Dodgy HBRC get told to Release information

The dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is being nailed for covering up information and preventing expert witnesses doing their job.

The ratbags at the council have refused to release information about the nutrients model they are using to show that they can turn the Tukituki River toxic. But they got told by the Board of Inquiry they have to release information so it can be checked by expert witnesses.

are to be taken:  

(a) As soon as possible Dr Rutherford will demonstrate/explain the operation of the

model to the three experts for F&G (Dr Death, Dr Abell and Dr Zemansky), the

expert for HB Environmental Water Group (Dr Joy), and any other relevant

experts to be called by submitters in respect of whom notice has been given

under (b) below.

Word on the street is that the NIWA model wont stand up to scrutiny, which is why it was covered up by Iain Maxwell. Sources in Hawkes Bay say that Iain Maxwell is due for a lot of scrutiny and sleepless nights in the next six months, and that his resignation will be called for following an independent investigation into the HBRC conduct on the dodgy socialist dam.


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  • David Broome

    Someone is feeding you a washing machine with a turbo hooked up to the spin cycle. Here’s an alternative way of interpreting that link:

    Fish & Game (aka Hook & Bullet) has gone all cry baby because they couldn’t get their sh*t together and have begged for an extension (because a cow ate their homework presumably). This ‘club,’ which nationally rakes in $12 million each year from hard working Kiwis under statutory privilege no one else gets, is employing fancy pant big city lawyers to derail the Ruataniwha Dam. Hard to get the logic on that because the Tukituki suffers from algae blooms. This is caused by four urban wastewater plants which cause 70% of phosphorous loading during low flows. But what do you expect when you rake in millions thanks to compulsion. Then again, this the latest in a concerted campaign from the greenies to deny any form of progress (anti-oil, anti-mining, anti-farming and anti-progress). Of course the big problem for Hook & Bullet in their ‘please sir, can I have an extension’ is that NIWA also opposes the application because they own the intellectual property of the model. That must hurt Hook & Bullet where the sun don’t shine because NIWA’s expert evidence backs a council who doesn’t want the Hawke’s Bay to become a depopulated wasteland. Yet its not surprising the greeny beanies want to give our country’s IP away for nix. It’s time to cut the subsidy and deregulate Hook & Bullet. If trout and mallard ducks aren’t established after all of this time they’ll never be.


    • Andrewj

      The scheme does not work. At 25c a m3 the water is too expensive. The river flows the HBRC are using in the Makaroro river are dodgy to say the least. Present costs for bore water are 5c a m3.

      Not a single farmer has signed up to this scheme as its uneconomic to pay that much for water.

      The scheme is designed to cope with a 1 in 10 year drought, like to see you invest 10 mill on those odds.

      I’m in the scheme and don’t see how it can work and other farmers are of the same view, I know because I phoned around.

      Fish and game are actually doing a good job here, if we don’t make a stand for our environment these schemes will destroy it. Then we will get a green lead backlash that will impose draconian regulation on us for years and years.
      Lots of P is coming from several large feedlots on the old Waipawa river bed and I am dubious about the actual problems caused by urban waste water. In fact at one outlet the water coming into the river from the settlement pond is improving the quality as its just below a large dairy farm.

      The HBRC have withheld information and Cm is right, been pretty dodgy.

      Highly intensified dairy farming is damaging our environment.

      • David Broome

        Where did you get your facts from?

        “A total of 81 non-binding agreements have been signed from people
        interested in buying water from the proposed Ruataniwha dam in Central Hawke’s Bay.

        The “expressions of interests” signed and recorded by the water storage scheme’s commercial manager, Duncan McLeod, represent a total of 30 million cubic metres of water covering 9400ha”.

        • Andrewj

          They only have expressions of interest, you would have to be nuts to sign up at these prices.Those big dairy farms around highway 50 would be paying 800k+ a year for water. Ask Kevin D. Then they are trying to it compare to Opua with 47 m3 a sec against the Makororo with 12 m3 and no snow melt.

          They also have placed us all on 5 year consents just to help us decide. Who can run a business with a five year water take consent, its a form of blackmail.
          We all have to make an expression of interest because if we don’t and it goes ahead then we would be left without water.

          • Andrewj

            last year the dam would have been empty by the end of Dec, As it is the bores worked and existing uses got by in a 1 in 80 year drought.
            They need to have a charge for water, it shouldn’t be free and it should never have been given out in a first comes first serve basis. Watering grass is a waste of a resource.

            China is taking all of NZ increased dairy production and I don’t see that ending well once China get their act together.
            None of the new production gets to the high paying markets same as beef and lamb, wool is worse.

          • David Broome

            Mate you are the one that said zip interest and then when i point out 81 you get high and mighty. You cannot commit until it is consented that is why it is non-binding. Sheesh!

          • Andrewj

            No, they want us to sign up and commit. No one has.

    • David, you guys at Feds are going to get a good hard lesson in facts when all the bullshit (ironic really) starts getting flushed from HBRC, there is plenty more stuff coming…but hey wed yourself to this dog of a project why don;t you…in 3 months time you will remember this comment.

      • David Broome

        WO I am writing as me and in my own time. If it was Feds it would be Feds because lets face it, nom de plumes are crackable if you have the time and the inclination. I am just confused mate why you are so septic because I have been around storage dams and these things work (ask F&G in South Canterbury if they want the Opihi River back as before Opuha).

        Tell you what, if I am wrong in 3-months time I’ll buy you lunch at Latitude 40 South in Waipukurau (up to the value of $50 as its my own money and I am a Scot by descent). If I am right and things are proceeding to plan in 3-months time, then you have to do the same.

        Do we have a deal?

    • Apart from your spin about spin,

      Fish & Game (aka Hook & Bullet),

      aka by who? morons? bullets are for centrefire and rimfire rifles, not shotguns, which are used for game birds.

      But at least I know why you’re spinning for the pro dam circus now.

      It’s time to cut the subsidy and deregulate Hook & Bullet. If trout and mallard ducks aren’t established after all of this time they’ll never be.

      Fantastic. Alright, judging by your logic we should deregulate MPI/Ministry of Fisheries as well, because if all sea fish species “aren’t established after all of this time they’ll never be”.

      • David Broome

        Crikey now we have the humourless police in on the action!

        • The point is, like MPI/MoF, F&G’s purpose is the manage a resource. But of course that has no benefit for farmers economically, so have no qualms about throwing a dam across a valley at any cost completely blocking a river blocking free movement of trout up/downstream and also spawning.

          I’m not anti dam, just anti Ruataniwha dam. I accept that farmers will have increased productivity but they need to find another way of doing it.

  • Faraggo

    Yep, not sure who is fellating who but the traces of the sticky stuff on your chin might be a give away.

    While I agree Newman is dodgy as all fuck, trying to have a crack at the scheme on the basis that it will turn the Tukituki ‘toxic’ is a nonsense. Do you even have any idea what you are being fed or just repeating someone else’s spin? Have you read Chris Hickeys’ evidence on the EPA website?…..or does it have too many big words so you will keep channelling Gareth Hughes.

    …..surely a little hypocritical to lap and regurgitate green spin when it suits and use it to rile up the troops at other times.

    While there are plenty of reasons to oppose this scheme, repeating someone else’s whiny bollocks sky is falling environmental doom and gloom is not one.