Dodgy union ratbag outed as drug dealer

Well, looks like Unite union is branching out from dodging taxes into drug dealing:

A prominent South Island union organiser has been sentenced to community detention for trying to sell methamphetamine.

Sharna Butcher, 36, was sentenced on a charge of conspiring to sell a Class A drug in the Christchurch District Court this afternoon.

The Unite Union South Island organiser requested name suppression, arguing the publication of her name would affect her employment, however the plea was ignored by Judge Paul Kellar.  

Butcher, who admitted the offending earlier this year, was caught out by a text message which showed her asking if the recipient knew anyone who wanted methamphetamine.

Judge Kellar labelled the offending “serious” but admitted her role was a minor.

“[There was a] degree of planning and premeditation,” he told the court.

“Recreational drug use led you into contact with others and the more sinister side of the drug world.”


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  • Col

    So that’s why the unions didn’t want drug testing in the work place.

  • Sponge

    “arguing the publication of her name would affect her employment”

    Well I should bloody well hope it would!

    FFS what is this country coming to!

  • Mark
    • Sponge

      She looks like she is on the game as well….

  • James Growley

    Could be that McCarten has the organisers out there adding value so he can balance the books…..

  • LionKing

    FFS this union scum wanted name suppression, suddenly worried about her employment. Meanwhile she trapes around the South Island protesting outside McDonalds. She needs some sunlight.

  • Mark

    “Aotearoa is not for sale,” she cried. But P certainly appears to be…

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      WoW – what a patriot!!!

    • Bad__Cat

      She? I thought it was a bloke!

    • WABloke

      Where? OH, she means ‘New Zealand’… you were.

  • jb

    she’s butchered it

  • blokeintakapuna

    Unions believe… Even insist – that the business owner/management are completely responsible for their staff… When the staff break the law or are deliberately disingenuous… So we look forward to McCarten owning up for this sorry excuse of a worker.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Vitamin P increases productivity. She was only doing her bit for the workers.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Wait for uncle Matt McCarten to blame this on John Key in his weekly Horrid column…

  • GazzW

    I thought Unite’s policy was to support drug free workplaces.

  • Patrick

    Is the Unite Union a recipient of ACC funding to promote safety in the workplace?
    Was the above mentioned P dealer involved in any of these campaigns?

  • Shane Herdman

    I take it that none of you angels of mercy have heard the saying “let those without sin cast the first stone”? A ten line blog and you all think you have enough info to hang?? Col, she was drug tested and cleared so eat that humble pie,

    • Muffin

      So she only sells it to others. That’s alright then is it. Fuck off with your sanctimonious sermoning, she’s a looser piece of work that should get the book thrown at her.

  • SH68zac

    Yes what is this world coming to? Victim of circumstance mean anything to you? The judge says that her role was minor, right there that should tell you she is not a dealer. What is this world coming to when all you people can do is think of the nastiest things to say without any of the background facts. The situation she was put in is none of your business, and yes she should have received name suppression. If any you wouldn’t have done what you could to help a friend who was in a very dangerous situation then it’s not surprising that your all here on blog sites without a real life. Perhaps things could/should have been done differently by her but she was motivated to try and keep a friend safe and possibly save his life from the manufacturers. Her naivety and inexperience is so obvious, just like the ignorance and lack of empathy is on this site

    • Muffin

      Bollocks, she is a p dealer. If this wasn’t a union leech you would be on the other foot bleating blue murder, but it’s not, I hope she does time.

      • SH68zac

        Thank fuck your not a judge retard. This exactly the type of presumptuous nonsense I was referring to. From that small article up there you are able to tell everything about her are you? And from an even smaller paragraph you know all about me to? What a dickhead. I have nothing to do with the Unions, how do you know it was P and she has already been sentenced so you didn’t even read it properly did you? What else are you sure of…that your a loser and very very lonely?

        • Muffin

          Actually looser and lonely don’t describe me at all but seeing as this is what popped into your little brain I would hazard a guess you might be. Your union leech was selling drugs on the side and you don’t like she got caught, a spell with some hardened crims in a small cage will be good for her