Green ratbags bugger up pommy manufacturing revival

I don’t know why we continue to listen to green ratbags. Nothing they have ever predicted has come true, and now their stupid policies are harming economies the world over.

Britain’s manufacturing revival is being hampered by a raft of UK-specific green taxes, steel giant Tata has said, as it called for the Government to do more to create a “level playing field” with the rest of Europe.

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, said on Friday that while abandoning green policies would be “short-sighted and foolish”, protecting energy-intensive industries was a priority. “My particular concern is to make sure that the chemical and steel industries for example are not disadvantaged by very high energy prices, and we introduce schemes to make sure they’re compensated and properly offset,” he told BBC Radio 4.

But Tata, which employs 18,500 people in the UK, warned that an array of green levies, including the so-called carbon price floor – charged on fossil fuels used in power generation – was putting the company at a competitive disadvantage. 

The second part of a £250m Government compensation package to protect companies from the unilateral tax, introduced last April, is currently awaiting approval from Brussels.

“While we welcome the Government’s compensation package … there are still tens of millions of pounds of other UK only green taxes hitting us today,” a spokesman said.

“The UK’s foundation industries like steel are vital for rebalancing the economy and for underpinning Britain’s manufacturing revival. With energy costs for industry already up to 50pc higher than in France or Germany, we need government to provide a level playing so that we can compete in the global race.”


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  • conwaycaptain

    And of course with the green power policy of closing coal fired stations and relying on wind farms the UK is now down to 5% spare capacity.

    • James Growley

      Isn’t Germany in the shit too with all this nonsense?

  • Andy
  • Col

    This is what happens when people don’t us their right to vote, some asshole gets in and this is what you get, just have a look at the % of those who didn’t vote here in NZ for local Govt.

    • People who can’t be self motivated to vote are the ones who will trade their votes for a KFC voucher. Are we not better off that they play no part in the outcome?

      • Honcho

        They do vote though, they vote for a free feed of KFC … oh and socialism, but they don’t care much for that, GREASY CHICKEN!!!

        And this is why we are screwed.

        • Team ENZ

          Wellington and Auckland are screwed.. they both have re-elected dodgy and lazy leftie-green mayors..

  • Honcho

    So subsidies for the crappy wind powered generators because they cant turn a profit, and now subsidies for industry who can not afford the horrendously expensive prices of power from these already subsidised ‘green’ sources. Where does this leave the tax payer? screwed?

  • philbest

    The other thing that screwed over Pommie manufacturing long since, is their Green Belts, urban planning, and urban land that therefore costs around 100 – 300 times too much per square foot. I am not kidding, this is accepted academic analysis. Refer the Barker Review of Housing Supply, for example. This actually matters to a firm deciding whether to locate their new factory in Pommie-land or Italy or Texas.

    And of course their unions were a problem for manufacturing, but Thatcher dealt with that. It is a pity she missed dealing with the urban planners; that is a huge mistake that made all the other reforms more painful for everyone except the FIRE sector, and undermined the reforms long term acceptance. For example, those who said that selling off the public housing stock to its tenants would only democratise home ownership in the very short term, were absolutely correct. Most of the sold off houses are now not in the hands of the bottom quartile of the population, as is the case with all housing.

    Growth containment urban planning is like the biggest “Green” economic WMD of the lot.