Faces of the Day

This nice lady…


Has turned into this lady  


and this one is going to try and put Fat Tax on food because it is FOOD that makes you fat you know!


It is always good to have politicians with personal experience to bring to the problem.

What happened to exercising more and eating less?

Don’t worry, the Green Taliban will TAX everyone into health.

(This would be funny if they weren’t so serious…)


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  • Bob

    No amount of flash designer garb disguises that fact that she’ll be paying a lot of extra tax!

  • dumbshit

    maybe she can’t find a big enough mirror

  • blokeintakapuna

    Haha brilliant. If the Greens spent as much time and energy into helping the very few “problem gamblers” to accept personal responsibility and get some help, they’d save themselves a lot of tax payer funded money, time and effort.

    Although that would then dissolve the platform they’ve invented from which they use as a soapbox to shrill from to give the general public the perception that not only are they championing the poor and down trodden, but that they’re also protecting all of NZ’s from the evils of gambling and are doing something about it.

    The Greens need reminding though of the THOUSANDS of additional pokie machines that were available around NZ when they were in cahoots with Labour and the huge REDUCTION in numbers since National took office. Why was there no gambling issues then when they were in a position with Labour to address the issue? Why wasn’t it even an issue then when thousands more pokies existed?

    Why is it the Greens only ever have solutions when they are never going to be in a position to have to either pay for the so called “solutions” implement the solutions or actually have to justify that there really is an actual issue the size of what they are claiming?

    Never mind horse racing and the TAB is likely to be causing greater social harm. Even though it’s an industry that supports entire communities (Matamata stud farms) and employs and supports many thousands in support industries. So why aren’t the Greens calling on kiddie Pony Clubs to be closed? Because surely the Pony Clubs are nothing less than “gateway” clubs the entire industry uses to “hook” young girls into becoming a complicit and integral part of a multi-million dollar gambling racket?

    Where are Green voices on this? Why the silence?

    Why poison every waterhole to rid NZ of possums? Because it would kill all the other living creatures. So why try and poison everyone else’s waterhole when trying to deal with problem possums? Surely it would be better to focus on the problem possums? But then of course, that wouldn’t give the Greens a soapbox would it?

    • Pony Clubs are nothing less than “gateway” clubs the entire industry uses to “hook” young girls into becoming a complicit and integral part of a multi-million dollar gambling racket

      Masterful. Thanks for the grin this morning.

  • Bharat Jivan

    I cant believe the leader of the Green Party would put all that toxic dye into her hair! Has someone told her about the risks?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Ironic it’s likely to be petrochemical based too… As is plenty of “makeup” and lipstick…

      • Hazards001

        Naw. It’s natural. By product of whale catch.

      • Time For Accountability

        Let alone the dogs that died to test her makeup.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Ironic that they use her also as the face of the poor and starving.

    Maybe someone in the Greens is setting her up like Shearer was on numerous occasions?

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    That ain’t no lady.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Whenever the greens want us to do something, given the choice between a carrot and stick approach, they will always go for the stick, even if the objective is to make us eat the carrot.

  • greg

    Fat Cats of Parliament.

    • blokeintakapuna

      A 1%er trougher for sure!

      She probably thinks calories are little elves that sneak into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes a size smaller

      • James Growley

        Her wardrobe must be the size of the average house.

  • Nick

    If Metiria gets her way with a fat tax on food then she really won’t be saving for a house deposit any time soon.

  • Dumrse

    Betcha there’s a grand muffin top under that flashers coat she’s wearing.

    • blokeintakapuna

      More like an entire loaf… An entire tray filled with loafs even…

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Fuck the Greens

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      Do we have enough mayors?

  • snakebit

    The face of the enemy as far ss im concerned…the things she would do to us if only she could!!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The input hole is bigger than the output hole

    • blokeintakapuna

      Not completely sure about that. Yes the Greens are mouthy and she’s their “leader” but they’re also a big bunch of arseholes too!

    • dumbshit

      yeah right on the money there but the bit that grates me is having to fund the munter

    • Macca

      True. But in her case, what comes out of her output would be by far and away less toxic than what comes out of her input hole!

  • Tom

    Shes about 2 dozen cans worth

    • Steve (North Shore)

      and two paper bags

    • blokeintakapuna

      Surely no one can get THAT pissed and that desperate, because it never gets that dark either.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Tequila would have to be involved…..that way I’d remember nothing and therefore wouldn’t have to live with the shame.

  • Tom

    I keep thinking flour factory for some reason.

  • FredFrog


  • Col

    Here again you see her with different coats, notice how up market she is now, not a low paid worker, now a well paid coat designer on the Green ticket’
    Notice how she is getting fat around the neck, keep showing photos of her and we can see her tattoo of a rose change into a cabbage.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Delores Umbridge persona doesn’t help improve her “perception” either.

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      She’s vegetating :)

  • Refn8tor

    If that first pic isn’t the face of a stoner, I don’t know what is.

  • Tom

    Just saw her at the Waiheke Island Resort. Having a ‘conference’ for three days or so apparently

  • drummerboy

    what a load of crap, they are just going to hurt the people they claim to be helping, ‘the poor’. what makes you fat is that you lack the vitimans and minerals that you need every day and because you don’t have them you stuff your face with crap food trying to get energy.

  • Phar Lap

    She looks like she has never missed a taxpayer funded meal ,since she got rid of the other obese bitch ,Sue Bradford.I don’t want her, the brained washed tree huggers can have her ,she is too fat,too fat, too fat.two faced,with technicolour hair.She appeals to white trash,and all other types of trash for her support base.

  • rockape

    My Mum used to have a phrase “Done up like the Christmas turkey” Add to that nice and plump and browning up nicely and you have the GREEN CO LEADER. aLL THATS NEEDED IS THE STUFFING BUT i GUESS NO VOLUNTEERS FOR THAT!

  • suites

    Cameron and her need to get some personal training from DPF.

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    You get that with watermelons

  • tarkwin

    It looks like she’s slowly morphing into a expensively dressed wool bale with stubby arms and legs.

  • Shannon

    If they are so worried about the environment, why waste all that cardboard? Imagine the energy used to make the cardboard, not to mention the chemicals in the paint they used as well. Hypocrites the lot of them.

  • David Curl

    What a bloated hypocrit you are. I have not read 1 word against the extrortion that tobacco excise is yet are dead against any form of processed food tax. Is that because the fat tax will impact on you whilst tobacco excise doesn’t. Certainly proves that you and the majority of your posters here lack integrity and purely looking out for themselves. If “taxing everyone into health” is wrong, then tobacco excise is wrong. But you God, Blinglish would ahve to do real work to balance the books rather than stealing from 25% of kiwis.

    • blokeintakapuna

      David, when using solvents In enclosed spaces, always ensure adequate ventilation. Step outside and take a deep breath… Of fresh, clean air.

      • David Curl

        Another faceless spineless scribe trying to be funny justifying their lack of integrity. I do not smoke and breathe fresh clean air all the time. And I do not use solvents in a confined space. (Bloke must have in the past.) But I do know what extortion is.
        National claim they are all about freedom of choice and market choosing. Then why does Blinglish state “I need to force people to stop smoking and to that I will raise the excise 10% per year for 3 years. (The fact that he needed coin to bribe the wealthy with tax cuts didn’t slip under the radar as well.” No integrity that is why. he will steal from the poor to give to the wealthy. He will steal from anyone.
        Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking and righting a wrong even when it does not impact you. You do not sell out the core principle behind your party/yourself whenever it is expedient.

  • SJ00

    Clearly its not food that makes you fat, its sucking on the public tit that does that.

  • Phar Lap

    Who gave the NZ Green Taleban permission to put up temporary shag or masturbating boxes, in Aotea Square.Surely not Lascivious Len, well known Auckland sex mechanic.Yes the greenies are dancing to the wishes of the Auckland Super City shaggers.

  • Eiselmann

    With all respect Cameron you need to provide warnings when posting disturbing photos

  • Deb Duis

    She’s just trying to copy overseas ideas. It’ll never work. You can’t police food that way, especially when the information she would base it on is wrong.

  • David Curl

    Calories in versus calories out. Nothing about vitamins or supplements or name calling. She obviously does not have time to exercise as she used to.
    A lot of pious, arrogant ignorant people add to this blog, a lot like the writer himself. Isn’t immigration lovely when we pick up all the riff raff from overseas and their own personal bigotry spewing forth on this page for all to get sickened by. NZ was once a leading place to live and raise a family. Now it is just trash going by what is written below. Dumbshit and blokeintakapuna need to be sterilised to prevent their mutation being passed on.