An email from a decent journalist

A reader of the blog emails…he is a journalist of 30 years and the Editor of a local newspaper with a circulation of 22,000. He has given permission for his name to be published because he is outraged over the actions of NZ Herald staff in manufacturing stories.

He writes:

Just read your story re Herald setting up a story.

As a journo for the thick end of 30 years I am simply gobsmacked.

NEVER have I seen anything like this.  

My son has talked about becoming a journalist, something I was proud to hear.

But now I’m not. This needs to be presented even more widely than your blog, Cam, and it should be mandatory reading at every journalism school in the country as to what we have to change if we ever want to be proud of our careers again.

Maybe I have been naive over my entire life, but I truly believed journalists played a fine role in society.

I can hardly begin to say how disappointed, gutted, and ashamed I am over the industry I have loved since I was eight years old.

Nigel Ward
Editor – Waiuku Post


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  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Nige, just tell Junior to become a blogger instead.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Well said Nigel.I suggest all other journalist not so outraged, should own up and give up their jobs and be honest and join the spin doctors of their political party they identify with. To think that they might believe that this is journalism.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Thanks Nigel. It’s great to know there are some journalists out there with credibility and integrity.
    The Press Council, BSA and any other respective “authority” need to investigate the attempted on-going propaganda efforts upon all of NZ by a few who abuse their “power”.
    Media coverage of previous elections shown in this new light is very telling indeed. Contrast all coverage of “Left v’s Right” political stories to see exactly what I mean… and if the Press Council/BSA can’t or won’t see it – they need replacing with ethical, unbiased gatekeepers of our democratic freedoms. Propaganda should be kept to union meetings and Labour Party AGM’s – there’s no place for it in NZ media.
    APN management seem determined to obliterate shareholder value by lowering the overall tone and credibility of what was an “institution” in NZ back when Wilson & Horton owned it. Today; the Herald isn’t worthy of wrapping tomorrow’s takeaways.
    Credible journalists at APN will no doubt be organising a “Stop work meeting” in protest of their loss of independence and ability to report pure news – not invent entire stories with predetermined outcomes.
    My grandfather fought in both World Wars fighting so NZ can remain a “free” country and these media “barons” abuse that freedom and attempt to pervert truth to fit their ideology and political sympathies.
    Shame on them all!! But maybe soon APN owners will tire of throwing millions at a propaganda rag that continues to slide in both content, credibility, ethics and public perception.

    • Alfred12

      Thank you BIT. This is the best explanation of the NZ media slide into irrevelance I have ever read.

  • conwaycaptain

    Bravo Zulu Nigel.
    Unfortunately the NZ Herald has a monopoly on the Akl paper market and there is no competition. In Aus they have the Age, The Daily Telegraph. The Australian and many more. The UK as at last 7 good dailies even though some are scandal rags.
    Until a decent owner and editor takes over the NZH it will continue to go down the gurgler

  • Bryan

    the real issue that is coming through on this issue and on Len brown issue is the abuse of power the using of a position to take advantage of others and my mind goes back to the story of King David taking advantage of his position of king to send a faithful soldier into the heat of battle and then withdraw so he would be killed and he could then take his wife who he had already had an affair with. Prophet Nathan turns up and tells him a story about a rich man taking the poor mans only lamb and when David got really wild and demanded to know who his was and that he would punish him

    Nathan looks him straight in the eye and says “You are the Man” and told him what would happen in time in his family which all came true it destroyed them

    maybe we need a modern day Nathan

  • GazzW

    I don’t believe that we have seen the war really start yet. Is this whole sordid affair the catalyst that was needed for the MSM to start a major assault on the blogging phenomena which the likes of the Herald, National Radio, TV One et al must see as a severe threat to their well-cosseted existences. I think that one can safely assume that the senior journalists at the Herald are acting under strict editorial instructions and that any traditional writing freedoms have long since been abandoned as they struggle to keep their long careers and cross the finishing line with their company super entitlements intact.

  • cows4me

    I take it this story will now be shelved, guess they will have to roll out another breaking story on the nearing demise of the human race because of global warming. Heaven forbid the useful idiots don’t receive their daily dose of lefty propaganda.

    • Stephen

      Nope. They had an headline in the paper this morning on a takeover of an Auckland rest home and it was complete with the request to email in your horror story and whatever else.

  • GregM

    Good on ya Nigel. What can we do about it? Avoid the advertisers on the MSM rags, and shop with the advertisers on the independent newspapers like yours. I downloaded your online copy, looks good.

  • Tim