So what were all the extra rates for? Not buses it seems

Len Brown has taxed his citizens hard…he claims his rates increases are only by the rate of inflation…but we all know that is a lie.

He claims he has managed to keep rates increases down, and he has…by borrowing billions. But what have we got for that money? Both from massive rates hikes and from massive borrowing?

Surely we have got something for it? Turns out no.

Len Brown has not built a single metre of bus lane in his first term as mayor of the Super City. 

Mr Brown, who says fixing public transport, including better bus services, is his top priority, has splurged $770 million on public transport and $1.2 billion on roads and footpaths in the past three years.

But not a cent has gone on new lanes to improve bus services, which have drawn criticism and seen a fall of 2.9 per cent in patronage over the past year, from 55.1 million bus trips to 53.5 million.

Meanwhile on the North Shore, where bus services are a major issue, Len failed to front:

Mr Brown pulled out of a mayoral debate with his main rival, John Palino, in Takapuna last night because of a bad cold.


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  • DLNZ

    Bad cold aye?? He’s out and about at midday today according to his twitter account??

    • sheppy

      Didn’t want to answer where the money had gone more like.
      He ain’t called Lyin’ Len for nothing!

  • Patrick

    Why has Brown’s former bum boy Bernard Orsman turned so feral?

    $770 million spent on public transport, by the looks of it on bus lane signage & planning for future pipe dreams.

    Be interesting to find out how much of the $770 million has ended up in the pockets of consultants & other paper shufflers aligned with the Mayor.

    Any chance some of it has been diverted into a slush fund to be used during the election campaign? Brown wouldn’t be a true leftie if there wasn’t a bit of that going on.

    • sheppy

      Maybe it became so obvious that his blinkers fell off

    • Vlad

      I think it is entirely possible that Orsman, who is not a bad journo, has been sucked in by “privileged access” and early leaks of good stories by Len and his army of spin-doctors. Happens a lot. But by doing some good spadework on his own he has uncovered some excellent info about the real state of affairs in the council & affairs under Len. I look forward to more good work from him. It is late, but no use moaning about what happened in the past, he is now on the case.

  • ratesarerevolting

    LBIAFC !

    … nuf said.

  • Bafacu

    Make sure you vote – NOW!
    Make sure you vote John Palino

    If posting you only have until tomorrow night to get the papers off so if you haven’t already done so – extract digit or we will have to suffer this idiot for another term.

  • Jman

    I got to say I’m thoroughly disgusted by how fucking spineless National has been over the Auckland Mayoral race. It’s almost like they have just ignored it and resigned us to having to live with the corruption and waste that goes with a Len Brown mayoralty. After PM and Finance minister, the Auckland mayor has to be one of the most important political positions in the country, so why not campaign properly for it?

    Also, there should be legislation barring any city council from simply borrowing as much as they want. The whole thing is a disgrace.

    • philbest

      Hear, hear; they should have given Dorklanders the message loud and clear that their mayor was up to his eyeballs in dishonest planning, budgeting, and crooked pre-determined “studies” to support his agenda, which has to be ideological, corrupt, or both.

      • Vlad

        So go and vote, NOW

        • Vlad

          Vlad has offered good advice, quit typing, go vote ya pillocks

  • ConwayCaptain

    Who will play Henry 11 to Lying Len’s Becket
    “Who will rid me of this idiot mayor.”
    And on this subject at roughly the same time we got great films like Becket, The Lion in Winter, A Man for all Seasons and Lawrence of Arabia. Why don’t they make films like this any more.

  • James M

    Just going to leave this here

    • Garbageman

      Ones a slimy low bellied toady thing and the others a purple whatsit

    • dumbshit

      his dork is still sticking out of his collar

  • philbest

    Lefties actually hate buses. Buses use roads most of the time, which lefties want torn up. Too much freedom. It’s rails or nothing. Walking is able to be tolerated some of the time as long as you have your papers ready at all times.

    Portland has been cannibalising bus service budgets to build and operate light rail, for decades; the result has been spectacularly far fewer passenger miles for far more money.

    Curitiba did mass public transport right: buses, busways, and they nationalised the land for the high density development along the main routes. This is extremely rare; the common fetishes pursued everywhere else are just CBD property owner rent-seeking.

    A 100% bus based system will always be far more effective than a mixed rails and buses system, but honest costings never get done. The CBD Rail Loop studies and the Spatial planning in Dorkland are both riddled with dishonest analysis.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    If you can’t bring yourself to vote for John Palino, then vote for someone else – just not that lying Len Brown

    • Hazards001

      Splitting the vote will ensure Loopy Lefty Len will have another there years at the trough.

  • GregM

    Right. I’m sick of this shitbag. He has spent $770,000,000 of our money on what exactly? Lets see the financial statements. Show us where the money went Len.