The dictator moves to silence dissent

No, not David Cunliffe, Winston Raymond Peters. it seems he is moving to silence members in an ongoing spat over two staff members.

A reader emails about my post last week.

The fallout from your post last week has reached the NZ First Board.

Two party members lodged complaints against Api for bringing NZ First into disrepute.

Winston had them thrown out. His reason: Dawson is not a member (which is actually not true…)


The matter did not end there. A counter complaint was made against Board member Curwen Rolinson for raising the matter in a private Facebook group operated by party members.

Winston’s response: shutdown NZF’s social media!

You can have a look for yourself. The NZ First and NZ First Youth pages have been removed from Facebook. Winston doesn’t understand the difference between a public page and a private group.

Screenshot NZF Social Media

As you can see, all is not well in NZF. Many are questioning Winston’s judgement right now.


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  • It’s hardly surprising. Winston First will not survive without its founder and leader, and I really wonder whether Winston has the heart for another election campaign. He is 68 years old now, and all the late nights, mixed grills, fags and whisky are taking their toll on him.

    Father Time has not been kind to Winston Peters which is a pity because in his prime he was a formidable political force, however much I disagreed with his populist brand of politics. The 2013 version of Peters is a pale shadow of even Winston in 2011.

    • tarkwin

      There is a persistent rumour he is planning on standing in Whangarei next year. Apparently he denies it but it won’t go away. There are an awful lot of Peters up this way, plenty of old wealthy blue rinsers that love him and NZF have always been popular up here. Phil Heatley is the sitting M.P and he is totally useless, he does bugger all for his constituents. National has treated us with disdain for too long. John Banks was Phil’s predecessor and he lived in Auckland! This electorate is full of people who don’t like Phil but won’t vote left. This was one of the worst electorates for the Greens last time (makes me feel proud!). If Winston could win anywhere it’s here. He spoke at a breakfast meeting I went to a while back. I’m not a great fan but I have to admit he handled it very very well. He spoke well, took questions from the floor and changed subjects with ease. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him just yet.

  • ConwayCaptain

    So if Winnie the Pooh departs who will take his place as leader and how long will the party last??
    They would not get 5% in the polls so where would the vote go??? Labour or National??

    • blokeintakapuna

      Surely his votes were mostly “protest” votes… So the few voters will probably stay at home in continued protest.

    • AnonWgtn

      Greens I expect, as they can get more from them.

    • I would guess that they would go to National and Labour on about a 2:1 ratio favouring National. Those who support NZF are from the conservative end of the spectrum.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Winnie already has the “NO” sign… He now just needs to add “social media or anyone disagreeing with my form of democracy”

    • andrew carrot

      According to Mr Dolman’s account of Api’s speech, NZF is already operating from the Beehive. So the results of recent elections don’t seem to sway them from the belief that they ‘still’ govern. Revisionists, such as these two, are but one step away from alzheimers, a major malady within the NZF ranks.

  • Thomas

    I was told by Cunliffe during the leadership race that Api Dawson and Amy Hodgkinson were returning to Labour to work in his office if/when he became leader. A subseqent conversation with Api confirmed that the offer had already been made.

    What happened? Did Api’s CV fiasco scare Cunners away or does he provide better info/leaks by remaining in Winston’s tent?

    • Jenna Fraser

      I cannot understand why Winston would trust Api Dawson. Lying on a CV to gain employment in a sensitive area, i would hope go against winstons values

  • AnonWgtn

    Like Brendan Horan – have seen no evidence from NZF or the Police that any action has been taken on the complaint.
    Winston Law – “I am always right.” even if I am tired (or pissed).

  • cows4me

    I’m shocked I didn’t realise NZ First had a youth wing. I’m picking a fully fledged member gets a gold platted zimmer frame to go with the gold card.

    • Justsayn

      You need to be under 65 to be a member of the Winnie First youth wing – 5 members at the moment.

      • Jenna Fraser

        Hehe actually there are around 60 of us! And our oldest member is 40. Most are under 30. Its a common misconception. Personally im attracted to the nationalist policies and also those which protect elderly and vulnerable.

        • dyannt

          I hope you weren’t insinuating that elderly = vulnerable?

          • Jenna Fraser

            Definitly not, mainly referring to child-centric policies when i talk about the vulnerable. I benefit constantly from the free doctors visits my sick children get as a result of NZF pushing them thru in the 1996 coalition.

  • philbest

    Every time Peters has made a comeback, he has brought a completely different assortment of losers into Parliament on his coat-tails. Obviously not a man capable of building a lasting brand or a team or a protege.

    • Surrounding himself with such people is the only way he can look normal!

      • andrew carrot

        They need replacing fairly frequently as it’s tiring work carrying around a solid gold throne and its blessed incumbent.

  • Patrick

    Youth members – only qualify if you are born prior to 1950.

  • Col

    The problem here is, Winston tells everyone he has the PROOF and his NZF MPS are still waiting for the PROOF, no wonder they are confused and in disarray.

  • Jenna Fraser

    a NZF member but reconsidering my membership. Allowing someone who
    falsifies their CV to stay in their job is a clear lack of good
    judgement. Im sorry but poor old Brendan Horan was hung out to dry for
    far less than this. Im concerned
    with the consistancy, and the fact that speaking out about valid issues
    is causing good people to get hammered. Silencing dissent on the
    outside, i can understand. Silencing dissent when there should be
    openess and debate within a party around valid concerns shows a
    dictational direction. not a happy NZF member

    • Bunswalla

      Yes, I see what you mean. Stealing money from your dying Mum is much less serious than embellishing your cv.

      Got your values right there, girl.

      • Jenna Fraser

        And your values are quite apparent convicting someone without any proof. Brendan hasnt been proven guilty – its rumours. Rumours can be damaging but they aren’t necessarily true. This is why we have an innocent until proven guilty system. Or do you think it should be the other way around? I’d love to see someone accuse you of child molestation , then watch you see what it feels like to be judged without proof.