Ever wondered how to time travel? Wonder no more

How to travel through time.

This video shows three simple ways to travel through time, all while staying at home and three rather complicated time travel methods.


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  • Time never changes our interpretation devices do, sorry :-

    And Mass conversion is a myth as well, we are just creating small enough particles to interact with the Efield/Gfield particles that engulf us.

  • Dick Brown

    What is absolutely wondrous is the mere act of tapping on a key on my keyboard affects time; albeit almost infinitesimally.

  • Rodger T

    I`m wondering how I get my 3.14 back.

  • Col

    We do have worm holes, we have seen it happen, going to the future and going back in time and back in time and into the future, they have a name for it, I think it’s called, Lenny Dorklander.

  • GregM

    Have a peer through a telescope. You are seeing the past.