Da those Russians… such sense of humour

Most big project will have a scale model built first.  The Olympics in Russia are no different

The Olympics aren’t just about Sochi, and Sochi isn’t just about the Olympics, the Russians will tell you. It’s all part of a broader push to revitalize a region torn apart by an Islamic insurgency, which itself comes on the heels of two disastrous wars.

A couple of years ago, the Russian government decided that the North Caucasus would be the perfect place to develop ski resorts in the region as an answer to its high unemployment and other economic woes. Never mind the violence, they said, the beautiful mountains (and they are very, very beautiful) would attract tourists from all over the world, and would even compete with Swiss slopes.

Well, a couple weeks ago, at the Sochi 2013 investment forum, the local authorities presented a model of one such resort, called Lago-Naki. It looked like a very nice resort, equipped with wide slopes and modern cottages. (It’s especially nice when you don’t realize that there is no transport between Sochi and Lago-Naki, but that, even though the two spots aren’t very far apart, it takes eight hours to drive there)

Sounds all very sensible.  So where does the funny part come in?  

But then they noticed the details.

Like the couple having sex on the hood of a car.

via newrepublic.com

via newrepublic.com

And sex in the pool

via newrepublic.com

via newrepublic.com

But it isn’t all about sex.  Here is another example of the architect having fun at work


That’s a Yeti carrying off a skier into the trees.


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  • AnonWgtn

    Assume that the Chechens do not disrupt the games – they have threatened to do so, supported by Saudi Arabia’s Director General of Saudi Intelligence – known as the “Black Prince” Bandar bin Sultan who effectively is now controlling much of the troubles in the Middle East.
    He is the only man who has ever threatened Putin, and over these games, for his corrupt Oil deals.

  • Dave

    Maybe they can make a model of a thin emancipated old man with a huge beard in a Russian shithole jail. Then send the models to all greenpeace members with a nice card. Go on fool, make our day.