I feel sick just watching


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  • thor42

    Wow….. very scary stuff. The plane was not only sideways but it seemed to be dropping like a stone until just before touchdown.

  • P1LL

    Nick have you never experienced a windy day flying into Wellington ?
    The only two times I have landed @ wellington it was sideways

    • New Plymouth.

      The pilot as applauded.

      • Dave

        agree, anyone taking their life into their hands by going to New Plymouth needs applauding.

  • RightOfGenghis

    The crab and sideslip. Looks a lot worse than it is. The nose position is critical, once on the flare tho you must kick in the rudder to align with the runway, vital to make sure there is minimal side load at contact…

  • James Growley

    That’s just a normal day at Wellington airport.

  • Col

    30 years ago flew into I think Tonga or one of those islands and the wind was cyclone stuff, I reckon we were hovering over the runway going nowhere for about 30 seconds in the same place about 3 metres above the runway then just dropped down, no problem.

  • Harroputza

    Flown into Bilbao before. Dark, so couldn’t see what was going on, but it felt about as bad as that looks. The pilot got a round of applause.