Why the full court press against Bevan Chuang?

Len Brown and his team of council paid spin weasels have relentlessly led the attacks against Bevan Chuang. From the outset there were threats and those threats have come to pass.

My media sources tell me that David Lewis has been front and centre in leading the charge to dish the dirt on Bevan Chuang. It wasn’t me or Stephen Cook who released her name and details or even published photos of her until yesterday. The photos we did publish were also none of the salacious ones currently being shown in other media. It was the NZ Herald that jumped in boots and all and published photos, including a 5 page spread on the whole saga. I’m also told they doubled their print run and delivered and sold many more papers on Wednesday than they have for a very long time.

In all my public appearances I haven’t said a bad word about Bevan Chuang…she is not the target in this, despite Len Brown’s team guided by the thoroughly nasty David Lewis throwing her under the bus.

But why did they do that…remember that Len Brown on Christmas Day 2012 told Bevan Chuang that he loved her…and generally signed off his text messages with kisses…so why would he do that?


To stop the other women…and there are other women, there is more than enough info available now to be able to say that, to stop them coming forward.?

The smashing up of Bevan Chuang is deliberate and calculated to instil fear into the other women to make them nervous about copping the same treatment…and the media played along…shame on them.

Bevan Chuang may be a hussy, sleeping her way into jobs, power and privilege but she is a single woman and entitled to use all her assets to progress her many careers. THis story has never been about her and shame on the media and the various left wing apologists and a few of my own commenters to make this about her.

It is about the dodgy ratbag conduct of Mayor Len Brown, in obtaining jobs for his mistress and lobbying on her behalf like what Nick Smith did (he resigned).

It is about Mayor Len Brown using his position to obtain benefits, both sexual, financial (free rooms), and influence in order to get his jollies, like Richard Worth (he resigned/was fired)

It is about Mayor Len Brown using inappropriate language and racial terms like “Geisha Girl” and “Manchu Girl”, no unlike Alasdair Thompson or Paul Henry (they both lost their jobs)

It is about Len Brown using council resources including his driver and vehicle, the staff at Townhall, the offices, bathrooms and the Ngati Whatua room as his private pimps, chauffeur and bordello in order to facilitate easy illicit affairs.

It is about Len Brown’s hypocrisy, honesty, ethics and integrity in campaigning as one man and acting as another.

It is about Len Brown’s use of ratepayer funded spin weasels to defend his actions, to speak on behalf of his family and to attack and hound a women who is actually a victim in all of this.

One thing is for sure…the leftwing have allowed for a new ethical standard to be created for anyone to use as a defence when they are likewise compromised.

The Brown Standard of Public ethics….it allows for rooting, lying, cheating, and bribery with impunity. No longer will Russell Brown, half the left wing, almost all of the media be able to call for anyone’s head for their shenanigans because that ratbag politician will be able to claim the “Brown Standard”….as long as nothing is illegal you are good to go. there will be no consequences like for everyone else before them…you get off scot free, even with sympathy.

Our media disgusts me.Len Brown disgusts me, and David Lewis especially disgusts me.

I am of a mind to organise a protest at the swearing in so we can all laugh and mock Len Brown as he is sworn in just as he is creating laughter and mocking for the city he professes to love.