Heads should not just spin, they should roll

via preventive-medicine2010.com

via preventive-medicine2010.com

I bet there are some people who thought they were really clever by coming up with a way to legalise synthetic drugs.  I bet they expected to tie the importer up with red tape.  Well, it didn’t work.  And now we have the absurd situation where you are a criminal if you grow, supply, use the natural stuff, but we can all sleep peacefully in the knowledge Mr Kronic is laughing all the way to the bank.

The “king of Kronic” has been given Government approval to make and sell legal highs, despite facing drug trafficking charges in Australia.  

Lightyears Ahead made and distributed the highly popular synthetic cannabis brand Kronic, which has since been banned in New Zealand and Australia. The drug has been blamed for hospitalisations, psychotic episodes and, in one case in Australia, death.

Matthew Wielenga, the sole director and founder of Lightyears Ahead, is now facing drug trafficking charges in Queensland related to his synthetic cannabis business.

There have also been media reports the state government is trying to seize millions of dollars worth of Wielenga’s property, which it claims was derived from drug trafficking.

He has previously faced similar charges in Victoria, but was granted diversion.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health has granted Lightyears Ahead an interim licence to make and distribute legal highs, under a new Government-sanctioned market.

Is there a facepalm epic enough for this situation?

Rational debate of Cannabis Reform is happening all over the world.  It appears we are ready for it too.  Let’s get this started, so we’re not making some  scrote rich care of the Government extending him pretty much monopoly rights on an artificial market.



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  • Mr_Blobby

    Will it be a Monopoly or once a drug is approved then anybody can bring it in?

    Same for cannabis, if somebody paid for the testing etc would they have sole rights to distribute?

  • Bruce S

    ….ahhh is this a solution to the ridiculous NZ Government stand on the “e-cigarette” then? For those who are not aware; “it is illegal to sell an e-cigarette in New Zealand that contains nicotine.”

    Like the global warming joke; and counter to all the evidence otherwise; e-cigarettes are touted by the New Zealand government as NOT “an approved smoking cessation aid”. Of course we all know the government doesn’t want smoking to stop; they just could not afford to lose the tax dollars extorted daily from the “proper nicotine” addicted. So if some smart chemist can create a “synthetic” version of nicotine; then along with this legal “synthetic cannabis”, e-cigarettes should be good to go….right?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    The synthetics used to be good when they first came around, the JWH stuff was awesome. Same with some of the powers you used to get.

    now all the fake weed does is raise your heart rate – such good fun!