Ghost Goal


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  • Groundsperson deserves a tenner for that M8!

  • nellie

    What was the final score?

    • rrroberto

      2:1 to Leverkusen over Hoffenheim. If the ghost goal is discounted the score would be 1:1. Hoffenheim have lodged a protest. Shortly after awarding the goal the referee did have the hole in the net drawn to his attention. Note that Kiesling who headed the ball into the net, hung his head in shame immediately afterwards, he knew he missed and he also never claimed a goal.No video refs in the Bundesliga or indeed I believe none at all in FIFA, just as well if you turn the clock back 47 years to Wembly, then England might not have won the 1966 World Cup. . Good stuff to WO SportsBlog, this news was only 38 minutes old when I trolled the German internet for the story. By the way,has happened before in the Bundesliga. To the referee’s defence, in the moment when he had to make a decision, there were no contrary claims from Hoffenheim, that Goalie sure looked flummoxed but he did not protest. The Phantom goal puts Bayer Leverkusen on top of the Budesliga. Hoffenheim is an amazing addition to the league, a small country town in Baden with a football team which is mixing it up with the big cities like Hamburg,Frankfurt,Munich,Rurhpott, and Cologne. Looks like Leverkusen is the only representative from Cologne area in the Bundesliga, and the unlucky Hoffenheim is currently 10th out of 18 with big city teams from Hamburg Frankfurt Augsburg and Nuremburg below them.
      Hoffenheim is a village of 3000 people and they are mid placed in the German premier League, this is because of a Larry Ellison/Oracle like situation, or closer to home , a Russell Crowe South Sydney scenario. Some local lad ,Dietmar Hopp , made good in the software business , ploughed the money in to his home team and the rest is history..5th divison in 2000, now mid ranked Bundesliga. A bit like turning Suburbs RFC in west Auckland, or any city club team into a competitive Super 15 Rugby Team

  • BR

    Maybe Dynamo the magician was in the stands.