A harem might be fun but it is bloody expensive

Cock tax is evil and this bloke found out the hard way that a harem might be fun but it is bloody expensive, especially once the cock tax kicks in.

The former owner of Loaded magazine kept a harem of more than a dozen women known as his ‘Hunny Bunnies’ and showered them with lavish gifts in return for sex, a court has heard.

The private life of Paul Baxendale-Walker, a former barrister turned porn star, was exposed as he become embroiled in a court battle with an ex-stripper who is fighting to keep the flat and Range Rover he gave her when they were lovers.

Mr Baxendale-Walker, who sold Loaded earlier this month, freely admits he gives women in his “girlfriends club” the lifestyle they desire and then “withdraws the benefits” when he is “no longer satisfied”. 

However, Natasha Eustace, 25, is taking him to court claiming that she was more than just a member of his harem and therefore entitled to keep a £300,000 flat in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey and the car he bought her.

In a judgment at the High Court today a judge refused to throw her claim out before trial.

In his “less than gallant” defence Mr Baxendale-Walker argues: “She was never anything more than a TV stripper and glamour model, who provided sex and occasional companionship in exchange for a comfortable and conditional standard of living which I procured for her.

“She is only one of more than a dozen girls for whom I procure the provision [of] housing, cars and other benefits. The provision is always conditional on my satisfaction with the relationship. As soon as I am no longer satisfied, the use benefits are withdrawn.”

He asked the judge to rule in his favour because the case is being “driven” by an “unemployed sex-worker, former model and former temporary member of my girlfriends club” who has decided to “make up a silly story” to get a house.

Miss Eustace says were lovers from 2010 until earlier this year and, despite the occasional argument over other women, it was a “long-term and faithful relationship which would eventually lead to marriage”.


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  • dumbshit

    obviously he thinks she needs a rebore

  • CheesyEarWax

    Is he a golf pro?

  • metalnwood

    If I was a good contractor and got a contract where the employer housed me and gave me a company car I wouldnt expect them when I leave. It’s just a perk or part of the employers bonus scheme.

    No different for her except they call it the boners scheme.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Agree it was a commercial agreement, all the requirements of a legal contract were met. Offer, acceptance and consideration.

      • Dave

        And every night, the contract was negotiated…… Onner, offer ………

        • Mr_Blobby

          Not sure, but it now being renegotiated after the fact.

    • Col

      I don’t want too be rude, but when a c*^* is involved, totally different story and set of rules, your right, but did he have a contract? Watch this space.

      • Dave

        Col. A contract, written, spoken or implied. Hopefully, she knew of his behavior and the likely “relationship” and rewards / perks prior to going into the “deal” If so, she also knew, when he stopped benefiting from her body, she would stop benefiting from his generosity, and the “loan” of cars etc would cease. Hopefully, thrown out, he didn’t have kids with her, or marry her, just shared a bed a few times a week, hardly a lifelong contract.

        • Col

          I think it started in 2010, only need to be seen sniffing for 2 years here in NZ, moral of the story stop sniffing!!!

          • metalnwood

            I think the fact there are a dozen of them in the same situation ensures that our defacto laws would not apply.. Maybe if we make polygamy legal there is a chance..

  • James Growley

    One woman scorned is a nightmare, but he is courting oblivion with a potential twelve plus of them……..those are not moccasins I would choose to walk in for twelve moons if I wanted to have anything left after the journey.

    • Tom

      You are a mind reader.


  • Patrick

    Never mess with a whore & her money, after all the money is the reason why she gets on her back

    • Hazards001

      Ohhhhh…I could so expand on that theory. But it’s Sunday and I’m in a good mood and out of deference to the female readers of WOBF I wont!

      • Patrick

        C’mon man up, WOBH likes the page hits, you have an obligation.

  • If this guy had been running for mayor he would have had my vote. And my undying respect!

    • Tom

      The guy is a logistics expert.
      Fucking legend!

  • Col

    And the judge said you will have to pay up.
    The judge said it would have been better if you used blow dolls, all you need is hot air and an imagination.