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Look how happy he is that he gets to take more of your money and spend it for another three years.



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  • dumbshit

    his boner is still sticking out of his collar

  • Whafe

    The man makes me sick…

    May the 70% whom didn’t vote STFU for the next 3 years whilst this idiot destroys Auckland even more.

    • Hazards001

      I work in a large private contracting organisation and I interact
      daily with lots of people from all walks of life.This includes councils
      and contractors and customers.
      The majority were overwhelmingly in favour of seeing the back end of loopy Len and his multi billion dollar train set as he rushes to put Auckland into insolvency.
      I’d tell them all and often..in that case vote Pallino..and FFS make sure you actually vote.

      I’d put dollars to donuts that none of them did.

      Fuck them.
      I don’t want to listen to the whining as the rates bills go through the roof, the costs of services such as our rubbish bags & water are increased again.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Two thumbs up if you’re a fucking cunt !

  • maninblack


  • middleagedwhiteguy

    With this, and the result in Wellington, I can only say that postal voting simply cannot be justified. The turnout in Wellington was pitiful, with only 70000 votes for mayor cast. The low turnout is a disaster. Postal voting and internet voting is the only option. If we can do it for a census, then voting should not be a problem

    • opusx

      Agreed. Time to move out of the Middle Ages me thinks.

  • opusx

    Well I guess you guys are in the minority…clearly more voters than not think Len’s doing a great job.

    As an aside a neighbour of mine in Palmy Nth works at the local Foodstuffs supply depot…was telling me union members there were handed leaflets advising them who to vote for. This is why LBP elections will always be a farce…mindless morons bequesting ticks to candidates they don’t know at the direction of corrupt unions pretending to act in the interests of their members. My neighbours a union member but voted on conscience. After some friendly conversations with him about the benefits of being a union member he’s also opting out of union membership come 2014. He feels his union may be making a bit too much dosh out of him and his cohorts without a relative rate of return.

    • Whafe

      With voting in LBP being difficult for some, as soon as an offer as you mention comes along, it makes it simple to complete the forms for those that don’t wish to go into detail…..
      And we wonder why we have what we have!

    • suites

      We need to be very careful with online voting. There are too many uneducated people of colour and sexual deviants with computers in their home or even smart phones so they can browse their favourite porn sites while sitting in the WINZ office. We don’t want these people voting. A good way to keep out the braindead from voting would be to force the prospective voter to view all the candidate profiles or even their videos (at least for mayor) before proceeding to voting form. Or even better, only allow ratepayers to vote.

      • Patrick

        Clearly based on Brown being returned there are plenty of braindead voters voting now.
        Allowing those only that pay rates is the sensible option.

    • More voters than not simply can’t be fucked.

  • nudgy

    Oh dear oh dear Aucks another 3 years of this idiot. Rates rises, jobs for Lens mates, more debt, 1500+ council troughers paid $100K or more. Hope your house prices keep going up you have got nothing else.

    • Whafe

      Yep, Aucklanders can reap what they have sown.

    • Magoo

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Len will be sending property valuers around so he up the rates when the valuation shows how everyone’s houses have gone up in value.

  • Paul

    Len has more votes than all the rest put together its like the page views of this blog compared to the rest

    • kehua

      Count them up again Paul.

  • Patrick

    The unions play a huge part in organising their members to vote, why oh why did National not force unions to collect their subscriptions, why is it still the responsibility of the employer?