Dodgy Len still breaking election laws

Len Brown has more than just his extra-curricular activities to worry about…he is still, more than a week after the election, running signage for his election…or is he getting in early for his by-election campaign.

No doubt Len will blame APN for this “oversight”, but then perhaps he won;t given their sterling effort on protecting him from the hard questions.

We all know now that rules don;t apply to Len Brown, or the Labour party…they just willingly and knowingly break them knowing that there will be no consequences.

All they have to do is make a silly grin, adopt a hang dog demeanour and brazen it out.


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  • FredFrog

    Pic broken

  • steve and monique

    Already proved he cant clean up after himself.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Whatever it was, it’s now “sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

  • Orange
  • coventry

    Rofl – the sign is also in breech of Section 7 of his own Council Applied rules (

    “election signs must clearly display the name and contact details (including a telephone number) of the person responsible for establishing and maintaining the election sign who can be contacted to repair, secure or otherwise take action in relation to the display of the election sign”

    Can’t see no phone number on that sign. Dodgy Len, dodgier len.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Its the only thing of Len Brown thats still up after 2 minutes.

  • Eiselmann

    Len is not to blame here…its a vast right wing conspiracy

  • One wonders if he’ll ask for Name Supression …
    He’ll have to find a victim to protect …

  • Col

    Len was busy working on telling his wife about the 2 year affair and forgot?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      yeah it could happen……Len works very hard for Aucklanders….

      • Blue Water Coastie

        He fucks very hard for Aucklanders – and many seem to appreciate his efforts. So long as he is fucking on the job and not at home it’s all good…

      • Wine Man

        Len doesn’t work hard but his hand certainly did overtime

  • steve and monique

    What should happen to this Len

  • coventry

    Hey Clint, did you take that Billboard down on Ellerslie Panmure Highway ?

  • Col

    Cams doing good on Radio Live, petty the 2 loud mouths would shout up, but then they are not use to the truth being spoken.

  • Wine Man

    Cameron Slater tells Willie n JT on air there are ‘3’ other women … @RadioLIVENZ Drive

    • Col

      Will Lenny come back with ‘it is not true” or he will say nothing? on both accounts he is guilty. ha ha ha

    • DTG

      Three that obviously have no intention of coming forward…unless there is hard evidence there might as well have been 93 for all the public will care.

      • Blue Water Coastie

        In many ways it irks me to say that you have a point. If he can get away with fucking one woman at work, wanking on the job and using mayoral powers for favours for 2 years and this is ‘OK’ by the left as long he can do his job, then what difference does it make if Len does it once, 3 times, or 93 times over – its a personal matter right? Len and his left spin dicks are all a big fat fucking joke and they can all just fuck off.

    • Dave

      What it reinforces ,over and over is Len is content to lie, cheat and maintain silence just to cover his sorry arse. His wife and family cant trust him, he Cannot set an example of ethical leadership, cannot lead Auckland, and MUST go. I was getting over Lying Len, but now, THREE women, he needs to go, please keep up the fight Cam, Auckland deserves better.

      Think of what happened to a foolish Peter Dunne, after he fantasized over a younger Journalist. Len has so far got away with running a PROLONGED affair, in many many council venues, bludged free rooms, desecrated a sacred meeting room, and expects us all to forget.

      Len, I have said often enough, Resign – state that you need to spend time with your family and rebuild your marriage and you will NOT be back in Public office EVER, automatically 50%

      Please don’t forget Len, you are now down one very critical member of your PR team, the sharpshooter of your bullshit brigade has departed and the other affairs are about to come out of the woodwork, who will spin this.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Len – a wishbone is no substitute for a backbone.
    Listen to the rate payers of Auckland… FUCK OFF already!

  • rockape

    Probably off topic so apologies in advance. Len wouldnt be my personal priority. However the spin-off from this is the raising of Cams profile . In the year leading up to the election this can only be good. More light as Cams star shines brighter can only mean more light into the seedy corners of the left. Keep it up Cam.

    • Alfred12

      Well said Rockape,

  • JohnRW

    From Auckland Council website:
    Election Signs, Approved dates for 2013 Local Government Elections

    Signs and hoardings may be put up nine weeks before the elections, i.e. from
    12.01am Saturday, 10 August 2013.
    Signs must be removed by midnight the day before the election, i.e. on 11
    October 2013.

  • Now look here Cameron; we’ve been through this before. Only the political Right has to obey the law; pinkos are exempt.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Lush has nothing better to do…oversight from Len’s team…heavens are not going to fall….move on bros…

    • JohnRW

      So! He’s simply adding to the stockpile of what’s wrong with this guy and his team. He also does not condone LB’s behaviour like most of us who are following developments.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        There is nothing more to come…Lentils walks free mate…he wins eventually…

  • Time For Accountability

    Is that the outside wall of the Ngati Whatua romance room?

  • Rimutaka

    Are we there yet?

    I wonder what next weeks shock horror story will be…

    • Blue Water Coastie

      Len fucking Kim Dot Cons missus, and not realising it was a campaign gift?