[EXCLUSIVE] Police complaint against Paul “Weiner” Findlay’s fellow QTopia board member


When Paul Findlay was aroused at the thought of having sex with a virgin while messaging explicit text and photos of his erect penis to someone he didn’t know, he couldn’t have foreseen that would lift the lid on his life and a disturbing sub culture involving at-risk youth and those who present themselves as trusted people to help vulnerable and confused children.

Apart from standing for a local Community Board, Paul Findlay was also on the board of QTopia, a “gender diversity support network”.  Findlay resigned from the board the same day Whaleoil published his “Wiener” moment, an understandable move to ensure the amount of collateral damage that may come from Findlay’s private mistakes didn’t cause any splashback on the reputation of QTopia, its board, volunteers and members.

Eyebrows were raised high as QTopia Board Chairman Neil Hellewell went to press on GayNZ.com with an article titled Findlay showed “utmost integrity” on youth board.   In it he suggested Paul Findlay was a victim of an organised sting, something that I had ruled out during a number of interviews.

But it wasn’t left there.  Hellewell went to bat for Paul Findlay in public suggesting the real story was still to come out, and Paul Findlay was going to be owed an apology once this real story was known.

As a chairman of QTopia, this was an irresponsible stance to take.  There can not be any excuse, even within the context of an organised sting, for an adult to groom minors for sex.  

As QTopia supports people as young as twelve, the mere suggestion of any wrongdoing should have sent everyone running for higher ground and throwing Paul Findlay and anyone who even remotely supports him under the bus.

Since QTopia “meets every 2 weeks with a voluntary group of facilitators aged 18-35”, you have a recipe for utter disaster if the board is aware of serious breaches of trust.  It is worse if the board is actively trying to cover it up.   It is worse still if another board member is engaging in illegal activities.

Whaleoil has been informed that two people will meet with Police today to lay an official complaint against another QTopia board member who “works for a major national mental health provider with at risk youth.”

They attempted to meet with the board a few nights ago last night to discuss their concerns but were prevented from doing so.  As a result they intend to lay an official complaint against a sitting QTopia board member with Christchurch Police today.

[Q-topia] Facilitators are governed by a code of ethics and are overseen and supported by a board that have established Q-topia as an incorporated society and are members of the Canterbury Youth Workers Collective

Why is Neil Hellewell defending Paul Findlay in public?

Why did Neil Hellewell call the police on two members of the public who tried to attend a board meeting to raise concerns?

It is time Hellewell considers his own advice and considers what cause of action is appropriate under the circumstances.



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  • Patrick

    These days we are always going to question the motivation of those that put themselves forward to be involved with children, the scout master – we no longer trust him alone with the kids, same goes for the sports coach & the school teacher. Why then would there be any other expectation of a volunteer looking after at risk or vulnerable kids? A responsible board of an organisation would have protocols in place to make sure that both the kids & their own staff (paid or unpaid) were not exposed to risk or open to accusations. Similarly if a member of the public wanted to make a complaint a responsible board would be eager to hear & resolve it.
    From the little we now know of Findlay it would appear that he found himself a form of nirvana with this organisation, he would have been like a kid in a candy store, let’s hope the opportunity never arose & that this organisation has acted more responsibly that it currently appears to have. Potentially the victims in all this are kids, not adults with a penchant for sexting.

    • This is the Chairman of QTopia. The Truth needs to come out.

      • Team ENZ

        was he going to a costume party??? a priest and a dr???

        • Garbageman

          A Doctor to gain their trust and a priest to show what is done with that trust.
          Seriously what is with these people that get their ass handed to them in public and dont run with their tail between their legs, they just keep sticking their heads up for more of the same.
          Oh well more fodder for W/O and the masses

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          In picture two he’s getting ready to insert what you might think is a suppository into your bum. You’ll come away from the appointment thinking what a kind man he was having assisted you with the insertion, until you reflect more deeply on the events which transpired and realise that BOTH of his hands were on your hips, not just one…

      • Patrick

        Funny “QTopia” – so similar to Utopia, is that what they thought of all those “available” kids.

      • CheesyEarWax

        He either works for a mental health provider or actor on Shortland St.

        • Patrick

          Is Shortland Street not a reality programme? I thought it was a real hospital.

          • wiltinpenis

            I thought it was a street?

      • peterwn

        Pity the newspaper of that name no longer exists.

  • Agent BallSack

    Paedophiles ingratiate themselves in areas where there are young people(scouts, church, community groups, railway clubs, sports etc) because they know that there are vulnerable people able to be exploited in these areas. You dont see them hanging out with people who are not their targets, elderly or mature women for instance (unless the woman has vulnerable chldren).

    • TomTom

      Kids need not go to an organisation run by older people.

      In NZ, there seems to be a shift for youth support groups to be run by the youths themselves, overseen by the funding group. There are the inevitable problems you run into trying to get teenagers to work together, but if you can work through that – not only you can provide a safer, more welcoming environment, but it gives them experience and confidence at running and managing their own group doing what they want to do (within reason and budget, of course.)

  • Oh dear. It sounds as though this story is way bigger than either Paul Findlay or the Labour Party. This is going to get interesting…

  • Whafe

    Where there is smoke there is fire
    Nothing more constant than change, more will be revealed as time passes….
    My gut feel is this is going to get real ugly, do hope those that a preying on the vulnerable get slammed, may sunlight scortch their souls

  • GregM

    Why have I got that horrible feeling in my guts that this is going to get a whole lot worse. If gay young people with mental health issues are being taken advantage of by those they should be able to trust, the perpetrators need to be clobbered hard.

  • This is probably another Gay Separatist that will unconditionally support anyone just because they are Gay.

    It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever come accross.

    It makes predatory behaviour extremely easy, and gives the maggots cover at every turn.

    Pull your heads out of your arses ….