Employee relations the Len Brown way

Last week I broke the news that James Bews-Hair had been sacked from the mayor’s office.

So far the only statement from the office has been perfunctory and not at all clear.

What I do know though is the method in which the dismissal was communicated.

All the staff were called to a meeting and Phil Wilson outlined to all the restructuring that was going to take place effective immediately. On which planet has a politician’s office ever been ‘restructured’?

A nice flow chart of positions and names was presented and guess who wasn’t on the chart…that’s right James Bews-Hair.

Imagine the embarrassment of your boss doing that in front of all staff and then not even informing or discussing the implications of the restructure with the person left off the charts. ?

On top of that you know that you have to go home and tell your ailing wife, who is fighting cancer, that you just got restructured but not the exact detail.

We already know how Len Brown deals with people fighting cancer…he started a relationship with Bevan Chuang to help him through…now it appears his spin doctors have the same level of empathy the mayor has displayed.

If it wasn’t so serious it would be exactly like the episode in The Office where David Brent tells the staff who is staying on and passes over a staff member as he goes around the room saying”You’re not going to lose your job” and “You’re not going to lose your job”. If I could find the video I’d post it.

It certainly looks like David Brent is based on Phil Wilson.