Dodgy Dam Spin Doctors Lie

The rather moronic Hawkes Bay Regional Council staff have failed to notice that the lackeys they had for councillors got the arse card and have been replaced by experienced political operators. So their lying will have to stop.

The latest press release about the dodgy socialist dam from the regional council says:

The scheme has the potential to provide secure irrigation over 25,000-30,000 hectares of land for farming, while improving the water quality and summer flows in the Tukituki River.

This is an out and out lie.

The council staff must not be literate if they cannot read their own Tukituki choices document that says that they will turn the Tukituki Toxic by increasing Phosphate levels by 15% and Nitrogen levels by over 500%. Their own documentation says that the proposed flushing flows may not work, and the dodgy bastards have so many weasel clauses no one trusts them on increasing water flows.

The model the HBRC has been basing all their claims on is so dodgy that they wouldn’t release it to be tested until legally forced to. The model is fatally flawed because it is based on dreamt up “synthetic flows”.

There needs to be an Independent Inquiry into the whole dodgy Ruataniwha Water Storage Project.

Without an independent inquiry hundreds of millions of dollars of public money are going to wasted on an exceptionally dodgy scheme.


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  • Hawkesbayallday

    Don’t touch our Tukituki! Or no more whitebait or bombs off the bridge.

  • Toryboy

    I am sure I speak for 1.5 million other Aucklanders when I express my enormous interest in the Hawkes Bay, its dam and its Regional Council.
    Thanks to google maps I now know where this part of the ‘provinces’ actually is.

    • And do you feel better for knowing that? ….. LOL

      • Toryboy

        Absolutely! and it is just super to have been made aware of it; motorways, trains, airports and other infrastructure in Auckland pales when compared to this dam.

    • Hawkesbayallday

      Ahh you’ll find alot of that 1.5 mil have come from outside the city…eg myself.