Hobby blogger Farrar has bought fresh underwear

Statistics-New-Zealand_2It is that time in the cycle when the Census data is released, and we all know Farrar can’t contain himself when that happens.  Too tight to purchase adult diapers, he’ll round-robin a fresh set of reusable undies while the wealth of new statistical data causes him to lose control.

The Government Statistician will unseal the first results of the long-awaited 2013 census tomorrow, revealing that a rampant Auckland has grabbed more people and more power than ever before.

This is the first census in seven years, after delays when the 2011 Christchurch earthquake damaged the Statistics NZ offices and displaced thousands of residents. Then data processing staff had to be shifted this year after the two big shakes in Wellington.

Much hangs on the findings: schools are waiting to find out how many classrooms and teachers they will get; hospitals are waiting to find out how many beds they need.

It isn’t just the misguided that want to see the Census data.  It also has the power to change political fortunes.  

It is expected that, on the strength of the numbers of people counted in the North and South Islands, the Representation Commission will announce the creation of more parliamentary electorates in the North Island, and in particular, Auckland. The South Island will still have 16 seats, and there will be seven Maori electorates.

That means Aucklanders will have a more powerful voice in Government decisions, after next year’s general election.

There will be a divided New Zealand.  We have Maori and non-Maori, and increasingly, Aucklanders and non-Aucklanders.

Statistics NZ’s population clock estimates the number of people usually resident here at 4,486,000, but that allows for people who were out of the country on census day or who did not fill in census forms. The census number is likely to be slightly lower.

By 2031, Statistics NZ estimates, the population will hit 5.2 million.

Auckland has clocked up the highest growth, with a third of the nation’s population now calling the Super City home


Source:  NZ Herald


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  • Liberty

    It is all just waste of time and money.

    There is no data in the census that couldn’t be
    obtained from a Government departments
    and up to date.
    Without sending out a army of little fascist once every 5 years pissing of all in sundry and at best is about 95% right
    or give or take about 200,000 people How many schools. hospitals have to be built
    or closed is that.
    They don’t know because the bureaucrats are whistling in the wind.

    Even England has seen the light
    Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, said the Census, which takes place every 10
    years, was an expensive and inaccurate way of measuring the number of people in

    the Government is examining different and cheaper ways to count the population
    more regularly, using existing public and private databases, including credit
    reference agencies.

    • James

      You don’t have to fill in the census if you don’t want to; my census had my age on it and that was all. That is all that the Government needs to know for their planning not my name, religious beliefs, 2nd child’s birth weight etc.

      • Liberty

        I believe you legally
        you have to put name and address. So that’s
        all what I have done. If you have got
        away with less . Good boy.

        • James

          They didn’t get my name – I gave a number so that they could differentiate between the forms for people in my family; but thinking about it they did get my address.
          I did tell them beforehand that I wasn’t willing to answer all the questions and to let me know which ones were required as an absolute minimum for their needs. They responded by telling me that I was legally obliged to answer all the questions. I pointed out to them that the Government, and Government departments, are answerable to the people and not the other way around so if I didn’t want to answer questions then that was my prerogative; didn’t get a reply after that so had to work out what I thought should be their minimum.

  • Col

    You could just walk down the street and ask people if they live here, and normally you can see if they are male or female, or just put don’t know.
    Once every 10 years would be ok?

  • cows4me

    “First census in seven years”, pigs arse, these jackasses send me a fresh set to fill out every year, nosey fucks. I of course take about nine months to fill them out , the wife has to fill them out now, my answers were deemed unhelpful in an official letter. These pricks use every excuse from disease control to stock numbers to justify them. It’s about control and surveillance.

  • LesleyNZ

    About time parliament returned to Auckland then. Then we can keep a close eye on them.

    • James

      Stick them on Stewart Island, and then we can forget about the fuckers surely?