EXCLUSIVE – The Affidavit

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  • Mark

    This is gold!

  • Andy

    Does he have a porn addiction problem?

    • Pissedoffyouth

      What is it with labour and porn?

      • Andy

        Both involve a fantasy world where impossible things happen

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Well played

  • Tom

    What was redacted in paragraph 18 I wonder?

    • kehua


  • Monique Angel

    Ole Len the Lothario. Who’d a thunk?

    • Rodger T

      Maybe not so much……. ” a number of inexpensive gifts” …LoL

  • conwaycaptain

    Tight fisted bastard and a lousy lover.

    • Patrick

      Typical socialist – more interested in receiving than giving.

    • Col

      He was in work time 24/7 had to hurry, cheap very cheap, never looked at her bra size, now that is even more cheap than cheap.
      Now is the hour that we must say goodbye, another election?

  • Morrissey

    He was poling the electorate. I thought that’s what politicians did.

    • TomTom

      Heh. Upvote for pun.

  • GeorgeRomero

    Honey Trap.Ha Ha weiner!

  • David
  • blokeintakapuna

    2-minute noodle
    What’s the bet plenty of Asian woman in political circles aren’t eating them much nowadays…

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Len Brow is, a fucking, cunt

  • Allistar Walker

    Len Brown must resign if he is to follow the same protocol as expected of employees. Sex in the workplace on company time is a fireable offence. Had this come out before the election he would not have been re-elected. To not fall on his sword is dishonourable and Auckland doesn’t need a dishonourable major or one that holds himself above the rules for others – he ain’t God. My feelings go toward his family.

    • Dave

      Who ever suggested Len was honorable, he is a leftie coward, and will not go.

      I agree he SHOULD go NOW, but he lacks the morals or courage to go.

      Len Brown is a Lying Dishonorable Fucking COWARD.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        May I humbly suggest that Len probably wasn’t lying at the time, as apparently his pants were around his ankles at the time?

    • Col

      He may have a contract that rooting around is ok, because that’s what he has been doing for the last 2 years.

  • leon gordon

    ok – so he his human. But the guy IS in a position of power and I can guarantee that had he not been the Mayor of Auckland he would not have landed a woman 25 years his junior. So now we know that he is not averse to using that power in a personal sense to get what he desires, and it is not a step too far to think that he would use that power in a political or commercial sense either. I am not an Aucklander (though I have been in the past), but if I were I would be deeply disturbed by this guy’s dishonest behaviour. And I am damn sure that if this was public knowledge 2 weeks ago there is no way he would have won the recent Mayoral election. It remains to be seen if the imminent public backlash will allow him to continue in his office. Lets hope he gives that some serious thought as he masturbates in his bathroom before he gets on with his day………..

    • Monique Angel

      I think a previous poster said it all : Len Brown is a “fucking cunt”.
      Not for cheating necessarily , we’re all fucking flesh and hormones at the end of the day.
      But he is a cunt for disrespecting his wife and the people of Auckland by standing for re-election.

      • Dave

        Monique, He stood on a platform of trust and so called honesty, that has just been shattered, the people of Auckland DESERVE a leader they look up to, can trust and who is Honest.

        Len Brown is NONE of those, he has shown complete distrust and LIES, he must go, but lacks the moral conscious and standards to stand down. He is a lying coward.

        • Patrick

          Not to mention those of Ngata Whatua who no doubt will take a dim view of their meeting house being used for pole vaulting competitions, no matter how short the competition lasted

          • Dave

            Patrick, whilst I agree with you, they are highly unlikely to have the balls to come out and publicly condemn him.

            I also ask – are you suggesting no Maori has ever had a romantic interlude (Common name… F#%*) in the communal meeting house ??

          • Patrick

            No I am no suggesting that at all, they are as human and fallible as all of us, merely my reading of the tea leaves. Faux outrage seems to be the order of the day. I am sure there will be plenty sneakily admiring Len for “bagging” what appears to be a very attractive lady. The “feeding the chooks” under the desk while on the phone to the young lady however is information that none of us really needs to picture. Especially those that end up in a situation where a handshake with Len is required.

          • PhantomsDoc

            For sale, one hardly worn Mayoral desk. Slight staining and smells of anchovies. Well polished.

      • Liz

        But isn’t this just personal vendetta that has gone public?

  • Andy

    The best part of this is watching the lefties justify the whole thing.

    • Alex

      It is funnier watching the right-wing Christians crucify him

      • Missionary

        Spot on on that score. He’s an idiot because he broke the golden rule…he got caught. Not the first person in a position of power to have done so. People and glass houses and all that. All the indignant comments appear to have come from a lot of people who haven’t had to clip a nose hair yet.

  • Allan

    If I was Mr Brown right now all that would be going through my mind is “I am so fucked!”
    should be able to hear his poor wife preparing the legal papers to remove all his assets (including testicles)! remember kids if your going to piss off a woman, make sure shes not a lawyer!

    • Monique Angel

      Well apparently she knows all about it but hasn’t even dangled the threat of a separation in front of ole Len. Suckholing whore for the baubles of office p’raps.
      Maybe it’s Len’s taste in women.

      • Allan

        Indeed but perhaps she has only been filled in today, I’m not sure I could smile for the cameras on election day and say how proud I was of my partner knowing that they had been breaking my trust for the last two years

        • Monique Angel

          She looks pretty proud.

          • Col

            And she is a good looking lady.

          • me

            why he would want the whore over his pretty wife is beyond me

          • Col

            I think we should be calling Len the whore in this case.

          • Sidey

            She’s not wearing wedding rings?

  • bourbonjon

    Well done Cam… gutter press at its best! Character assassination well executed here… a real Pulitzer prize scoop.

    However, I wonder what your ex girlfriends (or boyfriends, if that’s how you roll) would have to say about your intimate moments.

    Did you need to publish the details? If Lenny’s been zigging when he should have been zagging, wouldn’t a statement in that regard suffice?

    While it is in the public interest to know if our politicians are ‘on the job’ when they should be on the job, it is not in their interest to know the details of their sex lives, no matter how sordid they may be. Adultery is not a crime.

    • notrotsky

      “Adultery is not a crime.”

      It is in many jurisdictions. it is also morally reprehensible otherwise why wouldn’t Len be open about it prior to the election ?

      • bourbonjon

        Well, not in New Zealand. Morally reprehensible to you (and me) but that’s not the point. Why not? Because an affair is not in the public interest.

    • cows4me

      “Adultery is not a crime”
      Threating people is.

      • bourbonjon

        Threatening people is; you’re correct. I didn’t threaten anyone. I merely asked whether Cam would like to taste his own medicine. I never suggested that I would administer it. And I wouldn’t… to do so would be unethical, unnecessary and hypocritical.

        Cam has done the public a service by breaking this story, but it was unethical and unnecessary to print the details of the affair.

    • manuka416

      The sordid details say a lot about the man.

      • bourbonjon

        Yes, they do… more than we have a right to know.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      bending over a chick in the office is usually frowned at

      • Patrick

        Usually only by those not partaking in said bending over :-)

    • Dave

      bourbonjon Best you think bout that. Len brown is in public office. He is there based on his leadership, and Honesty. Both his honesty and leadership ae in tatters, he has been proven he is neither a leader or trustworthy, he is in fact a lying coward. Too scared and too lacking in Moral Fibre to simply apologise, and RESIGN.

      Len used his position of Power to conduct his affair, and to attract this woman. He does not deserve the office he holds, and in continuing to hold office is thumbing his nose a the voters and ratepayers of Auckland.

      Don’t forget, this man rooted in the Mayors office, and at other highly inappropriate places, and took his mistress away – POSSIBLY on the public purse.

      For these reasons ALONE – He needs to go, TODAY.

      Ps: I couldn’t care less if he had sex with a prostitute every night, but not in his office, and not to lie about it.

      • bourbonjon

        Thanks Dave… always nice to be patronized. I have thought about it and, armed with more than just a little understanding of such issues, I retain the same opinion.
        I agree… Len should not have done what he did & should stand down. However, the facts should be sufficient; the details of the affair should not have been made public and to do so is simply sensationalism, egostroking and the application of a vendetta by one with a conflict of interest. That’s the point I am making.
        While the ratepayers of Auckland should not be happy with Lenny, I ask you, what’s worse, a man who didn’t answer a question he wasn’t asked or ‘one’ who knows information that could alter the results of an election but chooses to keep it quiet until afterwards for certain personal gains? Talk about thumbing one’s nose at the ratepayers!
        Did Len ever say he wasn’t having an affair? Should public servants hold press conferences each week to describe what they’ve done in the bedroom? If so, very little would get done!
        P.S: ‘Moral fibre’? Where are these ‘moral’s written? Morals vary… to some it’s immoral to practice safe sex (maybe that’s why Len showed he was a master of rhythm… method!), to others to have sexual relations with members of the same sex, others to eat meat on Fridays and to others still, to allow women a right to education. Fortunately, in a civilized society, we have laws instead. Oh, and ethics… unfortunately ethics play as much part in this debate as hypocrisy… huh Cam?

    • Monique Angel

      It’s public interest to know if Len’s got his cock out on the public watch. I’m not interested in paying any politician to fuck on public time

      • Patrick

        Wonder how many consultants he was paying for that? Hand shandy consultant?

      • bourbonjon

        RIGHT ON! Neither am I, Monique. It is in the public interest to know he (as you so lyrically put it) ‘got his cock out on the public watch,’ however it’s not in the public interest to know in gory detail exactly what Len then with it. The details are OF interest, but they’re not IN the public interest. Read up on defamation law, then we can talk.

      • Sidey

        At least ratepayer’s didn’t fork out much on a per-minute basis!

        • longjohn

          Baaha low blow!

  • Vlad

    The Herald is spinning so hard they are making me dizzy (or sick). They are playing the Asian angle; a previous piece of info about the woman that has a sexual context…do they have no shame?

  • Bob

    What’s the bet more women come forward? I doubt it’s a one off.

    And ewwww, hope they are having the mayoral chambers sterilized!!

    • Dave

      Before sterilisation, I suggest they eject current Mayor, and find a new one!!

      • Sooty

        You mean sterilize Len. Off with his nuts!!!

      • longjohn

        I think the Lem has already erected himself!

  • Joe

    Why blank out her name when it’s all over the media?

    • Allan

      probably to protect the source of the information!

  • Win

    Great story. Well done – or for Len, undone!

  • Philip Marcus Ball

    he could have brought her some expensive gifts instead of cheap Black Lingerie

    • David

      No, she simply expected more support from him in seeking her own public office position and decided afterward that she would be vengeful.

      I’d say ultimately with her not receiving the public office position she coveted, she made a career ending and personally stupid move to expose their affair, thinking that in this day and age she wouldn’t be found out – stupid.

  • conwaycaptain

    Loopy is on Campbell Live at 1900

    • TheRobberDog

      or 3+1 @ 20:00

  • Agent BallSack

    I am sure I saw this lady on TV the other night, right down to the 1.5 description, she is on all these boards and Len was shown talking to her. Cant remember the program though….someone fill the gaps better than Len could please.

  • conwaycaptain

    Now Cameron Slater has one big scalp hanging on his tepee pole, I think that lying, lecherous, money grubbing pollies should look out.
    I wonder what can be found out about Labour, Green and NZ First pollies that they would rather keep quiet.

    • colin

      Lovely Rat Fuck. Congratulations on the timing, also, Cam.

    • Tom

      Just about worth an OBE for saving Auckland (fingers crossed he fucks off)

  • me

    hahaha he aint no angel but she is a whore

  • Roger

    This has Left wing parallels. Wife, cancer, lawyer.

    Remember John Edwards presumptive Democrat VP Candidate who was rooting a staff member while his wife was undergoing cancer treatment? His wife Elizabeth was an Attorney.

  • terrynaki

    lol,did she mow her own Burm? or was Len mowing it?

  • conwaycaptain

    Just watched Campbell Live.
    Loopy saying I have been elected and I will do the best for Akl etc etc. Every time he shows his face people will snigger, Whip it in, whip it out and wipe Len.
    Only got 41/2 out of 10 for his prowess and he gave her cheap lingerie and what used to be called scent.

    • dyannt

      You’re right, CC. If he stays on, he will have lowered the mana of Auckland by about 80%. (The 20% is represented here by all the contributors who think it’s ok for this sort of Mayor to represent them to the world.) If he stays on, his behaviour will be remembered every time he represents Auckland at a public function. Think of him shaking hands with the Queen, the Governor General, visiting foreign dignitaries. If he loves Auckland at all, he will stand down.

    • DLNZ

      And the slimy fucker did not once use the word “sorry” or express any regret other than say he’d humiliated his family. The rest of it he just talked about himself. Arrogant prick.

      And as for 40% of the vote being a “large majority of the vote” according to him, this is just another demonstration of his incompetence to even do basic maths.

  • Tammy Mose

    Bloody Wanker len. You have a beautiful wife and children and you go off wanking over a ladyboy.

  • niggly

    This poor woman was used and abused by the sexual pervert Len Brown – he should do the honorable thing and resign!

  • blairmulholland

    She makes it sound like she was a victim, but victims don’t send 20-30 unanswered text messages. Not that it matters, but if you are going to slag off the man’s prowess, but still stalk him, then he can’t have been that bad.

  • Greg

    I can see a book on horizon. “50 shades of Brown”

  • Nanster

    Don’t worry everyone……. THE GCSB will give us ALL the confirmed details AND the security cameras will give us a laugh at his lil pecker and only lasting 18 seconds! hahaha
    I always KNEW that the GCSB would bite the BASTARDS in the ass who wanted this law passed! LOL

  • The_Investigator

    If you cheat on your wife will you also cheat on the rate payers . Len you said you wouldnt investigate corruption is that because you were cheating your nearest and dearest.
    congratulations Bevan you have done the right thing. He used and abused you, a resignation should be on the cards.

  • LoveYouLongTime

    Did you buy her pressies Len?? Is this why my rates are so fucking high?

  • LesleyNZ

    One of my favourite quotes. “Be careful who you step on on the way up – you never know who you might meet on the way down.”

  • Outdoor

    How is this woman “used and abused”? What has she lost? What has she gained? She is clearly ambitious and has used classic Chinese techniques to humiliate (“he infected me”, “he bought me bad gifts”, “he pursued me”).
    Looking at the facts, it appears to me she put herself in his way initially, accepted his advances, had sex with him not once or twice but on more than ten occasions and took very foolish public risks with him.
    And, presumably because she did not get the funding or public recognition she was expecting as a result of her amateur porno escapades, now believes the media will bring her compensation?
    Foolish girl.
    Let’s face it – this is a woman that knew exactly what she was doing.
    A middle aged man with power, who probably had not met anyone in recent years who found him attractive in quite this way.
    I don’t believe a man in his position would have “pounced” without ample encouragement.
    The general pattern is “flirt then pounce”. Otherwise it’s rape if I’m not mistaken. And she certainly isn’t claiming rape.
    Sorry…but I’ve got no sympathy for this woman…clearly she has an agenda and she is likely to hold our city to ransom over it….

    • Craig Macdonald

      Classic Chinese techniques?! Xenophobia negates any valid points you may have made.

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  • MyFiveCentsWorth

    Where do I go to get my vote back? I agree with Brown that the affair is personal/family business. The fact that these incidents happened on Council property, in Council time, and display a shocking lack of judgement make it the business of Aucklanders. I am sure Ngati Whatua will be demanding a steam cleansing of their room, plus the requisite blessing by kaumatua and religious leaders, followed by afternoon tea with lashings of cream. I would! And guess who’s paying for that little soirée ?

    It’s all so tacky and tawdry I got a little bit sick in my mouth. Please pass the hand gel – oops, Len’s used it all up already. What’s next? The sexy pictures sent à la Weiner? And for all this to be going on whilst his wife was having cancer treatment. Poor, poor Len was having a tough day at home and at the office, so thought a sleazy bonk with a willing but bedazzled fool would make himself feel better.

  • wpm83

    lol that is hilarious. Dirty old bugger!!!

  • conwaycaptain

    I would hazard a guess that this has now made WO’s reputation as a fearless well researched and informed , dare I say, journalist trained and skilled!!!
    How many more whistle blowers will beat a path to his door???

  • Simo

    The San Diego mayor just resigned over the same issue, the sheriff setup up a hot line for calls from the locals that had been “accosted”
    by this guy, Len Browns answers on Campbell about are there any more? He didn’t exactly say absolutely not.

  • Hao Yu

    Thought it was “13” which made her angry so she had revealed this, then keep reading, and I am pretty sure now it was “14”

  • fozzie2

    Eww too much detail – who is advising this poor woman – who in their right mind would publish such stuff about herself – if not for an ulterior motive. She is a 32 years old self confessed business woman not some teenager with stars in her eyes !! That said nothing excuses Brown’s behaviour, but he has his family to face far more humiliating and excoriating than any court of public opinion – as Cammy surely understands !!

  • Brent

    She’s 32 years of age… not a vulnerable adult. What a joke – who cares!

  • Jack

    Jeez you are a retard Cameron – you should have leaked this 4 days before election. You f*ucked up and are desperately trying to justify your f*uck up!
    Fail city! – and who sanctioned the delay?- you, your daddy or Palino?

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