Fracking causes gonorrhoea, did the Greens know this?

Its true…fracking causes gonorrhoea…Vice explains how:

The rapid industrialization of North America’s countryside has brought a litany of big city problems to rural America. While critics accuse frackers of fouling air, drinking water, and farmland with swamp gas and carcinogens; prostitution, methamphetamine, and sexual crime have stalked drilling operations.

“There’s like 80 guys for every woman,” said an industry veteran who has watched a rising sprawl of trailer parks, dive bars, and strip clubs consume the North Dakota prairie in recent years. “A friend of mine brought his wife here with him. If he turns his back on her at Walmart, there are guys talking to her when he returns.”

To fill the gap in available housing for a surging transient workforce, company-housing units—known as “man camps”—have sprung up on the outskirts of once meager population centers. It’s work hard, play hard. You are 7.6 times more likely to die working on an oil or gas rig than in any other industry, so it’s understandable that when payday comes, these guys want to burn off steam. Unfortunately for many small towns around the country, a fracking worker’s idea of fun can be a bit debauched. 

“Hookers go for $300 a pop,” said the oil worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “But if you see a woman in a store or on the street, they get nervous when you simply say ‘howdy.’ Some go into panic mode because of the crude guys around here. ”

Critics of fracking have compared it to raping the Earth, but where drilling has spread literal rape has followed. Violence against woman in fracking boomtowns in North Dakota and Montana has increased so sharply that the Department of Justice (DoJ) announced in June that it plans to spend half a million dollars investigating the correlation. In soliciting grants from researchers the DoJ speculated that “oil industry camps may be impacting domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the direct and surrounding communities in which they reside.”

A separate study from the environmental group Food and Water Watch (FWW) released in September notes that cases of gonorrhea and Chlamydia have gone up too, increasing 32.4 percent in heavily fracked counties in Pennsylvania. The study collects statistical data from five years before and five years after congress changed the Safe Drinking Water Act to exempt frackers from disclosing the chemicals used in the drilling process—spawning America’s fracking boom. FWW also draws on press reports from around the country that point to the pervasiveness of the trend.

“We’ve found that fracking brought a host of social costs to communities where drilling has begun,” said FWW’s Program Director Emily Wurth. “These are the real costs of fracking that are never discussed.”

Along with sexually transmitted diseases the study documents a spike in automobile crashes—up by 7.2 percent in Pennsylvania counties where fracking is widespread, while decreasing by 12.4 percent in non-fracked regions. The state is hardly unique.

“Most of the guys drive company trucks over 100 MPH to and from work,” said the John Doe oil worker, describing his North Dakota commute, “passing crude oil tankers each way.”


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  • Col

    I think we should send Metiria over to investigate, 80 men for every woman, think how many new jackets she could buy, and having all those men want to listen regarding Fracking.

    • Bevan….?

      • Col

        At 2 minute a shot, give allowance for interval, = $4500 an hour 12 weeks she could become a millionaire?

  • James Growley

    I am surprised the place is not crawling with hookers – they are not ones to miss a business oportunity, especially one with so many pigeons around.

    • Col

      We could send some Lenny blow-ups.
      Hm not sure about that, they may get Fracking in a place like that.

  • steve and monique

    And the Greens cause a pain in the arse. Pity there is no ointment to get rid of this problem.

  • Toryboy

    A shame we cannot have positive things about the regeneration of North Dakota.
    For 75 years the State was in decline – population, services etc – and suddenly the free enterprise system has turned it all around.

    Instead of anyone saying “great! the more people moving to North Dakota the better, the more money made out of the oil business there, the better” – they decide to zero in on childish and irrelevant nonsense about the need for more clap Doctors!

    I imagine if there was an economic regeneration of somewhere like Naseby, or Wairoa (two places also several decades in decline) instead of applauding we would hear an endless stream of rubbish too.

  • kehua

    Christchurch will/is experiencing the same shit.