Dodgy electrician is dodgy


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  • peterwn

    Fortunately it is only 117 volts, but that is still enough to fry someone. He may need not to worry about prospective purchasers – bank will probably foreclose first if it does not burn down.

  • PM of NZ

    115VAC is only toy electrickery and the load of a door opener is sod all.

    • WayneO

      Sure, the load of the door opener is next to nothing. However mains electricity is from an extremely low impedance source with massive current potential. If things get wet / go wrong / become weak by UV light etc and come into contact with a human body or an inquisitive child it has potential to kill them many, many times over. The IEC standard for low voltage is <42 volts.
      This is outrageously dangerous.

    • WayneO

      Should also add that if the door opener faults, the cable is of such length and construction that it has high enough resistance not to blow the circuit breaker. Result, red hot wires running across timbers and plastics.

    • Dave

      Bullshit. 115 Volts, plus a bit of current can kill. In america, they are using 110 Volts. and a lot of sparkies and members of the public are killed assuming it is safe.

      Beware, safe voltage limits in NZ are (from memory) 28 volts AC, and 42 volts DC.

      For the non sparkies, the voltage acts as pressure, the current should be thought of as volume. A little pressure coupled with a lot of volume, and your a gonner.

      TIP: Never touch electrical circuitry, assume it is live. if in doubt, call a sparkie.

      • cows4me

        Dave I always treat electrical wires like a firearm , loaded and that goes for electric fences also.

        • Dave

          Very happy with that C4M, I am a Sparkie, just paid my registration again, and have lost a close friend who should have known better but took a shortcut.

          As others have said, overheating is a real danger with the cables in the post, however, ANY voltage above 28 V ac or 42V dc can kill.

          PS: One of the MOST dangerous things people do around the home (or cowshed) is to CUT a copper or steel water pipe, if the earth circuit is faulty (a common fault), the pipe can become live, and once cut, the power CAN flow through the person still holding the pipe. Many a plumber has had a nasty shock this way, quite a few killed as well.

          • WayneO

            Has anyone got info on the battery packs used in a Prius? Apparently NiCad batteries seriesed up to over 300 volts. Fuck working anywhere near those!

          • Anyone that goes near a Prius probably needs a decent shock to wake them up :)

        • WayneO

          Electric fences are designed to output as close to completely safe as possible (I believe they observe very similar limits to RCD earth leakage protectors), but an incredibly high voltage and current but only for the briefest of microseconds to prevent muscle spasm. It hurts like hell but is safe. In fact an electric fence shock is orders of magnitude more painful than near fatal shocks from AC mains. It’s all about how the muscles (heart) respond to current over time.
          getting stuck on an electric fence is not to be recommended so always trim loose wire ends and anything else that could create a trap.

          • Dave

            Electric fences have a pulsed very high voltage (some around 3000 volts), but very limited current. So the shock value is high, but it does not have the power to kill. However, that said, if an elderly or infirm person was to get repeated shocks in a very short space in time, it could trigger a heart attack or stroke.

            Wayne, as said above, its the current that kills, and the nasty burns associated with the current. the more current, the more the muscles contract.

            As Travis says, avoid thinking about, owning or being a passenger in a Prius!! all very dangerous to ones mental and physical wellbeing !!

          • cows4me

            Three thousand volts is just warming up. I have one that puts out seven thousand volts, you don’t wish to touch that. It all depends on how well maintained your fences are and have a “good” earth.

        • Col

          When I was 15 years old and on my sisters farm, she would say is that fence working, and I would put my hand on it and say no, nothing here, and she would put her hand on it and go silly, the old 12v battery in those days.

  • Rodger T

    Best electrical prank of all time ,