CV Embellishing appears to be Labour Party policy

by Dean Kozanic via FairfaxNZ - Poto Williams

by Dean Kozanic via FairfaxNZ – Poto Williams

As we’ve seen with David Cunliffe allowing the “idea” that he has a degree from Harvard Business School to survive for many years, only to claim that was just something that was misinterpreted and he hadn’t quite got around to correcting anyone for a decade or so, CV embellishing is perfectly OK.

But why waste time actually?doing?something first? ?Why not jump ahead and claim you have achieved something before you even did?

About 10 days ago, Newstalk ZB Chief Political Reporter Felix Marwick noted that Christchurch East by-election hopeful Poto Williams’ Wikipedia page had already published the election results:



Allowing some time to fix this up, I checked back today…?



… nope, she’s still saving the taxpayers lots of money by eliminating the need to actually?hold a by-election for Christchurch East.

David Cunliffe should be worried.

This is definite one-upmanship when it comes to preparing your CV for your Labour Party career.

I’m going to keep a close eye on David Cunliffe’s Wikipedia page now. ?It can only be another few weeks before it will say he was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2014.