EU redtape and green whingers threaten fracking in Europe

At least the Green European MPs are honest.

They object to fracking because it undermines the already pretty crappy economic case for bird slaughtering windmills by making power cheaper.

The European Union has been accused of killing off the prospect of cheap energy from shale gas by trying to impose with expensive and “reckless” regulation of fracking.

The European Parliament on Wednesday voted for new EU laws requiring that exploration for potential deposits of shale gas to face the same environmental regulation as a full-scale oil drilling.

Struan Stevenson, a Conservative MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s environment committee, warned that the plan could strangle the nascent fracking industry in Britain.  

Fracking, which involves fracturing rocks deep underground with water, sand and chemicals to extract natural gas, has dramatically cut energy bills in the US, and Conservatives ministers hope that it could do the same in the UK.

With as many as 40 permits for fracking expected to be granted in the next two years, ministers are also anticipating significant tax revenues from operators.

Mr Stevenson warned that all those hopes could be dashed if the European Parliament’s demand for full Environmental Impact Assessments for fracking projects is met.

“This would be a huge burden and will prevent the exploitation of Britain’s massive shale reserves,” he said.

The green movement is anti-science, except when it supports their unerring belief in global warming, anti-progress, unless it is in industries they approve of…mostly they are anti-human.

Jos Delbeke, the director-general of the commission’s “climate action” department, hinted that the EU would use the regulations to defend renewable energy against cheaper shale gas.

“A minus scenario is that shale gas then drives out renewables,” he said, last week. “If ever shale would become as cheap as in the US, we really would have a problem. We are strong defenders of renewables. It is very important we keep investing in renewable technologies.”

So they have voted to use laws to protect dodgy subsidised industry and lock in higher power prices for Europeans…that will kill people com winter.


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  • Ratchet

    The UK needs to get it through their heads, being part of the EU is killing their country. Tell the EU to get fucked, throw all of the bludging EU refugees out of the country and get back to being a productive society.

  • ConwayCaptain

    And Industry

  • cows4me

    Who gives a fuck, the EU are socialist wankers who deserve to go down the drain. The EU is an undemocratic socialist shithole governed by bloated bureaucracies that care only for their own welfare. The whole place needs to go tits up.

    • Harry B’Stard

      Its already going tits up

  • Goldie

    UK in the EU is like an abused person in a bad marriage – the abused person might love the other partner and doesn’t want to leave them – but the reality is that they are just fundamentally incompatible. Even if the UK does vote to stay in the EU in a few years time, the question won’t go away because the EU is fundamentally different from British culture.

  • Toby

    I dunno, I’m not exactly a greenie, I don’t even recycle, but something makes me uncomfortable about fracking.

    The concept of pumping chemicals into the ground right down there where we get our water makes me a little uncomfortable.

  • peterwn

    Helps explain why there seems to be an active Greenpeace branch in Moscow – which the Russians probably loved – until it started impinging on Russian economic interests.