Fanny Flambeaux is apparently part of the Smokin’ Pussies gang


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  • longjohn

    Oh dear….still laughing! Love the wisp of smoke at the end.

  • Col

    Yep funny.

  • P1LL

    He is saying , I am not a creepy doll fetish man , but I bought this doll that shoots sparks out of her ass that was made in china but I will say it was a Japanese doll . WTF .

  • Tauhei Notts

    Those dolls will sell like hot cakes at a Henderson or Kelston Guy Fawkes shop.

    • jb

      Fifth of November might be a good time to bring her out ha!

  • jb

    I like this guy. He handles the whole thing well.

    But my question is: who’s the target market of this doll? It’s too hentai to be for kids surely.