Even Keas hate gay solar energy

Keas hate green energy projects too.

A band of seven kea have been kicked out of a Christian campground in Kaiteriteri for continuing bad behaviour.

Four kea from a mob of seven were caught with net guns on Thursday and shifted to the Rainbow ski field area in Nelson Lakes.

Last month a group of six kea causing chaos in the beach settlement were shifted to Canaan Downs.

Department of Conservation kea expert and Kea Conservation Trust worker Corey Mosen said the birds usually dispersed on their own, but the campground was “too entertaining” to ignore.

He thought their home territory was located in native bush slightly uphill from the motor camp.

“They were just coming into the campground and chewing on anything that got left outside.

“They were upsetting everyone.”?

What were they chewing on.

Bethany Park office manager Sue Armstrong said the kea were beautiful birds, but their destructive side was “very unnecessary”. They had been causing a nuisance at the campsite for about a month.

“It’s just that they’ve been dancing around on people’s roofs and some of them have got solar panels, and they go underneath the vans and there’s hoses and things down there that can be damaged.”