Family Values huh?

Oh dear, Len Brown’s refusal to quit is now having other consequences. It seems he is still the honorary president of a family values organisation.

I wonder how long before they call a Special General Meeting to address that embarrassment. A well known newspaper reports:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown will retain his position as honorary president of a family values organisation despite his extra-marital affair with a woman 25 years his junior.

The position at Home and Family Counselling has been filled by an Auckland mayor for the last 120 years, and the organisation has decided not to part from tradition despite Mr Brown last week admitting to a two-year relationship with local government hopeful Bevan Chuang, 32.

Executive director Mary Gray told the Herald that the board had discussed the sex scandal and wanted to keep Mr Brown in his role.  

Yeah, I don’t think that is going to stay their position once the other women come forward…this organisation has now become an enabler of Len Brown’s sordid and multiple affairs.

Alan Brookbanks – the council’s human resources director – is also the chairman of the board of the organisation.

Yesterday the mayor said he was grateful for the board’s support and understanding and that he was very much supportive of the work they do.

Ahh so the board chair is a staff member of th council…nice…no chance of them crossing the mayor then.

Other organisations are now coming forward talking about his shameless campaigning on family values and their disgust at finding out the truth.

Despite the organisation’s support for Mr Brown, a south Auckland pastor whose church has been visited by him says it is unfair that the mayor stays in the role.

Manukau New Life Church pastor Stephen Miller said he was deeply disappointed when revelations of the sex scandal broke last week.

Mr Brown visited his congregation – including a large number of young people – and spoke about his life.

“It’s been really interesting to read about … not just the mistake, but the two years of really what has been deceit towards his wife and his family.

“To me, unfortunately Len Brown has lost a lot of credibility. Yes, there is forgiveness. But if you’re going to be the leader of our city and those sorts of organisations – particularly one that’s talking about family – you’ve got to live it.”

Mr Miller called on the Home and Counselling group to look for another leader. He acknowledged compassion and forgiveness were huge values preached in the church.

“There is compassion and there’s forgiveness, but then there’s also consequences when you step into a role of leadership. I’m a leader of our church. If I were to do something like that – to have an affair with somebody – I’d acknowledge that and ask for forgiveness too.

“There’d be compassion, but there’s no way I’d be staying in my role as leader of the church. Because people have to look up to you as a leader and know that they can trust you and know that you have integrity and that you’re not saying one thing and doing another.”


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  • terrynaki

    Well one is totally stunned………….FFS

  • conwaycaptain

    Now all that has to be done is FOR schools and other organisations to stop inviting Lecherous Lenny to any events and to drop him from their organisations and he may get the message

  • dilligaf2013

    Not such a good day for mr Brown – yet again.
    Can you hear the blood dripping as our collective hearts bleed for him…..?

  • Toryboy

    I see on their website they have a publication titled – “Say No To Bottom Games”; clearly that doesn’t apply to ‘everyone’ does it?

    I think it is good Whaleoil is highlighting the hypocrisy of the enablers, the “oh he is Labour so it’s ok” brigade.

    • You are right on the money here.

      It isn’t about Len.

      It’s tribal.

  • Dick Brown

    It all depends on what sort of values this family values values I guess.

    • tspoon

      Generally most such organisations are by their actions the direct opposite of what their name would suggest. They exist to effectively hold the space that a genuine organisation would, and act to suppress the spontaneous formation of such an institution by any actual and genuine interested parties. In that light the rubber stamping of Mr Brown is unsurprising.

      • philbest

        Yeah, “family” these days, on the progressive left, just relates to “copulation” going on under one roof, not “procreation”.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Let us admit that Lentils is winning right, left and centre…..I am moving on boyz…we cannot dislodge this fellow…whole of NZ is behind him…

    • Col

      You can bugger off and we will stay for the last breath.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I will Col, but as always, I will be proved right in the end. Good luck with dislodging Lentils. If Whale Oil manages to dislodge Lentils, I will change my name to Sir Whale Oil’s Sidekick as a tribute to him. But it ain’t happening.

        • Patrick

          He is irreparably damaged whether he stays or goes. Going would be the icing on the cake, that is all.

        • Wine Man

          popcorn at the ready

        • Steve (North Shore)

          Screenshot on that SCS

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Steve – I can’t get back to that blog titled – “May I have a minute of your time Len”….

        • Steve (North Shore)

          Screenshot on that SCS

    • Toryboy

      You are probably correct – the usual apathy of NZ is taking over and I expect he will be in the job for 3 years. Feel the horse has bolted.

    • GarethsPussy

      Yes. Dead issue as the media has reached the end of their cycle and no new revelations have been forthcoming.

    • jude

      no they are not!! Danny Watson on zb talkback discussed this “tradition” versus morals. Most people phoning in were appalled by the appointment and felt Len Brown should resign. He has bought the office of Mayor in to disrepute. Every meeting or public event, oversea trips will bring conjecture as to what he is actually doing!

  • Andy

    Using the lavatory analogy, Len is what we call a Floater.

    • blokeintakapuna

      …or a Clingon

  • Daniel

    Looks like that organisation places a higher value on “tradition” than it does on “values”. Not the sort of place I would want to go for counselling.

  • Col

    Most likely he has been dealing too the committee one by one!!!!

  • James Growley

    I wonder if Family Planning will hold him up as an example of what not to do………

    • Now that’s the sort of positive creative thinking I like to see :)

    • Dave

      Perhaps he was researching family planning ….. is it really family planning, do condoms really work…… Oh shit, they do!

  • Statehousekid

    Good on Stephen Miller now there is a man who stands up for what he thinks is right. From what I have read Dorkland seems to have a shortage of these types of people.

    • blokeintakapuna

      You know there’s an urban legend that a “dork” is a whale’s penis…

  • tarkwin

    If they retain lightning Len they should have their charitable status revoked for a start.

  • cows4me

    Family values my arse, just another group of lefty apologists that have chosen to back Licentious Len rather then standing up for what the claim to represent, fucking hypocrites. Family Values , oh for fucks sake, give me a break.

  • Wine Man

    Len can always find a role replacing the Kleenex Dog. I see already on their website they are quoting someone called ShellShep (Is this Len using a pseudonym?)

    Take the 10 day Wash Test

    Your car, your windows, your dishes or even your dog… When you think about it, can anything really be clean without water? We’ve put the challenge out there: add our new Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths to your routine alongside your regular toilet paper for 10 days and experience a new level of clean for yourself. Thousands of people have tried them, and many are pleasantly surprised at how fresh and clean they feel.

    We’re confident that you will also love them, but don’t just take our word for it, see what other twice-minded folk have to say about them, then give them a try for yourself:

    “The cloths were great. Took a little getting used to, but once a routine was firmly established it was nice to be “clean all day”.They are moist but not wet & do the job they intend to. – ShellShep”

  • Home and Family Counselling dialled their credibility to zero.

    At an absolute minimum they should have stated they await the outcome of the investigation so they can hedge their bets.

    Does ANYONE have any decent PR people these days?

    • Dave

      They could hire the Hair, rumour has it is he just became available due to a cancellation of contract. He seems acutely aware of the facts in this issue.

  • Jimbob

    Read that report in total disbelief. Have emailed Mary Gray directly with my more considered thoughts about her odious mistake. Feel free but keep it civil, she just needs some prompting to reconsider – [email protected]

  • CheesyEarWax

    Well I am astonished. I wonder if keeping a 120 year old tradition of council funded programs has anything to do with it? Oh hang on…its a private matter, my bad.

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    I think my annual donation to Home and Family will now cease. They should not be caught up in this sleaze. They simple have to “have a cuppa” and then re-enrol then next mayor – as long as it is not Mr Palino perhaps.

  • Wine Man

    One question to be asked as far as I am concerned here. Did Alan Brookbanks vote or abstain? He has a clear conflict as a senior employee of Council. If he did then good for him, if he didnt he should resign as Chairman and from the Board proper.

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    So there are church leaders, medical professionals, senior defence force personnel who would be expected to resign from office, but not Len who is pushing his acting ability as hard as he can – learned in the somewhat corrupt environment of the legal profession – to carry him through

  • hunk4hire .

    In other news, Dracula has been placed in charge of the Blood Bank……….

  • john Doe

    The show and tell session would be worth the price of the ticket.

  • LesleyNZ

    I don’t think the founder Henry Wilding would agree with Mary Gray from Home and Family Counselling. What drove Henry Wilding was his moral compass. Len Brown should not be patron of Home & Family Counselling. The reason this organisation began was because of what Len Brown and other adulterers like him do to families. They wreck them. What a wonderful man Henry Wilding was. Read this particularly the last paragraph:

    Story: Wilding, Henry 1844–1916
    Banker, timber miller, farmer, broker, social reformer
    This biography was written by Raewyn Dalziel and was first published in the Dictionary of New Zealand BiographyVolume 3, 1996

    Henry Wilding, born at Stepney in the East End of London, England, on 20 August 1844, was the son of Maria Gillard (née Loveday) and her second husband, Henry Wilding, a pawnbroker. Henry junior received sufficient education to become a bank clerk, and was sent by the London and County Bank to work in its Arundel branch in Sussex in 1861. There he met Kate Bull, whom he married at Trinity Chapel, Arundel, on 6 August 1867. Henry’s career took the family back to London. At Brighton, in November 1872, Kate died of tuberculosis. There had been two sons of the marriage, the younger dying the same year as his mother. Henry turned to his sister-in-law, Alice Bull, for support and care for his surviving son and on 19 December 1873 they married at Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

    Wilding’s second marriage was not recognised in England, where it was illegal to marry the sister of a deceased wife, and Henry and Alice’s first two children were regarded as illegitimate. This, and Henry’s ill health, may have contributed to the Wildings’ decision to emigrate to New Zealand. In February 1878, along with Alice’s brother William, they left Plymouth on the Durham.

    Arriving in New Zealand, Wilding joined the staff of the Bank of New Zealand. He was posted first to Napier and then to Waipukurau where he opened a new agency in August 1878. Lured by the prospects of self-employment, in early 1879 he gave up banking for a partnership with his brother-in-law. Together they milled the timber from Maori land leased at Takapau. Difficulties arose over the leased bush and in the mid 1880s the business was sold at a loss.

    A period of unprofitable farming on the outskirts of Auckland and in the north followed before the family settled in central Auckland in 1892. Wilding opened a broker’s office in Queen Street, and occasionally served on the bench as a justice of the peace. Exposed to the violence and instability of life in the city and influenced by his religious beliefs as a committed Methodist, Wilding became concerned about the decline of family life and morality. In April 1893 he attended a meeting on the problems of child neglect and cruelty and was spurred to action. He presided over the subsequent meeting on 25 April 1893 that formed the New Zealand Society for the Protection of Women and Children, and chaired its executive committee from 1893 until his death in 1916.

    The society aimed to help women and children who were the victims of violence and abuse and to give aid to unmarried mothers and women who had been abandoned by their husbands. It took court proceedings on their behalf and lobbied for changes to the law to give women and children greater protection. Wilding shaped the objectives of the society, recruited influential patrons and testified in court. Under his leadership all the major Christian churches and the Jewish congregation were represented, and many women interested in political and social reform became members. Branches were soon formed in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

    The members agitated to raise the age of consent, criminalise incest, establish children’s courts and increase the penalties for cruelty and neglect. They constituted an influential and effective pressure group, and their calls for reform were echoed by other societies. Partly as a result of their efforts the age of consent was raised from 14 to 15 in 1894, and to 16 in 1896; in 1900 incest became a criminal offence. In 1906 a separate court system for juvenile offenders was introduced – a major achievement for the Auckland society. Wilding led moral campaigns to get young people off the streets at nights and to make parents more responsible for their children.

    The society pioneered social work with families. In 1894 Elizabeth Porter was appointed lady visitor; among her duties she was required to interview complainants and investigate and keep a register of cases. Wilding himself investigated some cases.

    In 1898, not long after the demise of the Auckland SPCA, the Society for the Protection of Women and Children expanded its activities to include animal protection. Wilding acted as an animal welfare officer for several years. The SPCA was re-established in 1926. In addition to these duties, Wilding was in 1903 appointed deputy inspector of lunatic asylums, hospitals and licensed houses.

    Wilding was a tall, dignified man, with a very dominant personality. He believed that his mission was to reassert Christian family values in a world that had become increasingly hostile to them. He was adamant that the family, when it functioned properly, provided the best protection for women and children. When the family failed, however, he was quite prepared to intervene. His dedication to the work of the Society for the Protection of Women and Children caused his financial affairs to suffer and in 1901 he was forced to file for bankruptcy. The following year the family moved to Devonport and he began a private enquiry agency which was eventually taken over by his daughter Katie. He died at Devonport on 8 June 1916, survived by his wife and seven children, six of whom were from his second marriage.