ETNZ may as well have capsized of course

… it wouldn’t have changed the result.

But these cheese eating surrender monkeys didn’t even do it during a race.  They were just training

Here is again, but from the inside


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  • thor42


    It didn’t seem to have a “tramp” between the hulls. If it had, there may well have been just enough time for someone to rush out towards the starboard hull, adding his weight there and getting the hull back down again.

    • Hobie cats were so much fun, used to capsize them on purpose when taking a newbie out

  • Rat

    what is bizzare is that the author took the piss out of the so called “cheese eating surrender monkeys” (obviously forgetting the First World War,) and the capsize.

    maybe the author is too batshit stupid to point out this…

    and guess who they beat ?