Dear Len

Len Brown rolling the dice with his future? Photograph by Greg Bowker/NZH

Len Brown rolling the dice with his future? Photograph by Greg Bowker/NZH

Dear Len

Can I call you Len? ?I feel we’ve become much closer over the last week.

Len, it is time.

Yes, I know, you thought that you could win against one asshole with blog.

After all, with all the resources you have at your disposal. ?The experts in their fields. ?The tame contacts you have in media that you have cultivated for years.

A week ago, it really did seem that you could control this. ?And the reputation of that asshole with a blog would catch up with him.

End of story.

Except Len, you (like many people), don’t understand a very basic thing:

I don’t fight fair.

Well, not from your perspective anyway.

You see Len, people always assume I make stuff up. ?They always assume that I lie. ?And of course, liars assume other people lie too. ??

But being “out there” every day via this blog, putting all sorts of powerful people under pressure with my reporting, opinions and humour, I only have one way to defend myself against huge budgets and practically limitless talent and resources.

I must only speak the truth.

It seems so obvious that people find it hard to believe. ?But think about it – it is my only line of defence.

So this morning, when you went ink on paper with the claim that you have made full disclosure now, we both know that isn’t true.

There is more to come out.

Maybe I will publish it. ?Or maybe you’ll see it on TV or in the papers.

Many people are willing to forgive you your marital mistakes Len. ?I can’t cast the first stone, and this is also why so many of us are willing to overlook you being a bit of a playboy.

On one level I’m impressed that a man of your stature…short seems a bit rude…has an ability to pull chicks that is astonishing. But then again a good mate of mine says it doesn’t matter how ordinary a bloke is it is his height that attracts women…especially if you are standing on your wallet or your reputation. You used your reputation…and all power to you.

But today you made your final mistake. ?You should just have kept quiet. ?But no – you had to go into press one more time with a ‘carefully crafted’ set of statements.

Except those are going to come tumbling down, aren’t they Len?

You have had many chances to step back with some degree of dignity and a prospect for another career ahead of you.

Time is now running out.

Just wanted to drop you this note, although I suspect it will fall on deaf ears.