EXCLUSIVE: Chuang telling media different stories now as she runs from spotlight

By Stephen Cook

Bevan Chuang laughed and joked her way through a tell-all interview about her two-year affair with Auckland mayor Len Brown – and then followed that up with phone calls and text messages offering additional – and even more – salacious detail.

The focus of the scandal last night switched from Brown and whether he was fit to be mayor to questions over how the whole story unfolded.

Just hours after stating publicly mayoral candidate John Palino and his campaign team had nothing whatsoever to do with her decision to go public, Chuang did a major about turn, claiming right wing factions hounded her relentlessly to expose details of the affair.

She pointed most of the blame at Luigi Wewege, a member of Palino’s campaign team, and someone she had earlier denied having a relationship with, but also reserved some criticism for blogger Cameron Slater who first published the story.  

However, when spoken to yesterday, Chuang played down her involvement with Wewege, saying they were just friends and nothing more.

Then hours later Chuang recanted on that statement, releasing private Facebook conversations between her and Wewege which showed he’d been piling on the pressure for her to talk.

And talk she did – happily volunteering material about the size and shape of Brown’s appendage, his performance and stamina along with other numerous other sexual tidbits – including her attitudes towards porn and the adult industry in general.

Whenever the talk turned to her sexual antics with Brown, Chuang would giggle and laugh – before providing elaborate detail.

She also maintained she’d only decided to come forward because of a threatening text message she’d received. No reference was made during the interview to Palino, Wewege, Slater or anyone else associated with right-wing politics.

Slater said the pressure was obviously starting to take its toll on Chuang which was understandable.

“She’s flip-flopping all over the place now blaming this person and that person for the blowtorch being put on her affair with Len. If she didn’t want to do the interview then why didn’t she say no. She’s had no difficulty saying that to every other interview request this week. Furthermore she stated to me that had legal advice before preparing her statements, that doesn’t sound like an unwilling participant to me.”

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  • Rodger T

    Ol` Lenny ,if he hadn`t been quite so tight, he may have been able to stop Bev from going feral.

    So ,did she catch the clap from Len or Luigi?

  • Jdogg

    Good one Len, how does it feel to know you spent two years lying to your family with this giggling Bunny Boiler who is clearly delighting at publically destroying you with all the salacious and dirty details.
    The only victims here are Len’s family.

  • Just to think that a nice set of lingerie in her size could have prevented all this.

    It’s always the little things chaps, remember this. ;)

    • rouppe

      Well.. She’s now providing very detailed information about the “little thing”.

      After being covered in jizz, she’s certainly not covering herself with glory now…

    • AnonWgtn

      Len is a cheapskate obviously – did Council pay for this cheap lingerie ?

  • Kevin Overwood

    You guys suck!! vultures that force people to do stuff they dont want too! and it ends up being lies because you forced her!! dumb ass!!

    • Nechtan

      Lies?? Len has admitted the affair and not denied any of the details. I see Len’s PR are team are in full swing, muddying the waters and his nearest rival’s team, getting ready for the resignation and bi-election?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Kevin… When using solvents in enclosed spaces, always ensure adequate ventilation.

    • Muffin

      Who forced him to fuck her? It’s not lies the cheating bastard admitted it all on tv. Are you simple or something?

    • Nechtan

      What lies? Len admitted the affair and didn’t deny any of the details.

  • Meg

    Nice to see the right playing down the confirmation that this is all politically driven.

    Oh dear, not going as planed for those trying to bring down Brown. And I see the Whale show on telly continues to push and push for Brown to go. This is just not working out for Whale and his mates.

    Such fun.

    • Muffin

      He’s going, and I’ll remind you of your silly comments when he does looser

      • Meg

        The only group that is going to get dumped on for this is the likes of Whale and the right wing groups pushing this.

        As I said last night, my only reason for wanting him to stay is because he pisses people like Whale, you etc off so much and you are trying so hard to get rid of him. But in the end he will stay, because this will blow over just as Don Brash’s affair did.

      • Hazards001

        Please don’t feed the troll…and this is NZ. He’s not going anywhere. Troughers have no shame and lefty troughers have even less.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Messenger, shooting, not liking the message… Something like that anyway…

    • hunk4hire .

      What’s “politically driven”?? Brown is a liar who used city government time and city government offices to screw his mistress. That’s a fact and Brown has admitted it. This isn’t fantasy or some concocted story which was invented by his enemies. This is reality.
      Deal with it.

      • Meg

        The attacks on Brown. Very politically driven.

        What he does in his private life only the smut peddlers care. Even National are still backing Brown.

        • CJA

          So you agree with his actions then? Does it matter if it was politically motivated or not? He still did it and I’m sure you’ll agree that it was wrong. Shoe being on the other foot look what happened to Richard Worth. Okay granted he wasn’t a high ranking official but he still had to resign.

        • Muffin

          Nats aren’t backing brown, this is like a dream come true I’f they can get someone with half a brain in there it would be like Christmas.

          • AnonWgtn

            Media will shut it down by Saturday – that’s what Len pays his private office staff for.

        • hunk4hire .

          Sorry………it’s not his “private life”.
          If he takes his mistress away for a dirty weekend somewhere, that’s private. Sleazy, immoral but essentially his business. On the other hand, when he uses the offices of city government as his own personal knocking shop, that’s a public issue. The public pays his salary and pays for the facilities where Brown hangs out with his pants around his ankles. I have a problem with that and I expect I’m not alone.

          • AnonWgtn

            Cannot get away with DWE as he is married, so Hotels for a quickie are all that the Council can afford.

        • 4077th

          If that’s what you think you have no grasp on politics whatsoever Meg.

        • jb

          Private time in work hours

          • Patrick

            Let me fix that for you “privates time in work hours”
            He pulled his tool out & gave himself a hand shandy while sitting in his council office talking on his council phone. He also had at least one root on council premises. Be interesting to see who funded the hotel rooms where he had other roots. BTW she was a council committee member. Bit difficult to pass it all off as a private matter.

          • jb


        • patrickstarr

          Meg – what does it matter whether this is politically, emotionally, ethically or
          even financially driven? – It does
          not alter the fact that we now know we have a deceitful elected Mayor sitting
          in our town hall wanking himself off!

        • Hazards001


          Did you have the same opinion as Slater hurled Gilmore under a bus?

          When WO was doing the gay marriage thing you were all over it as it suited your little poofter agenda and were in here everyday championing your cause.

          When it suits YOUR agenda you and other like minded lefties are all agog and rah rah but the instant the impartiality turns away from you out come the bitch slaps and howling.You should consider that she came to them, the Slaters didn’t look in a crystal ball and go…hmmm…so Len Brown is shagging the little wench from the Art Gallery..how interesting..lets go put the acid on her to spill the beans.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Last laughs are yet to come, chickyboo.

    • James

      And was it politically driven when Whale Oil went after the National MP Aaron Gilmour?

      We need people to take on the “untouchables” and shine the disinfectant of sunlight into their shady dealings and misdemeanours; only then do we know who is actually representing us.

    • Nechtan

      Len’s PR team are mudding the waters and pointing at a supposed right wing conspiracy is one of the spins. It seems they want to get some mud to stick to Palino’s camp prior to the by-election.

    • 4077th

      Sack of hammers much?

    • Lesley Young

      I think it’s worked out very well, if it weren’t for whaleoil we wouldn’t even know what Len Brown was really like.

      • AnonWgtn

        Only in Whale because the media would not dare to touch it.
        They are too up them selves to be unsavoury.

        • This_comment_was_deleted

          Are you accusing CS of being unsavory?

  • LizY

    There is no excuse for Len Brown but this woman is a vindictive, malicious piece of works. I hope she also has her comeuppance. .

    • Rubyred


  • BW_Lord

    Farrar has the so called texts between Bevan and Luigi, surely these can’t be legit right? Who the hell texts like this, taken off a VERY bad daytime soap or something.
    (bolded for emphasis)

    Chuang: I absolutely undoubtedly love you. I just don’t know if you do

    Wewege: Not true! You just make me sad sometimes …

    Wewege: I literally work 24/7 and something small you know you can do change my life and you won’t do it!

    All it is … is just a shrewd of evidence and I promise you are fully protected! Baby I have everything set up people are just waiting for you.

    So close to less stressed Luigi who can lay in bed all weekend with Bevan!!!!!

  • Bob

    Len must go, for me it’s not the issue of an affair, happens all the time. It’s the shagging around at work that is the problem. I have experience of two similar issues, one was a long haul truck driver that stopped off for a two hour shag and lost his job because he missed the delivery deadline, and the other was a staff member of mine caught naked with his girl friend on night shift by two older lady night shift workers, he lost his job as well.

    If I was caught in similar situation at work I’d expect to be asked to resign and would, why should Len be any different? Its easy really, you don’t shag and or masterbate during work time at the office and if you do you get fired. And if the others rumors are true about hotel room keys at council reception, references, council phone, invites to council events, dinners as mayor, then suck it up Len and resign, you have let your knob wreck your career, tough luck.

    Incidently I’d feel the same if he had been caught with his wife naked in the meeting room, you don’t shag at work!

  • Polish Pride

    Sorry posted this on one from yesterday by mistake:

    Not really that fussed on this whole sad sorry saga…but have a few thoughts..
    Kudos Cam for the scoop and for putting it out there. In hindsight I think it woud have been better to put it out before the election but then hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it so that’s say for me to easy. I do understand why you didn’t but in not doing so you will probably be stuck with this idiot in office for the next 3 years. perhaps he will be a lame duck from this point and perhaps that is enough. You often say that in politics you need to let the blood flow. That’s all good but I think you also want to maximize timing to do the most damage. Who really cares if the other side start calling it dirty politics or smearing the election campaign or whatever they want to call it. That would just be their attempt to deflect. The only questions that needed to be answered are:
    Did he stick his dick in her?
    Was it on council time?
    Can you back the allegations up?
    The answer is of course Yes to all.

    Is she a homewrecker – yes

    Did he abuse his power and the office of the Mayor of Auckland, Most definitely.
    Should he resign. In my view Yes.

    If he doesn’t resign then the lesson has to be next time – No mercy, let he blood flow and when is the best time to do the most damage.

    Last thing: The cynical side of me wonders what the reaction on here by comparison would have been if this had been John Key in this situation. I think it might be more the reaction that Clinton got which was along the lines of – You the man! from the blokes and disdain from the women…. I guess we’ll never know ;)
    response from AgentBallSack: (in 2secs)

    • Agent BallSack

      haha are you sniffing my IP address.

      • Polish Pride

        Nah sorry thought your response was very valid so wanted to add it at the end, you were just too quick for me. ;)

        • Agent Balzac

          Well we only have to look at the Pullar affair and the Gilmour “You know who I am” saga to see what happens to the right wing that transgresses. Personally I think JK would have more class. And if he did do something like that he would be ‘gone by lunchtime’.

    • AnonWgtn

      Isn’t HE a Homewrecker too?

      • Guest

        yes he is.

  • SDCLFC1 .

    It seems you’re lamenting a lack of control over your source. I’m sorry but what did you expect? She was clearly naive to how this could play out and you’ve failed to protect her – her anonymity lasted all of 5 seconds. You exposed way more than you needed to to make the story a bolter and the result seems to be that the source has left the stables. To draw an apt metaphor their was too little foreplay, you stuck it in too soon and you blew your load too early. Now she doesn’t want to come back for another ride and the mainstream media are getting the sloppy seconds.

  • WT23

    She doesn’t sound too upset to me, giggling all over the place, quite proud of the whole affair she is by the sounds of it…. giggle giggle laugh laugh… just goes to show what her agenda was, open her legs for someone in power, keep a few texts (or just make them up, how would we know) expose his infidelity, get some fame and then expect respect…. poor slutty delusional girl!!!! Go get a proper job and get to the top the right way, not by opening your legs to get their the fast track way. Her mum must be soooooooooooo proud…… not!!!

  • Joe

    Best thing about this scandal is there is someone out there named Luigi Wewege

  • fozzie2

    Oh I wondered how long it would be before you turned on her and hung her out to dry ! As said yesterday – those advising her had no interest in her well being – you knew how this would play out – well congratulations … anything for a story – this is gutter tactics and political pointscoring at is lowest

    • mike

      She knew what she was doing… why else would she keep the texts? Much like Monica keeping the dress with the stain. Normal people don’t do that… people with an agenda do. She has an agenda, she is not innocent, but that doesn’t excuse Lenny his indiscretions.

      • AnonWgtn

        At least Monica kept her dress on – I believe that Bevan lost all of her clothes over two years !

        • Outdoor

          Yes; I hear she’s quite good at dropping her pants

    • Hazards001

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaah..How the hell do you think she was outed in the first place?
      A crystal ball? Or shooting her mouth off?

      • fozzie2

        Hazzy as predicted, she was used. Cam so gleefully talks about what a great political operative he is – uses the ‘dark arts’. Well frankly he is nothing but a bottom feeder – smart political operatives don’t use the ordinary initiated like this.

        • Hazards001

          As predicted? Get a grip. She’s a using ho bag slapper. Typical gimp using her cunt to get ahead then crying foul when it doesn’t work. I’m sure you can identify with that.

          You are a mindless troll like so many of you lefty tarts. All bent out of shape if it goes against you. The truth is your little slag tried to fuck her way to the top then went howling to someone that might listen and THEN she decided to switch sides AFTER the event.

          Explain what the “ordinary initiated” is?

          She was trying for a spot at the trough FFS. She’s hardly ordinary.

          Contemptible maybe. Not ordinary!

          • fozzie2

            Make the the ordinary UNinitiated Hazzy. Politics is not a place for the faint hearted, and as posted yesterday when Bevan was the toast of of this site, she was being very badly advised Our dear boy Cam knew what he was doing and how this would end – but he pushed on anyway – he likes calls it the ‘dark arts’ I call it scum politics. Yeah Bevan was stupid and Len an idiot – but they are not the ones looking to put their noses in the trough.

          • Hazards001

            ” Yeah Bevan was stupid and Len an idiot – but they are not the ones looking to put their noses in the trough.”
            HUH? Yes they are! In fact they are the only ones that are in your entire statement.
            You really have no idea do you?

          • fozzie2

            Hazzy you really are deluded – do you think dear Cammy does this out of some deep desire to make this world a better place ? He is only looking to line his pockets and inflate his ego. You and poor Bevan who choose to believe his bleatings are his faithful sheep. When he is done with you he will send you to the same slaughter house he send all those once they have passed their used by date. Wise up .

          • Hazards001

            Yeah..silly me…there’s Cameron Slater getting rich on a free to view blog site. You really are a stupid self absorbed cunt. The simple fact is that kind of ethos is exactly what your feminazis did for years. You just assume everyone else follows suit!

  • Kizzy MCD

    Oh for gods sakes…she says she wasn’t willing but the affair lasted 2 years lady….which is it? she sounds like a nutcase to me

  • Hazards001

    Sounds like a slapper to me.

  • Sir

    More Gutter Blogging from wanna be has been, no body, ex editor, most probably big part destroyer down fall of the truth Jono editor Whale Tale Cam Med taking nutjob

  • Outdoor

    Yep; and they had sex at least 12 times…! Total piece of work…there’s way more to come, I bet!

  • Carly

    At the end of the the day two consenting adults, But was done in work time, which he gets paid for anyone else would have got fired straight away. If Lens so confident Aucklanders back him have another election and all vote for the homeless guy that wanted to run, he’s proberly more honest than anyone in there, and could pay way less and the money could go towards, schools, hospitals and groups that had to close due to no funds, but the big cats get pay for having fun. If Len isn’t turning up to work appointments, he’s not doing his job he’s letting this effect his work. He has a choice his family or job which one do you love most Len, you were dishonest to both. It would of been ok if it was a weakness type thing but that doens’t go on for 2 years.