What? Fruit and vege prices are cheaper? Without removing GST?

You won’t hear much from Labour and the Green talking about lowering GST on fruit and veges in order to make them more affordable.

That is because they are already very sharply priced because of changing seasons. Prices for fruit and vege are actually falling.

Food prices have continued to climb in the past year – but the good news is that a flood of seasonal veges has dramatically cut the cost of making a salad.

Prices rose 1.2 per cent in the year to September, the biggest annual increase since February last year.

But New Zealanders’ overall grocery bills were largely unchanged from August to last month as increases for milk and pork were offset by falling prices for vegetables coming into season.

The warmer weather helped to drive down the prices of lettuce (44 per cent), cucumber (27 per cent), capsicum (26 per cent) and tomatoes (8.4 per cent) in September compared to August. 

David Farrar has a handy chart that shows the seasonal fluctuations…except under Labour where food prices went up year on year from 2005-2008.



Information like this shows up the stupidity of Labour’s policy.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Actually it has been proven that frozen veges are better as they are picked, washed, snap frozen within 24 hrs and retain all their goodness whereas many of the “fresh veges” are about 7 days old by the time they get on the shelves.

    • Jimmie

      Mind you if you grow your own veges you can eat them before they have barely stopped screaming – now that is fresh…

      • Col

        I will report you too the Greens for this.

        • Jimmie

          The green gestapo??

          I’ll take the risk as veges taste so good when freshly killed.

          • johnbronkhorst

            Shot through the stork at 300 meters?

          • Jimmie

            Nah prefer close quarters combat. Cut the broccoli head off with a fine boning knife or rip ’em out by the roots….

    • Bunswalla

      Also buying from Farmers’ Markets (the Tauranga one is particularly good) means they are freshly cut/picked, taste fantastic and are usually cheaper. There are a couple of guys that come through every Saturday morning from Te Teko with a truck full of fresh produce. The broccoli heads are twice the size of supermarket ones and half the price, everything is fresh and they sell it all.

      The Tga market has asparagus, mushrooms, spuds, strawberries (yes, already) and the best free range eggs around. You just about have to scrape them out with a spoon after cracking the shell (raw, not boiled!). Sorry, didn’t mean for this to sound like an infomercial….,heh heh.

      • ScottP

        Hey you forgot tomatoes : ) , make sure you buy them off me there, I’m next to Allen from te teko who will be back hopefully next week. Scott

        • Stuarts.burgers

          W O charge than man for blatant self promotion may be 1 kg of Toms should do it.

  • johnbronkhorst

    One labour/greens policy proved to be ridiculous, now for the rest of the list.
    Housing policy
    etc etc

  • Col

    That’s true about frozen vegs, much better for you unless you have your own garden, which should be included in all new housing, like in Auckland with hanging baskets from the apartments, yea right.

  • nudgy

    Check the label on those frozen veges. Most come from the PRC.

    • AnonWgtn

      Nah – if not local then from Aussie who own the Supermarkets, and give preference to Aussies whatever the price, knowing that NZ mugs will pay anyway.

  • Pita

    “Information like this shows up the stupidity of Labour’s policy.”…No, it shows up the stupidity of Labour’s voters.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros – this is why my new aunty Celia Wade-Brown will be starting Vegetable Gardens in the parliament lawns and Fat Tuatara has agreed to plant the first seed. Come along on this Saturday morning for this function. You will all be given organic orange juice and Aloe Vera biscuits…..

    • johnbronkhorst

      Delivery by cycleway that dear old celia wants to build? The one that already exists and has done for decades!

    • Dumrse

      The Fat Tuatara seed will need to be fertilised…….let’s hear about your plan.

  • Patrick

    You could offer the vegetables for free & people would still choose Maccas.
    It isn’t the price of the vegetables, that is just some horseshit the hand wringers use to try to justify the poor eating habits of the fat.

    • SJ00

      Taking 15 cents off the dollar for fruit and vege isn’t going to suddenly make fruit and vege affordable and appealing to the people whom Labour say are effected by high prices. You are exactly right, the people that choose MiccyDs and KFC over a home cooked meal with fresh vege, will continue to do so, I suspect even if it was free.
      A kg of loose carrots at Countdown is $1.99 a kg. If they were $1.73 (ex gst) do you think the great unwashed will suddenly ‘discover’ the virtues of carrots and buy them? It is a stupid policy that will do no good, other than give the rich pricks (aye SCS) who already buy the most fruit and vege per household, a nice discount (which I’ll glady take, but the policy isn’t for me is it Labour.. or is it?)

      • GazzW

        This is what Cunliffe’s message to the 250,000 poverty-stricken people will be and what the rent-a-loons who write to the Herald Opinions columns extolling labour’s virtues on every single issue would have us believe will lead NZ into salvation.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Venezuela should be the example for all aspiring socialists on policies of central control of basic needs such as food, electricity and toilet paper. There is only one outcome, shortages, shortages, shortages!!!

    • Patrick

      But we will have a fairer society, where all have to wipe their arses with grass

  • Mr_Blobby

    If the average person spent say $30 pw on fresh fruit and veges. The saving would be about $3.90.

    Fruit and veges can double or triple in price when they go out of season. What would you do with the savings, buy 4 cigarettes, Put petrol in the unregistered unwarrantable dunger, to drive into sky city (because the local pokies had closed in the councils sinking lid policy), go down to the local and buy a 3 pack of whatever is cheapest, perhaps use it to buy a packet of chips and a fizzy drink for the kids, for there pre free school breakfast treat.

    Not sure whose the stupidest. The Muppets spouting this shit or the ones they say they are trying to help.

    • Dave

      Don’t Fuck with GST, removing it from anything is simply Dumb. If you want a tax, have a tax. If you want welfare, then deliver welfare separately, but never ever confuse or combine them.

      Ia Aussie, GST is not imposed on fresh fruit or reprocessed milk etc. Its just an administrative nightmare. Ie. Milk purchased for a cuppa in the business, No GST. Small jar of coffee or tea, yes, has GST, chocolate milk, or a coffee flavored milk, yes has GST. Fresh chicken, no GST, rotisserie chicken, has GST. Now try filling out the monthly returns and expenses with a few staff in different offices!!

      Answer – leave the GST system alone. Remove all benefits, that should fix it.

  • cows4me

    So if you remove GST on fruit and veg what about removing for GST on the costs to the farmers that produce the products. We pay GST on fuel, seed, fertilizer, machinery etc . Why don’t the commie muppets remove the GST on costs to produce the food, that would lower food prices more then the horseshit that is proposed now.