A few good results in Auckland

Although Auckland re-elected Len Brown he can hardly claim a mandate, indeed no one really can given the appallingly low turnout.

Len Brown gained 148944 votes. That is less than ten percent of Auckland’s population. The turn out was just 34.33% or 341611 votes. 995080 were eligible to vote.

Len Brown has won on 14.9% of the possible vote. He can hardly claim a mandate. His best statistic he can claim is that he won 43% of those who voted…no mandate there either.

There are some more interesting council results though.

Governing Body Results

Local Board results

Veteran trougher, Richard Northey, despite skiting to those attending a recent concert that he had the race in the bag has been unseated by Denise Krum. Well done to Denise. Northey has been supping from the public trough since Adam was in nappies. Good riddance.

Ann Hartley, another of Len Brown’s flunkies has be unseated in North Shore. The North Shore returned George Wood and Chris Darby. I’m glad Joseph Bergin didn’t get elected despite him being a young Nat…he is wetter and more left than Nikki Kaye, so Auckland dodged that bullet. Chris Darby will be interesting to watch though, because he is slightly loopy, a planner, and a fair weather right-winger…I expect Len Brown will attempt to buy him off with a chair position of some sort.

In the local board races I was very pleased to see Michael Williams unseated. His little team of nasties has been destroyed with only Jim Donald and Steve Udys being returned. Bullying people and getting drink driving convictions doesn’t really help your election chances. There is now a clear majority on the local board of like minded people who can work together instead of against each other. I was very pleased to see a good friend in Katrina Bungard get elected to the local board in the Pakuranga subdivison. Michael Williams supporters Wayne Huang and the bewildered Shirley Warren were destroyed. The shame in that ward is Simon Williamson missed out despite a fair bit of hard work. Never-mind, Steve Udys is on borrowed time. 

The Howick Subdivision saw Adele White returned in number one place, with John Spiller coming second. Unfortunately Jim Donald, another of Williams henchmen was returned, but he will cut a very lonely figure in coming meetings.

Lucy Schwaner, Jami-lee Ross’ wife was returned as number one in the Botany subdivision of Howick ward along with running mate and local cop Garry Boles and Bob Wichman made up the numbers. Michael Williams finished well down the rankings.

In other news the Manurewa Action Team scored 8 out of 8 seats for the local board, finally getting rid of the thoroughly nasty Colleen Brown. The same team also grabbed the majority on the Wiri Licensing Trust and their cousins in Papakura First took 5 of the 6 seats on the Papakura local board which will be great news for Judith Collins next year. Angela Dalton will be pushing back strongly against booze barns in Manurewa and I can’t see Len Brown getting much of a hearing from MAT. The Manurewa Action Team have shown how to campaign against Labour and win in their own backyard. Much praise should go to the brains behind their campaign and I hope the Nats and C&R are taking of whose fingerprints are the winning fingerprint in the deep south of Auckland. This result and their methods should be replicated across Auckland and the buggers muddle should embrace it or get out and let someone else have a crack.

The group who must be the most disappointed will be the cult members of Colin Craig’s Conservatives. They put up candidates everywhere, spent a fortune on signage and leaflets and only managed to get two local board members elected across the city, one of whom was Christine Rankin. Sometime soon Colin Craig is going to realise that despite the millions he has spent in past years he still loses. Hopefully he will learn that money still doesn’t buy elections.

Michael Wood was elected to the Puketapapa Local Board. This will be interesting since he has designs on becoming an MP. His comments about Jami-Lee Ross and Sam Lotu Iiga regarding standing for parliament when elected local council members may well come back to haunt him. His missus Julie Fairey also was elected to the same board…though it is fair to say she wears the pants in that family.

Nigel Turnbull was also returned to the Puketapapa Local Board though he missed out on a council seat because veteran trougher and shrill harpy Cathy Casey retained her seat.


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  • steve and monique

    Appalling turnout, appalling result, and not just in Auckland.

    • Hone Horo

      Appalling result – really? Not to YOUR liking?

  • ConwayCaptain

    I think that the local body elections should be run at the same time as the general election and people have a paper vote then we may get 755 TURN OUYT

  • Andrea

    I didn’t vote (and yes i will keep my mouth shut when it comes to council decisions), and the reason i didn’t vote was the lack of quality candidates. Auckland is suppose to be the city that keeps New Zealand pumping and the woeful selection of candidates is disappointing, surely Auckland can do better that this.

    • Hone Horo

      Only when you stand!

    • Mr_V4

      “No confidence”, should be an option. If it wins – large council spending decisions should go to referendum that require a certain turnout % to be enacted.

  • GazzW

    Cameron, how does this translate in terms of pro and anti Brown councillors? This is the all important issue now. Do Brown’s rubber-stampers control the council?

    • It is a nominally a centre right council

    • 11-9 on the Governing Body in support of Len on most cases

      All Committees of the Whole it will be around 13-9 as that includes the IMSB.

      Remember we have some “Centre-Rights” who will support Len on some issues

  • Hone Horo

    Oh, for fucks sake. Len Brown won – how many people bothered to vote doesn’t matter. You’re such a wanker! lol

    • dumbshit

      so did john key

      • Hone Horo

        That’s different. lol

    • Rat

      If someone had put up a decent candidate other than that guy..of which I can’t remember then a better turn out would have happened. personally I believe that the right voted for Penny Bright

  • Hone Horo

    Congratulations Adele. Still think of you. Poppy. :)

  • Michaels

    But he’s back fuck it!!

  • thor42

    That Manurewa Action Team sounds interesting – being in Wellington, I’d never heard of them. Any more info on them, WO?

    I completely agree that they have shown how to give Labour a real arse-whipping, and on Labour’s home ground too. Definitely a great example of “how to do it” for the Nats.

    • boglas

      The Manurewa Action Team is lead by George Hawkins ex Labour MP. He really knows how to campaign as evidenced by the full ticket in Manurewa and the 5 out of 6 in Papakura on the Papakura First Team the sister team to Manurewa Action. The 6th in Papakura is one who was on the earlier Papakura District Council and who ran as an Independant this time but was on the Papakura First Team last election.

      Edit: these teams are on the right with most members being Nats

  • dumbshit

    the “serial spender” got back by about 600 votes in tauranga, but a whole bunch of his arse lickers wil be down at winz on monday

  • andrew carrot

    State TV just asked a 30-something in Wellington if she had voted, to which she replied, “I don’t know how.” If there are lots more like her a) I can understand why the turn-out was so low and b) thank God we missed the curve ball that lot would’ve pitched had they attempted to vote. Just to prove that the sensible among us vote, 70% of Hamilton voters want fluoride added to their water, as do the people of Gizzy and Hastings.

    • SJ00

      Jesus, its real hard to tick some boxes and mail an envelope… maybe she is part of the generation that don’t know about mail without the e in front of it. If she didn’t know how to vote, I suspect she also wouldn’t have had a clue about the people running anyway.

      What was near on impossible to do, here in Wellington at least, was vote for the health board (pretty sure it was for the health board). There I think were 20 candidates, and you had to rank them in order. Jesus H Christ, like I give a shit about those below position 3. I actually ranked the Labour aligned candidates last, then picked those that looked like they had a good photo/face for the top spots and the rest was completely random. What a waste of time. Are we supposed to read all their little profiles, which tell us very little, and honestly rank them? I can see why turnout was low after trying to vote for that disaster!

      • andrew carrot

        Close, but no prize I’m afraid to say. TV1 also asked a couple of tweenies if they would use the internet to vote in 2016 – and they took sometime to think about it, then said ” yes, maybe.” Laziness, apathy, three weeks not long enough to form an opinion, who knows what caused this debacle.

      • James

        To be fair I had to go on the hunt to find my nearest post box; lived here for 5 years and it was the first time I’ve used it – I couldn’t even remembered what colour it was.

    • Dumrse

      “I don’t know how…” And Meg wants to give her $18.40 an hour.

  • thor42

    Arrgh…. Crazy Celia is back in in Wellington.

    Oh well…. *I* didn’t vote for her….

    • GregM

      I thought “Thelia”was hugely popular down there. Wanna swap her for Len ?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Clutching the straws are we? Forget it National supporters. Get ready for more defeat. Here is the list. Start to tick off one by one:

    1. TV3 opinion poll this week
    2. Roy Morgan poll next week
    3. Christchurch East by-election – defeat to the max. Wouldn’t be surprised if the National candidate fail to cross 1000 votes
    4. Asset sales referendum
    5. Next year general election

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I always speak the truth…..

    • GregM

      You’re up late SCS, have you run out of wine ?

      • DLNZ

        Give Wineston a call… he’s never short of a drop :P

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Forming the cabinet line-up for Curryleaf after his election win in 2014….

  • Apolonia

    The Conservative party got two seats on local boards, the party was formed two years ago. That’s two seats more than the Mana party, and twice as many as the Greens.

    • Aaron the green is on the city council down here in Dunedin, but Celia the ACT is on as well, so that should cancell his vote quite nicely.

  • James Growley

    I’d be interested to know how many postal votes did not make the deadline seeing that NZ Post says its delivery time across Auckland is five working days and ratepayers were told to post their papers by Wednesday.

  • LesleyNZ

    Grant Gillon has been elected a local board member for both Devonport-Takapuna Local Board and Kaipatiki Local Board – he stood in both but lies in Kaipatiki area. Now how does that work?

  • Mr_V4

    With a turnout that low there should be a mechanism whereby the council budget is automatically locked, in effect to ensure someone who doesn’t really have any mandate has to call an election and get 60%+ turnout to unlock the purse strings..

  • Jman

    Cathy Casey got re-elected seriously? Who in their right mind voted for that barking moonbat?

    • Feck

      certainly not me.

  • Feck

    Okay folks, let’s get serious about this. No one gave a damn about this election until the result. Palino has said he will stand next time. So let’s start his election campaign NOW!!

  • Stephen Berry

    I was placed third out of mayoral votes…that has to be some sort of platform for those who advocate less rates and more freedom?

    • Jman

      Good showing by you Stephen. I remember debating with you back in the day on the old yahoo messageboards when you had your Libertarian awakening. Keep your chin up.

  • WABloke

    If people cared they would vote, therefore only a third of people in Auckland care, therefore only a third of people in Auckland can speak their mind on local political matters, right? I used to live in Auckland but now I don’t, so I can’t vote, but I still care because my children, sadly, are still there. Irony.

  • DrQuack32

    I think there is an element of irony that you point out that Brown does not have a mandate based on the stats you puil out. Fair call. Does the same apply to National and their asset sales?

    • Muffin

      Len brown didn’t run his campaign offering rates hikes and overspending…. If he did that and won then yes…. Similar

      • DrQuack32

        Thats very true and in fact campaigned the first time round (and I am hazy on it) of something like only 3% increases or something to that effect. Clearly its gone well past that (and his spending as well on infrastructure) and yet was still voted back in. What does that say?

        • Muffin

          People are apathetic and there was no real alternative to lying Len

          • DrQuack32

            Yes and that’s true as well. I guess what I am getting at is there are similarities with National and Len Brown yet National can never do any wrongand Len Brown is a sack of shit. John Key ran against…. Phil Goff. Hardly a candidate where people go ‘I want that guy’. Regardless of what our ideals are, people whinge about rates but put him back in… He has been elected to press on with what he wants to do. I don’t like asset sales and I voted National but I have to accept that comes with them in power so they can get on with it.

          • Muffin

            I might agree if the government was being run as poorly as the Auckland council

          • DrQuack32

            I can’t argue with you there purely because I do not have all the facts in front of me to say I am wrong and you are right. I would suggest if the council is being run that poorly, again, why is he back in. I think its all relative to what position you take.