To be expected…Orcon and their new pal Kim Dotcom lie like flatfish

I am an Orcon customer…but not for much longer. They have crawled into bed with a fugitive and convicted insider trader, and fraudster.

I thought that I’d shed some light on their supposed “unlimited” new plans that the fat Kraut is waxing lyrical over.

Krim Dot-Con has partnered with Or-Con and they are promoting their new offerings and the idiot media lapped it all up.

Or-Con claims their service is “unlimited”, but if you read their T&Cs, it says they are limiting the bandwidth…

If customers on unlimited plans download data in excess of Orcon’s estimates then all customers on unlimited plans may see download/upload speeds drop temporarily.

To make sure that people who are downloading heaps don’t adversely affect our fixed data plan customers we have two ‘pools’ of bandwidth. One for the people on the unlimited plan, one for all the rest.  We have based the size of these “pools” on estimated average customer usage.

So if people on the unlimited plans start downloading more than we expect (especially during busy times like in the evening), all people in the unlimited pool may see speeds drop temporarily. This is done so that the usage by customers on unlimited plans doesn’t affect the speed and network performance of customers on fixed data plans. 

They will also be shaping (which has been the subject of Fair Trading Act breaches for other companies)

And they have a “Fair Use Policy” that lets them kick you off – and still charge you an early termination fee. Lovely.

If, in Orcon’s sole opinion, your usage is so heavy that it materially exceeds estimated use patterns over any month or Orcon believes that your usage of our services will adversely affect the quality of the service received by other customers, then Orcon may (in its sole discretion):

  • de-prioritise your access to the network;
  • apply charges to your account for the excessive and/or unreasonable element of your usage;
  • suspend or restrict access to your service; or
  • terminate your service.

Where reasonable, Orcon will provide you with notice before suspension, restriction or termination. If we terminate your services and you have agreed to a fixed contract term you may have to pay the applicable early termination fee.

That, with the ridiculous claim that New Zealand has “Third World Internet”, shows this little campaign up for the stunt it is…unadulterated crap.

Oh for a media that actually resarches the claims of anyone associated with the Fat Kraut.

I will be cancelling my Orcon service forthwith…I refuse to have anything to do with anyone willingly entering into a business arrangement with a crook like Krim DotCon


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  • Time for a ComCom complaint.

    Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.
    (of a company) Not limited.Synonyms
    boundless – unbounded – limitless – infinite

    Unbounded. No bounds at all.


    It isn’t unlimited. Clearly.

    • “Unlimited, with limits” is a bit like Len Brown’s “truth, with limits”
      during the 2010 Auckland mayoral campaign. I wouldn’t trust either of
      them as far as I could throw them, and in Dotcom’s case, that’s not very
      far at all.

      • AnonWgtn

        You would eed a pantechnicon to move DotCon anyway.

    • Mr_V4

      Pretty standard to have an Acceptable Use policy. They still have them overseas on plans that dwarf what is available in NZ, for the reason that you need to cap high volume users at some point and/or move them to more appropriate access/data charges. Otherwise you could run a cable to half your street and abuse one data plan.

      • I have no problem with that. It is just inaccurate to use the clearly understood and widely used word ‘unlimited’ when the T&C spell out conditions under which limits would be applied above and beyond those that exist by the natural bounds of the available capacity.

  • metalnwood

    They have always had that on their existing ‘unlimited’ plans.

    What annoys me is that they do not tell you what they deem to be too much usage on their ‘unlimited’ plan. They say they arrive at their unpublished figure by looking at their users average data.

    Wait a minute. I want an unlimited plan because I dont download like your ‘average’ customer.

    Their help desk sucks very badly, especially since they outsourced it overseas.

    I changed to snap. I talk to a NZ’er when I call their help desk and the speeds are fast. I am not on their unlimited plan but data is free from 1-7 am so I just queue things up in my download manager and it automatically starts.

    You tube works with snap as well. No more stopping every 5 seconds when watching HD youtube on orcon.

    • greg

      Agree that Snap are good. Have been on Snap VDSL for 3 months now. Excellent service and nice friendly people to talk with. Speeds 33 down 7 up (from 7 down 1 up on ADSL).

    • richard.b

      ” I want an unlimited plan because I dont download like your ‘average’ customer.”

    • Garbageman

      Now i know what service provider to not go to, i dont need anyone else snooping at my usage from The Pirate Bay

      • metalnwood

        Who snoops? Snap? Dont think so. I guess orcon can’t afford to snoop with dotcom in the business.

        Look up what a seedbox is. It’s not seedy btw.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          I use Meggafast, pay 15nz a month for 150GB storage and a gigabit pipe. Unlimited too, works a treat

        • Garbageman

          Actually i just use an IP blocker have for years and had no letters from vodafone,must check to see if this Snap is available way down here in Invers

      • Pissedoffyouth

        You can do that already, go to Piratebay with HTTPS instead of HTTP

    • Pissedoffyouth

      +1 for Snap I use them at home and love the unlimited 1am-7am downloads. Queue up the SFTP to kick off at 1am no worries at all.

      Also never get below line speed which for me on ADSL2 is 18mbps

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        Upgrade to VDSL2+ even down here in Ohope I get 25-30mbps sustained. Even better is the upload speed of 10mbps. I’m with Telecom; v happy with service +quality.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          I had VDSL previously at my last place but I don’t really have a need for the higher speed and higher cost. We have one at work which can get 47mbps down sustained, right next to the exchange.

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            Fookin hell. You’re a perfect example, by the way, of the type of person I was referring to when I made this comment on the ‘Will david fisher stand’ post, vis: (quoting myself, what a ponce, I know) ‘Not only that, but as the copper/fibre pricing debacle is showing, people aren’t really interested in much faster connections (they will be once they use them…but there isn’t a generally perceived priority to switch).’

          • Pissedoffyouth

            Well exactly the biggest “speed” increase you can get is faster DNS – I used to use Googles DNS but I’ve found Snap’s to be insanely fast and that makes much more of a difference.

            I have to laugh at 100mbps fibre – until most devices support 802.11AC or at least N5 you’d be lucky reaching that speed through Wifi in any crowded neighborhood.

          • OhopeBeachBugger


          • Hazards001

            That’s true and just like the transition from dial up to broadband it was slow and expensive at first but as take up increased when people saw the advantages the price came down the service got better and the date became more.

            Bring on UFB!

        • AnonWgtn

          Is this Sir Dr Cullen by chance from Ohope ?

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            Er, sorry, no

  • David Tocker

    Agreed. Totally bullshit. Have seen people up here in Northland on ‘unlimited’ Orcon Fibre – No one seems too impressed – its slower than their original copper broadband in most cases. I switched to Uber (150GB cap) and its kick ass fast but its a regional ISP so Northland only.

    • tarkwin

      I’ve been toying with going to Uber. What are they like to deal with?

      • David Tocker

        Pretty damn good – Haven’t had any problems with my own connection but since I’m an IT guy I have had to help other people/companies getting setup and they have been on the ball. If you want your internet to be substantially faster than normal copper broadband they are the only game in town from what I have seen so far – the national ISPs don’t seem any faster on Fibre and the only other local one is truly terrible in every way.

        • tarkwin

          Thanks for that David, our place is with Telecom at the moment. It’s ok but goes down quite often and they keep trying to get us to sign up for more all the time.

      • Bad__Cat


  • ConwayCaptain

    I wonder if ETNZ will get into bed with the Fat Kraut

  • Col

    Why it is slow is because the Fat Com is getting his free.

    • Garbageman

      Probably all that Megaporn and Megaetc chewing up our bandwidth

      • Col

        I was going to say that, but knew you would know, lol just kidding.

  • peterwn

    Agreed, if I were an Orcon customer I would drop them like a hot potato because of Kim Dotcom’s involvement. Having said that, there is sufficient anti American and anti copyright sentiment out there that Orcon’s campaign using Kim as a poster boy is likely to be a success.

    As for Orcon’s T&C, they are being reasonably honest in describing limitations to their ‘uncapped’ service. Any ISP who offers a genuine uncapped service would be out of its mind.

    • andrew carrot

      “Unlimited” is not a synonym for “restricted”, just as “uncapped” is not a synonym for “potentially capped”. In fact, Orcon’s “uncapped” means capped with a restricted right to exceed the cap.

    • metalnwood

      Being reasonably honest is telling customers upfront what the real limit is. Being honest is not hiding the number and including clauses for kicking off the customers who exceed the limit, on the unlimited plan.

      Why don’t they publish the limit? Clearly because they couldnt in all fairness call it an unlimited plan with a cap published right next to it.

      How honest is that really?

      • peterwn

        In fairness to them there is no ‘hard’ limit to publish. They could publish a soft ‘probability’ limit. ISP’s offering ‘uncapped’ service presumably do not care what service the customers take as long as the ‘pipes’ do not saturate, since ISP’s would pay for pipe capacity, not for the bits that flow through it. Even ISP’s offering ‘capped’ service cannot guarantee to deliver service, Vodafone ‘inhome’ cable internet being a classic example. There is only so much capacity between the co-ax ‘head’ and the customers served, and while they can infill with more ‘heads’ to meet growth, it is not worthwhile providing any more ‘heads’ than needed to meet demand most of the time, and if the beancounters want to limit capex, they will allow service to diminish to customer ‘squeal point’.

        I agree that no ISP can honestly offer ‘unlimited’ service.

        • andrew carrot

          Malcolm Tucker to the rescue

          • Mr_V4

    • James

      It depends on how you advertise it. If you advertise it as “uncapped” then it should be uncapped (e.g. no caps); if you are then going to cap it if people take advantage of it then it isn’t uncapped is it?
      Perhaps they should advertise it as “no fixed cap” instead of uncapped?

  • sheppy

    Gave up on Orcon when Kiwi’s stopped answering the phone

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Aren’t they a SOE?

      • sheppy

        Dunno, maybe they’ve been bought out by someone since I last considered switching, it was quite a few months back

      • David Tocker

        I think they are owned by Kordia which is an SOE

        • CheesyEarWax

          No, Kordia sold Orcon earlier this year. The new owners are a private consortium.

          • AnonWgtn

            DotCon perhaps.

  • Kopua Cowboy


    *not really

  • Patrick

    NZ corporations using convicted criminals to promote themselves – next Family First will have David Bain as their spokesman.

    • peterwn

      He is not a convicted crim. Granted people have divided views as to whether he did it.

      • Is fraud a crime?
        Has Kim been convicted of fraud?
        Is he a convicted criminal?

      • Patrick

        From Wikipedia – not a complete oracle of truth but nevertheless

        He rose to fame in Germany in the 1990s as an alleged hacker and internet entrepreneur. He was convicted of several crimes, and received a suspended prison sentence in 1994 for computer fraud and data espionage, and another suspended prison sentence in 2003 for insider trading and embezzlement.[12]

  • Whinging Pom

    Likewise I’m an Orcon customer and will be jumping ship. I can’t believe that a company such as Orcon is willing to share a platform with someone as dubious as KDC.
    Even if they don’t lose loads of customers (and I reckon they will) they’re bound to end up with egg on their face when the big german is shipped to the US and subsequently convicted. I’m sure a lot of embarrassing information about KDC will surface at the trial to haunt his current BFFs.
    Things shaping up well for a very public trial just around election time next year?

  • Arran Hunt

    When I joined the other day I was told that Orcon had never utilised their rights under the fair use policy. I called from work so I have that recorded and will be saving the recording just in case that turns out to be not true. I made it very clear that my joining was conditional on this.

  • CheesyEarWax

    The term “unlimited” in telco space has gone though the microscope and ComCom has been all over it, so i wouldn’t think Orcon T&Cs is much different to others offering unlimited plans. Traffic shaping, especially on torrents, is common practice.
    However, Orcon using Dotcom is a bad move. Maybe they are getting some free involvement from him after Orcon putting fibre into his mansion? This was well documented.

  • AnonWgtn

    Sounds like two Con’s together.

  • KiwiMade

    I jumped ship away from Orcon around a year ago and have never had the unreliability ,VOIP lag and internet speed issues since. And dealing with their helpdesk at times was a nightmare, they never did fix my VOIP problems before I switched!
    I wouldn’t trust DoTCom as far as I can thrown him and considering the size of the man I probably couldn’t throw him at all.
    Clever advertising by Orcon, but incredibly risky also, as it could easily backfire.