Has el Presidente Patrick Lee-lo been gagged?

Via the Tip-line

The tip-line is a great source of information and feedback on the posts. Occasionally I’ll share some of it, or store it up waiting for the right moment.

A reader emailed the other day after watching another shameless effort by Rebecca Wright on Campbell Live. As it mentions the dodgy cartel-like BSC and me ol’ mate Patrick Lee-Lo, I thought I’d post it.


Dear Cam,

I’ve seen how you’ve bashed the Building Service Contractors (BSC) and its President Patrick Lee-Lo for their closeness to the SFWU. The SFWU are now complaining about the wages of the cleaners in Parliament.

I was once a commercial cleaner and was disgusted to see cleaners being used as pawns in a political game by those Labour and Green MPs. Their crocodile tears about how poorly paid the cleaners couldn’t have been more evident – especially by those MPs wearing their red ‘Living Wage’ t-shirts.   

What I find amazing is that the BSC/SFWU’s signed a MECA in June 2013 agreeing to pay cleaning staff $14.10 per hour. The BSC even trumpeted that their members were better than other cleaning companies.

After watching the Campbell Live item showing MPs ‘cleaning’ the offices and toilets of MPs, I had to email you.

Parliament’s cleaners are employed by Spotless Cleaning Services who also just happen to key members of the BSC. As the BSC is meant to be the voice of the industry their silence on matters affecting their members is nothing short of astonishing. Not a word. Not a peep.

It makes me wonder whether the BSC’s President Patrick Lee-Lo has been gagged by Spotless who don’t want him or the BSC to comment on this issue. Why not?

So much for the BSC being the leading voice of the cleaning industry. The BSC is a joke and even borders on being a scam.

After reading your posts, our company decided to cancel our membership of the BSC, so thank you for saving us over $20,000 per year!!!!

Keep up the good work.


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  • DavidW

    Interesting to note who got to ride the travelator and who had to walk. An indication of the pecking order?

    • blokeintakapuna

      nah – just the lazy… and the fat and lazy

    • Ronnie Chow

      10 Kopeks per ride . Free for Party members.

  • LionKing

    It’s a very good point. Where the fuck is Paddy? Must be focusing on things that really matter.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Good on the writer for saving themselves $20K p.a. – thanks for sharing also.
    What a sorry bunch of individuals in the photo. They are a disgrace to the noble profession of cleaning and should not be trying to garner some form of credibility by posing as a cleaner.

    • BJ

      Now if that company felt inclined to put that $20,000 directly into their workers instead, the workers might find out these nought to be gained by belonging to an organisation – a union – that rips them off too.

  • BJ

    Metiria looks decidedly ordinary without her fancy suit – even looks like she’s in her element – or should I say, the right job

    • Ronnie Chow

      Keruuel , but fair .

  • Col

    Love it!!!!

  • DavidW

    Wouldn’t have thought it was “best practice” to wear the rubber gloves you had worn cleaning toilets while moving between buildings. Thinks like touching door handles would pose an enormous health risk to others touching the same surfaces.

    • XM16E1

      They’re just props, like the bog brushes some are holding.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Yeah, but how would these losers know stuff like that? Probably not had a real job between them.

  • niggly

    Oh is that who Rebecca Wright is? Re photo above – I happened to catch Campbell Live last week for the first time in yonks and (not that it was obvious to the TV3 viewers) but clearly Rebecca Wright and her producers had already stitched up some Labour & Green MP’s (and Horan) to accompany the Cleaners at midnight cleaning parliament.

    For true lack of balance, Rebecca Wright and her producers did not stitch up the National and ACT MP’s and instead, as they were going about their business around Parliament, ambushed them asking if they wanted to join the Cleaners and Opposition MP’s at midnight to do some cleaning.

    The National MP’s were surprised by the questions and carried on walking as they were off to their meetings – so alas none of them said “yes” – which gave Rebecca Wright and the Opposition their chance to shame the Govt as being mean, uncaring souls.

    All I can say is clearly the likes of Rebecca Wright and John Campbell have no souls themselves by manufacturing anger and dislike of the Govt to suit their own political agendas. Silly little twerps!

    Well the Govt MP’s haven’t cut back on social welfare and I suppose one can say at least they have souls!

    As for Labour they clearly don’t because they did not address the wage disparity of cleaners when they were last in power – in which they had NINE whole years to address the issue and during a time when the NZ and world economy was booming.

    Again TV3 -Wright and Campbell -what silly little twerps for not pointing out Labour’s hypocrisy!