Face of the day

Boing Boing reader Ahmed Zulkamal shot this wonderful photograph. It’s part of an eagle festival in Mongolia.




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  • Flegin

    Is it just me or could that be Winston’s brother?

    • Cadwallader

      No, it isn’t just you….I took it for Winston playing with his cock!

    • Rimutaka

      Twin brother, I though it photo shopped when I first saw it.

    • dyannt

      Before I even looked at the comments I thought the face looked familiar. My first thought was that that could be a Maori face – then the resemblance to Winston showed. Maybe we’ve finally found where the Maori race came from originally, with a stop-off in Taiwan.

    • philbest

      Nah, it was me too….

  • Col

    All the Maori DNA is from Taiwan.
    Winston with a bird on his arm, that’s a change normally a scotch and a smoke in the other hand.

    • PhantomsDoc

      So, if Taiwan decided they wanted to do claim Maori as part of their heritage and therefore NZ, where would that leave us???

      • Col

        Maori are keen, but the Taiwan people will wait until the Treaty is settled and then come over and take the land back from the Mainland Chinese, just joking.

  • Micky

    Wish it was Winston in Mongolia….

  • dumbshit

    the tram lines are not deep enough to be pooh