered up by the honeymoon and Len Brown.


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  • mick le prick

    He makes a big splash with the bewildered Labour and Union core promising them nirvana

    But delivered Narnia

  • Bob

    Who’s Stephen Joyce? Or do you mean Steven Joyce?

  • LesleyNZ

    Does David Cunliffe really want the likes of Lucy Lawless as a support partner?
    Warrior in tweet war with minister

  • Whafe

    Labour, the gift that keeps on giving.

    The media think it is a clean sweep for the left at the election in 2014. That alone is nothing but lack of thought in looking at the big picture of a viable NZ Inc. absolute lack of thought from the MSM

    Cunny Cunliffe doesn’t realise that his own persona will be his downfall.

    • Macca

      Too true! The MSM always make me laugh when they nail their socialist flag to the mast and prove to all that they are minority supporters of failed party’s and their policies – correction, fucken stupid ideas!

  • Dick Brown

    Had to laugh when I saw the news item of ‘Working Man Cunliffe Meeting The Downtrodden’ the other night.

    Awkward sociopath shakes hands with bewildered workers, asks loaded and leading questions, stands back with folded arms and finger to his mouth nodding sagely.

    What a joke.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Yeah, saw that. He didn’t wear his suit jacket, no ties, shirt sleeves rolled up, security cards dangling from his pants. Sitting eye-level talking to the affected workers. Very well scripted.

    • mike

      The worst part is people are buying it. Was talking to a couple of mates of FB last night and they believe he is the saviour! Devout lefties that they are one of them displayed the stereotypical nasty attitude that they do. Here are some examples:

      “Key is a cunt. Keep his rich mates happy and the rest can get fucked. The NATzi party have a great track record of killing workers rights”
      “National is NOT the party for the working man like {redacted} and I” which is funny because they’re both white collar workers.
      “…facts and figures just don’t mean shit when you actually see what’s really going on”

      And that last comment is from a teacher. WTF!

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        “And the last comment is from a teacher. WTF!”
        No, highly typical, my friend.

        • mike

          Sad but true… roll on charter schools!

  • conwaycaptain

    Cunliffe is a Flim Flam Man

    • Day Day

      He’s touting investment property to young urban professionals. “Location, location, location”

    • kayaker

      Pillsbury Dough Boy’s annoying little brother.

  • This morning’s Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll is a terrible Labour Day present for Cunliffe that will have him mumbling into his organic bircher meusli and his soy latte.

    Oh dear; how sad; never mind…

    • dianne65

      Happy Happy JOY JOY. Go The Nats.

    • dyannt

      That must have been the poll I was interviewed for last week. I gave “National” as the answer to every question they asked. :-)

  • timemagazine

    Good news! Let’s be happy and enjoy even more labour day.

  • thor42

    Agreed. It’s bumper-sticker politics all the way.

    The problem is – there are still a shitload of knuckledragging Labour supporters out there who actually *believe* Cunners’ nonsense.

    The sooner that BS policies like the “living wage” FRAUD get exposed for the nonsense that they are, the better.

    It is SO easy to do that.

    Increased wages = increased cost for business = more layoffs = more unemployment.

    *Anyone* – even a Labour supporter – can understand that.

    • rockape

      Yes but fewer ever year and will be fewer as the economy grows under National and Labour oppose everything that brought that success. Just stop and think of the ammunition National will have at the election as opposed to the Blanks Labour will be firing.

  • Michael

    Peters is the same: he makes speeches that in tone and delivery appear to say one thing, but when you read the words it shows he was very careful not to cross a line.

    But the voting public don’t understand the finesse and think you’re playing a game – and don’t like it (they think you aren’t taking their concerns seriously) and punish you as a result.

    Which is why Winston has gone from 28% in the mid-90s, to 3-6% now.

  • Col

    Labour is going to get lost in the sandstorm, as the union members runaway, Labour is flogging a dead horse, but that’s just another one of there failures, just no ideas and no direction, that’s labour I have never seen they think anything through before they mouth off. If you are in opposition get the facts right.

  • Toryboy

    What is pathetic is someone like Cunliffe (and Adern, Robertson, Parker etc) ‘pretending’ to be all matey with the ‘workers’, despite their backgrounds, upbringings and lifestyles, and genuinely surprised it is not working; genuinely surprised it is seen as patronising, insincere and simply results in a massive blue collar vote for John Key.

    An extract from David Culiffes stump speech to the ‘workers’ –
    “Brothers *muh* *muh* sweety darling, we are here to help you comrades in the struggle against the capitalist exploiters, sweety darling; join us in our crusade brothers.. oh damn I have chipped a nail..”

    – as Mike Moore famously pointed out, they use words like “mate” because they think that is how workers talk to each other.

    • kayaker

      They need to take lessons from Loosely Len. He know how to get down wit da bros.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Yes. Someone needs to point out to them that workers punch each other in the spleen, fart in one another’s face and then yell “CUNT.” It is a kind of vernacular that means good morning. These white collar tithe-taking charlatans have no idea. I don’t believe a politician is sincere until he gets in my face and starts swearing like a seaman.
      (Run with it)

  • rrroberto

    wherever he is he is not in New Lynn. 2 electorate requests in past few months, not one sausage of an answer. He is neglecting his electorate, cant even do the basics.

  • cows4me

    Cunny is a carpetbagger, plain and simple. Dressed up as mutton but nothing more then 6 year old billy goat.