EXCLUSIVE – Bevan speaks out against nasty Brown smears


Bevan Chuang at an undisclosed location

By Stephen Cook

The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex saga is denying suggestions beaten mayoral candidate John Palino pressured her to go public with details of the affair ? but did confirm she was friends with his campaign advisor.

A defiant Bevan Chuang today accused ?certain political factions? of running a ?dirty tricks campaign? aimed at exposing her as some sort of hussy or charlatan.

She said in the past 24 hours she had been told there were ?half-naked? photographs of her circulating and emails doing the rounds suggesting she was some sort of ?party girl?.

All of it, she said, was designed to sway public opinion back towards Brown who she believed should stand down as mayor and ?focus on his family?. ?

?It?s particularly nasty stuff and it?s designed to hurt me. My credibility and reputation is now being attacked and that?s not right,? she said.

?This is aimed at diverting attention away from the real issues here ? that is, whether Len is still fit to be mayor of Auckland. That is the question people should be asking himself.

?Who he was involved with is irrelevant. It?s his conduct that should be questioned. Was it appropriate??

bevan3She confirmed she did attend the launch of Palino?s mayoral campaign, but said she also attended Brown?s. ?Nothing should be read into that. I am keenly interested in local body politics and that is the only reason why I attended both campaign launches,? she said.

?People should remember that I voted for Len Brown. If I was in the Palino camp as some are suggesting then he would have got my vote.?

She said much was also being made by some about her friendship with Palino?s campaign advisor Luigi Wewege.

?We are friends, that?s all. To suggest we are in some sort of committed relationship is nonsense. No one is pulling the strings here.?

The 32-year-old said she had always intended to keep details of her affair with Brown secret, and only decided to go public after receiving a text message about a week ago which she believed had threatening overtones.

Had she not received that text message, the whole affair would probably have remained a secret, she said.

?At the end of the day I refuse to be bullied by anyone. I accept this isn?t good for Len or his family but I am not the cause of all this.

?I am a single person. I have made some mistakes ? I accept that. Should I have got involved with a married man? No.?

Chuang said she still had a lot of time for Brown, but was disappointed with the way he had treated her towards the end of the relationship.

?At times he could be very sweet, but when he decided he?d had enough he threw me on the scrapheap. He could have handled things better.?