Drunken, randy Paddies spreading clap in Christchurch

The only conclusion you can come to from reading the article by Georgina Stylianou about Canterbury’s clap epidemic is that it is all because of the drunken, randy Paddies getting into the local tramps…forgetting of course that the data doesn’t support that contention at all.

“Figures for other international workers were not yet available.”

It more or less also suggests the local women are very loose and getting them in the sack is as easy as having a beguiling accent.

Irish workers helping with the rebuild are sharing the love but it seems they may also be helping to spread sexual diseases. 

While there are no concrete figures to analyse who is giving chlamydia to whom, health data show the number of confirmed cases in the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) region has been increasing since 2011.

Board sexual health director Edward Coughlan said the clinic had started recording the number of Irish nationals making appointments, and there had “definitely been an increase” in the past two years.

Christchurch Hospital’s emergency department and the sexual health clinic had since started recording the nationalities of all people associated with the rebuild.

Figures for other international workers were not yet available.

Last year the clinic saw 75 Irish people associated with the rebuild. This year that number had jumped to 162.

Can you imagine the NZ media singling out any other immigrant or ethnic group this?

I’d be more worried about the prevalence of ginger-vitis if the drunk, randy paddies manage to impregnate the local slappers.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Last time I looked it took, at least, two to tango, so who is giving what to whom.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick


  • Patrick

    Racism – what would happen if the word Irish was replaced with Maori? Every bleeding heart do gooder from one end of the country to the other would be interviewed on the MSM.
    Of course there are greater numbers of Irish turning up to the clinic – there are greater numbers in Christchurch.
    Suppose if there had been one last year & two this year they would be trumpeting that the numbers had doubled.

  • Col

    Well now the slappers will know to stay away from the Irish, easy really, if they sound like one run.

  • Whanga_Cynic

    At least he’s not blaming Asians.

  • James Growley

    I didn’t think the Irish were allowed to use condoms because the Pope banned them, so I guess you could say this is religious persecution…………

    • Patrick

      Ride ’em bareback yeehaa

  • tookinator

    Well to be fair to them, most are builders and they are here to fill the cracks…