Not a good idea


Hey here’s an idea, lets invent a camo in one of the only colours deer can see….Blue.

Normally Ridgeline makes good kit. I have plenty of their gear in Buffalo camo and it is really warm, and really tough and more importantly makes you invisible, both to deer and to idiot shooters. Blaze orange makes you a target…I won’t wear it, I know of too many people who have been shot at wearing it. On top of that how can you be sure that the manufacturer of blaze orange mixed the colour the right way:

Bear in mind also there are two ways to make blaze orange clothing. One is by combining red and yellow. The other is by combining yellow and magenta – the latter of which is in the peak sensitivity range of a deer’s visual spectrum, and thus will glow in a deer’s eyes. Also consider that most conventional laundry detergents and many of the color dyes used on camouflage clothing manufactured overseas contain so-called blueing, brightening or whitening agents. What they do is collect light energy from a wide range of wavelengths, and re-radiate it in a powerful peak at a range of about 440 nanometers – near maximum sensitivity of a deer. 

In the dim light of dawn and dusk, these brightening agents can make your clothes glow like a neon sign in the eyes of a deer.

Ridgeline’s latest gear is just plain silly…deer can see blue, it is one of the few colours they can see. So why would you bring out a camo line of clothing in bright blue…unless you don’t want the wearer to ever see a deer again.

Deer vision researchers found only two classes of cones (color receptors) in deer, as opposed to three in humans. Unlike the trichromatic (three-color) vision of humans, deer vision is most sensitive to short wavelength (blue-violet) and middle-wavelength light (green-yellow). Furthermore, their lenses lack yellow pigment of the human eye that acts to filter out ultraviolet light almost completely, and absorbs it strongly in the violet and blue regions. As a result, their sensitivity to short wavelength light (blue and violet) is much higher than that of humans. Sensitivity is lowest in the middle to long wavelength light (yellow-green, green, yellow, orange, and red). To them, orange and red appear only as different shades of gray, which is why they aren’t particularly alarmed by blaze orange. More often it’s the solid human form, rather than the color that catches their eyes.

So blue is a no-no, unless you are in the deer scaring business. Blaze Orange isn’t much better, but blue is just crazy.

You can see why i wear camo, not orange and definitely not blue. Movement is the give away, but staying still neither deer nor idiot shooters can se you.

You can see why i wear camo, not orange and definitely not blue. Movement is the give away, but staying still neither deer nor idiot shooters can se you.


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  • GregM

    Blue attracts wasps as well. It’s a bastard of a colour in the bush.

    • Never in the dark…..

      And a range of biting insects too.

  • Col

    Tie a sapling to each leg and some tussock on your head, and just to make sure it works before you go hunting, see if the dog will piss on you, if he does your ready to go hunting.

  • Daniel Stratton

    How the hell would even the most idiotic person shoot at someone in safety orange?

    • Harroputza

      Look, a bright colour! Shoot it!

    • They do…can;t explain why but they do…mostly at dusk or dawn in poor light…the Orange just becomes grey to humans in low light situations.

    • Col

      They see something that is not the norm, and if it moves they just bang away, I m just shit scared to go hunting these days.

  • Honcho

    Really like the science behind this article. Ridgeline make pretty good kit, and it sells pretty damn cheap too but I now have another reason to not buy new gear in blue, as well as looking like a douche.

  • Bunswalla

    I went into a shop to buy some camo gear the other day, but I couldn’t find any.

  • cows4me

    Blue camo isn’t for hunting silly, it’s for the dole bludging surfies hiding out at the beach.

  • motorizer

    Its become trendy to wear hunting and fishing and ridgline gear. This is about marketing.