A dud judge

This ratbag fraudster never said sorry, when the judge commented on it her lawyer said she’d advised her of the advantages of writing a letter but couldn’t make her do it.

The dud judge then said if she wrote a letter of remorse she would avoid jail, so naturally she did.

A Hamilton judge gave a Cambridge woman a get out of jail free card today after asking her to write him a letter of remorse expressing how sorry she was for ripping off taxpayers of nearly $200,000.

Raewyn Gail Dudeck, also known as Raewyn Cartwright, Fox and Gillies, was sentenced in the Hamilton District Court to the maximum of 12 months’ home detention for fraudulently claiming a total of $194,106 after claiming multiple benefits over 10 years.

Judge Peter Spiller also sentenced Dudeck to 150 hours’ community work and issued her a final warning.  

Dudeck now claims the dubious title of Waikato’s worst benefit fraudster, after overtaking Sandra Epere, 52, who was last year sentenced for claiming more than $186,075 over 19 years after claiming a benefit while married.

As he was about to sentence 46-year-old Dudeck, Judge Spiller noticed that although he’d received character references from her friends, there was no remorse letter from Dudeck herself.

Dudeck’s lawyer, Melissa James, said she had explained the advantages of writing a letter of remorse to the judge, but she was not in the ”practice of making clients” write letters and it should be received of their own volition.

But Judge Spiller took it one step further by standing the matter down briefly and telling her that if she wrote him a letter she would not go to prison.

So even when her own brief told her it would look good to write a letter she couldn’t be arsed doing it, and this dud judge is so stupid he thinks a letter she wrote with a gun to her head is in some way a genuine expression of remorse.

Thank you for administering a wet bus ticket to the wrist of Waikato’s worst benefit fraudster, on behalf of all tax-payers.

Instead of the community work I’m surprised he didn’t make her write 100 lines on the blackboard. I also note it was her “final warning” so she must have previous of some sort.

When are these dud judges going to be held to account for their cavalier approach to sentencing hideous cheating trolls?


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  • Only in Hamilton ……. FFS

  • br

    WTF!!!! Oh well is only taxpayer money she defrauded…Plenty more where that came from… :-(

  • James Growley

    It should be mandatory for all judges to undergo a psychometric evaluation every three years to ensure that they still have the mental capacity to sit in judgement on us.

    • It seems more likely that it is only when they have lost the mental capacity, that they are appointed to the bench!

  • Patrick

    Since when did a letter expressing remorse to a Judge excuse someone for ripping off the taxpayer? What sort of la la land do judges exist in?
    If anything she should have apologised publicly to those she stole from – the taxpayers, no lesser sentence, an apology is just an expected part of her punishment for thieving.

  • Ruth

    This is the same DUD JUDGE as gave B Slater bail a couple of weeks ago after bashing his partner and unborn child! FFS