Friday General Debate

Len Brown.

No, sorry.  It isn’t over.  But let’s not talk about Len here.  There will be more than you ever wanted to know or talk about over the next 4 days.  Long weekend… I suspect either the NZ Herald  or Herald on Sunday will unload.

Until then, this post is open for you to start your own topics, share your own news or have a natter to the regulars.

If you can’t think of anything, try this debating topic for the day.. and since we’ve been so serious all week, let’s go frivolous

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?


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  • LionKing

    Where’s that Simion Bridges with the Employment Relations Amendment Bill that goes some way to rebalancing the ledger to employers vs scumbag unions?

    • Patrick

      Where is the reform to remove the obligation from employers to collect union dues from the employees? I can’t think of anything more perverse, employer collects money, feeds it to the union who then use the money to fund attacks on the employer

  • blokeintakapuna

    When considerably North of the 3 Kings one time, alone at night with NZ far to the South, in the pitch black darkness that can only be found away from city light pollution – the skipper commented that it wasn’t sharks he feared if he fell overboard – it would be squid…
    Ferocious, incessant hunter killers programmed to kill… and it’s always the little ones…
    So horse sized duck for me… because that would make an awesome Peking Duck dish… if you could catch it!

    • Kimbo

      I see a script for a movie – “Just when you though it was safe to go back in the water – SQUID!!”

    • Bunswalla

      It must be all the sexual references and innuendos over the last week and a half, but when I read that question, at first i did not think it said “horse-sized duck”

  • blokeintakapuna

    Might be time for a swim this weekend too…

  • Pete George

    The partial asset sale programme shows that political game playing and sound business decisions don’t go well together. Have we ever seen such a costly (to the country) opposition campaign before? Labour and Greens have deliberately tried to score points at great cost to us. And I always thought National was unwise to put so many political eggs in one business sector basket, one of the most important rules of investment is diversity, so small investors would be unwise to put too much into power generation.

    Another angle though – while the sale prices and subsequent market performance have been disappointing when all the Green energy initiatives kick in next term the Government may have been wise to flick off ownership in big old energy companies.

    • tspoon

      So did they sell the shares or not? MSM say they never got the buyers. I got an email from meridian saying not everyone gets all the shares they applied for. Those two facts seem contradictory. I’m thinking the local institutional buyers snapped them all up, leaving the individual buyers squeezed out. But then, even so, why is the price at the low end ($1.50) if they all got purchased?

    • Guest

      While it was ridiculously crafty and admittedly underhanded that Labour announced their policy when they did would it have been any better if they had waited and then possibly shafted people after the sale? It could be argued (valid or not) that Labour wanted to let people know what their ideas and plans were (with underhanded tones as I’ve mentioned) and nationals objection was that it gave people a choice where if Labour had waited until after the sales national wouldn’t have cared because the sales would be done and tough shit to anyone who loses out.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    duck sized horses. Sell them for thousands as pets!

  • williamabong

    Great to see Bathurst Mining finally, after two years get a green light (pun intended) to start mining, after a two week period while we wait yet again for the inevitable objection.
    Once again Stuff gets it wrong, Bathurst closed closed their Australian operation and registered on the NZ stock exchange, but according to Stuff Up they’re still an Australian company, dicheads.
    Any one considering an new car is urged to bypass HONDA as a potential choice, HONDA are a major corporate sponsor of Forest and Bird, and as such are directly supporting the Green Taliban.

    • Material Turei, RFC and Thistle Norman wil be going feral.

      • williamabong

        I fucking hope so, after all it’s their default setting.

    • blokeintakapuna

      The good thing for Bathurst though with all the never-ending delays in gaining Resource Consent is that they’ll be able to utilise modern technology and they’ll find the Internal Combustion Engine of immense help.

      • williamabong

        Round here there is a fair few that would be happy going back to basics and giving a set of gallows a good run first off.
        Coasters have had a gutsfull of trendy green wankers from Auckland telling us how to run our lives from 600 km away.

        • FredFrog

          Please do not lump all Aucklanders into that category. A lot of us hate the green wankers just as much as you do.

          • Tom

            He didn’t

          • Bob Murphy

            I live in Auckland Billyboy, but am only on missionary duty from the South Island. Bloody hard job, haven’t converted many in the last 50 years. Come on Canterbury in the weekend.

        • cows4me

          Yeah you are right there Bill. Can’t believe the melons, they talk about a living wage but do everything in their power to shut or hinder business. It this country turns left next year I’m picking near civil war, if their coalition of retards can last long enough to destroy us.

    • Team ENZ

      thanks W, I was looking to replace my old car for a Honda CRX,but now, I will look at other makes..cheers.

    • niggly

      Great indeed but what’s this about Honda sponsoring F&B? Two questions, why on earth would a car company sponsor an anti-progress lobby group and more importantly, why on earth are F&B accepting money from a “nasty environmentally damaging car manufacturer in bed with Big Oil” (lol)? Surely someone’s head in F&B should roll (or is “selected morality and hypocrisy” ok when it’s done by the Left)? Where is the MSM and Nicky Hager exposing this grand “duplicity”?!!!

      • blokeintakapuna

        it is rather “inconvenient” for them isn’t it!

    • sheppy

      Bugger! Just bought a Honda Mower

  • LesleyNZ

    Well now – so we have an interesting weekend coming up?
    Now that is an interesting question. I am not sure which duck horse I want to fight. Perhaps I will be a Pacifist.
    I see The NZ Herald has done an interesting piece on Luigi – The colourful life and times of Luigi Wewege
    Nice day today coming up.

    • williamabong

      Leave it to the Herald, smear, smear , nasty, personal, dirt, character assassination, all part of the modus operandi.

      • Cowgirl

        This is actually bullying I think – Hamish Price seems to have made it his personal mission to hound Luigi out of NZ, with nothing more than unsubstantiated rumours of misconduct.

        • LesleyNZ

          So who is Hamish Price?

          • JohnRW

            I understand this supposed to be a non Len Brown General Debate but within the confines of this topic I read this in the Herald last night indicating someone writing who has simply reported some facts for a change. This is reporting that LB cancelled his appearance for a 6:00 pm event yesterday after the “radio comment” in the afternoon about 3 more others.

            “It was understood the mayor’s office contacted organisers and told them he had “urgent council business” to attend to.

            Mr Brown’s press staff could not be contacted by APNZ in the hours leading up to the 6pm event.

            Mr Brown’s pulling out of the event followed further allegations against him aired on a radio station this afternoon.”

            Here’s the link for the full item:
            Perhaps he went home to explain something.

          • williamabong

            Lame duck mayor, welcome to the next three years.

          • LesleyNZ

            Horse sized duck?

          • blokeintakapuna

            Ass-sized lame duck…

          • Cowgirl

            curiouser and curiouser

          • Bob Murphy

            Pulling out or off?

          • blokeintakapuna

            not sure – but I can smell the obfuscation on his breath from here…

          • Cowgirl

            Someone who could use a little scrutiny himself I dare say

    • Cowgirl

      Yes the Hamish Price obsession with Luigi Wewege continues…the Herald are really scratching around for a story now aren’t they?

    • CheesyEarWax

      The Horrid have covered the Len Brown affair more on everyone else other than Len Brown himself.

  • Release the Hounds

    No i don’t want my trust in the MSM. Oh well, they better do this properly!

  • Molon Labe

    Of course the ‘Horse sized duck’. Then again I would have my faithful M1A close at hand. There nothing as reassuring as a having a fine ‘delivery tool’ close at hand to deliver the 7.62X51 NATO round to neutralize any potential threat.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Reach out and touch someone… deliver them the good news

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Can i use a chainsaw?

    • blokeintakapuna

      most would use knife & fork, or chop sticks, or even their hands – but go right ahead…

  • blokeintakapuna

    it’s easy to spot the “troll plants” who visit – I can smell the obfuscation on their breath from here…

  • Dick Brown

    100 duck sized horses; the horse sized duck will absolutely kill you then rape you with its corkscrew penis.

    Question: If there was a miracle drug to instantly cure all cancers and immunize babies against it….

    Would you release it to be used?

    My answer: No.

    • JC

      A duck has a 20cm penis which he erects in 0.3 of a second and he rapes about 40% of the time, so a horse size duck?…


  • Oh dear, ranting pinko Wendyl Nissen just called the Americas Cup a “fucking yacht race” live on ZB. Palm meet face.

    • blokeintakapuna

      I suppose she would call Hillary’s success with Everest… “hill climbing”
      The reason these leftards get any traction and media platform, is because of the ideologically sympathetic and “related party” cronyism between media and politicians these days.
      … and they think “Anti-Key/ Anti-National / Anti-progress” coordinated campaigns are “holding the government to account” without any credible analysis or alternative being offered – besides a union mouth piece’s opinion.
      It’s defiling and breaking our democracy….

    • LesleyNZ

      Friday with Wendyl and Jeremy has got stupid – this is an all time low. But then does it really matter Travis? Thought you would think it was great.Foul-mouthed woman. She needs to wash her mouth out with her beloved Castile soap. She said a while ago that she thinks it funny that her grandchild goes around saying F word. No standards. Would your grandmother say the same?

      • Yes I thought it was great, because she fucked up :)

        • LesleyNZ

          That is not nice. You need a big clip around the ears for saying that.

      • Rodger T

        48 years ago when I was 4 I attended the kindergarten on the Airbase at Whenuapai, I still have a very vivid memory of Mrs Simpson bundling me up under her arm and marching down to the wash house to wash my mouth out with soap,what I said i have no recollection,but the rest of the memory is as clear as a bell.
        Did`nt have the desired effect tho`. LoL.

        • LesleyNZ

          She should have used Solvol.

          • Rodger T

            Been addicted to Sunlight ever since.
            Tho` imagine the furore if that happened nowadays : )

          • niggly

            Lol and indeed it would be banned!

          • niggly


    • CheesyEarWax

      Maybe she is peeved the gov is not investing in her dairy-free chicken liver based infant formula?

    • 4077th

      Bugger, I turned it off after she started ranting about the 5M. That stupid cloth eared bint gets right up my nose. I’m sure Hosking only has her on the show to take the piss out of her.

      • cows4me

        Wasn’t she having issues with her pubic hair? She as mad as a cut snake, that woman.

  • Col

    I hear nothing, I see nothing, I wait for the Big one.
    Lennys Last Supper, coming your way soon!!!!!!!

  • LesleyNZ

    Well this is interesting: “Mrs Gray said Mr Brown’s position was as a figurehead, and his only engagement this year had been speaking at an event earlier in the year celebrating the service’s 120th anniversary.
    However, a statement issued by the organisation this morning said Mrs Gray’s comments were not endorsed by the board and were incorrect.”
    Board distances itself from director’s Len Brown comments –

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    Those reporters who Cam likes so much have done it again.
    A Waikato Aero Club aircraft had to abort a takeoff and struck another aircraft.
    The Waikato Times shoved a photo of an Air New Zealand passenger aircraft in as the graphic and the reporter then waffled on about the other aircraft being a two seater Cessna 172.
    The C172 is a four seater

    • blokeintakapuna

      When I did my first solo it was in a C152 out of Tauranga – which I was very grateful for, because prior to moving to Tauranga at that time, I had been living on the Shore – and Dairy Flat only had one very narrow and not overly flat or straight runway – so Tauranga was a doddle by comparison…

      • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

        I soloed at Paraparaumu in a MS880 (Rallye Cub) in the early 60s sent off by one of New Zealands aviation characters :)

        • GregM

          C152, Ardmore, with airline flying club, 1984.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Something that really frustrates me while driving is when some people pull up and stop at traffic lights they leave at least 1 to 2 car gaps between the vehicle stopped in front of them. With the amount of cars on the road nowadays they wonder why things get slowed down. There is no need to leave such a huge gap between cars. Also if people were a bit more with it and all moved off at the same time when the lights change not wait until the car in front has moved off and now there is a 5 metre gap. This sort of dopiness just slows everything down and frustrates the hell out of me, I don’t know about others.

    • DTG

      This sooooo annoys me to…together with people who drive progressively more slowly up the harbour bridge, slowing to 60km near the top, and then belt down the other side as if they had just robbed a bank.

    • Ghost

      Guilty, but then you don’t want to get too close, you need some room to manoeuvre around or over a potential threat.

      • conwaycaptain

        As I have said before I used to live in Jersey in the Channel Islands. The island is 9×5 miles so about 350 miles of roads. There are 120,000 cars on the roads and people drive Remuera Tractors and Jags etc. The speed limit is 50kmh and there are only 2 stretches of road you could go faster if you are willing to risk it and the longest is about 3 miles!!!!
        And you think we have travel problems

        • rockape

          Prefer Sark, One rolls Royce, a car for the Doctor all other transport Tractors or horse drawn wagons. The benefit of a benevolent dictatorship(the RR is his).

    • MarcWills

      Then there’s the annoying habit many use of coasting slowly up to the stopping point ahead, and all the cars behind concertining up and trying not to bump the car in front of them getting slower and slower. FFS losers – move up to the point to stop and use your brakes, that’s what they are for. (Rant over)

      • Team ENZ

        best way to deal with those bastards is to come up in the leftlane then cut infront of them.. you should see the look of anger in their face..and always make sure you have a crowbar handy..just in case.

    • Noambitionf.a.interest

      Amen brother. With all the red light runners the cars at the front of the queue need to be a little wary but the followers who dawdle along need a rocket up their arse!

    • dumbshit

      my pet peeve is the idiots who stop short of the sensor pads in the right turn lane and wonder why the right turn phase defaults

      • cows4me

        I feel your pain brothers, no not really :-)

        • dumbshit

          maybe you can relate to this pain……one of my brothers was herding the cows into the milking shed yards when one broke back and pissed off down the race at a great rate, he gave chase on his three wheeled honda only to over look the cows brake-lights and he duly ended up munting the front guard and headlight as he ploughed the front wheel between its legs.the double pain for me was i had just loaned him $350 to get bike out of the repair shop and secondly as he recounted the story in a very serious monotone to another brother and me we had to bite our cheeks to stop from pissing ourselves laughing

  • island time

    I enjoyed Tony Abbott “calling out” the Greeny people yet again. One of them going on about Climate change being the cause of all the fires in Australia, and yet there are reports that one was caused by the Army and others by kids. I wish the greenies would pull their heads in. They are really giving me the shits!

    • Patrick

      Hell of a hullabaloo because the Minister for the Environment used a quote from Wikipedia during an interview with some mad as a rabbit pro AGW BBC journalist. Just so happens the Minister was expressing his doubts around the whole Climate Change sham & little missy BBC journo just happens to be a climate change zealot. Now all the zealots are leaping at the opportunity to blame the bushfires on climate change, including the biggest fraud of all Al Gore. never mind a bunch of little scroats have been arrested for starting them & an Army training exercise has also been blamed.

      Never let it be said that the greenies are a bunch of opportunists looking for a disaster to further their political aims though.

    • blokeintakapuna

      It was a while ago now, but have seen a doco on how the Australian bush actually NEEDS fire to survive. It’s all part of a natural cycle… and to be expected when we break free from our Urban boundaries and move more and more into the bush..

      • Alfred12

        That’s right BIT, I believe the aborigines in the NT light fires at the start of the dry season. Something to do with clearing out the undergrowth before it drys out completely.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Why are we spending $200 Million on upgrading a High Security prison when a tent camp in the Army’s Waiuru camp would be a much better option?
    Then the funds could be spent on OAP’s …and the army sharpshooters could get practise with those that tried to escape…

  • martin

    Any suggestions for getting rid of nits? It’s an ongoing problem. Tried Kero and even Frontline. Keep coming back. Thoughts?

    • Rodger T

      Shave ur head or your pubes………………….

      • Team ENZ


    • Dumrse

      Brush ya teeth with veet.

    • nani

      Neem oil Neem soap
      frontline or kero… thats just brutal

    • LesleyNZ

      Presumably for a human???? If so this is the best product. It zaps the nits and eggs as you comb through the hair. Better than the shampoo and in the end cheaper than the shampoos. $60.00 You can buy direct from them and collect if in AKLD (they are in Penrose).

    • blokeintakapuna

      Coat 2 x Weetbix with peanut butter, then crumble. Add tobacco sauce, then liberally coat inside of underwear with the salve. Wear said underwear for at least an hour.
      It won’t help in the slightest with nits, but it might help take your mind off them.

    • cows4me

      you sure it’s not crabs?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    LEN!! Read my avatar. It is time