Honesty is the best policy, eh Len?


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  • Col

    JC could have made a name for himself tonight, the soft cock that he is.
    What a weak interview.

    • jb

      Preceded by last night’s piss poor attempt to hold Minister Bridges to account… Bad times are a-happening for the quick shooting, but slow thinking Left.

    • Agent BallSack

      Shill to the Labour party is all he is these days and all he can ever be.

    • Alfred12

      Pathetic, Campbell’s tounge firmly inserted up Lens arse. The mans a total cock!

  • Dave

    Well I suggest JC resign now along with Len. What an arse, he has one of the best stories in the Palm In his hand EVER, especially after the Key & Bridges spankinge he received, and being a limp wristwd Leftie just cuddles Lying Len.

    Hey TV3 an JC Why didn’t you;

    1) Go ask people on the street if they can ever trust limp Lenny after the deeds and lies.

    2) Then a serious poll on the mayor, and if he should resign

    3) serious Poll that is, go to the streets in 4 places Sth Auck, west Auck, city and nth shore, ask 100 people from each location little John.

    John Campbell has just confirmed he is a fool and has missed a serious scalp.

  • Col
  • Richard

    Contrived interview and clothing choices to seek sympathy. Didn’t work for us. Are JC and Len really that silly?

    • Dave

      No, far more stupid than most give him credit for. By going on Campbell dead, he just whipped his wife’s nose through it again! This man has no end to his stupidity.

  • GazzW

    Brown’s a total liability. If he’s happy to sell out his wife and family for some sly rooting do you really think he would think twice about selling the city out in a shonky finance or property deal if a good root was offered as an incentive? Brown has to go on that basis alone.

  • DLNZ

    Maybe Len was dreaming of his new train set…. train goes into the tunnel, train goes out of the tunnel. For once a train in Auckland arrived early.